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Burns Case Report Betty and Matthew Hart's Report.

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1 Burns Case Report Betty and Matthew Hart's Report

2 This is the first of Matthews photos.... This is 6 days after accident

3 Still 6 days after accident....

4 6 days after accident

5 13 days after....

6 13 days after accident

7 13 days after......

8 13 days after...... Previous this was the site which needed skin grafts, doctors decided on this visit no surgery was needed.

9 This is 20 days after accident..... amazing - I witnessed his healing.

10 20 days also.....

11 Last Pic

12 Matthews Treatments Betty and myself, kept no records of Matthews treatments at all we were so busy just getting SCENAR on him, and remember there was no treatment plan in those days. Well not when I did Level 1 anyway. I do know when I put SCENAR on the Abdomen the burnt skin on his face start to crack and peel off within minutes, they discharged Matthew after 4 days in hospital, staff were quite offended that we treated him with SCENAR but were amazed at his weekly recovery, but with all that, getting Scenar into the burns unit in Brisbane has proven very difficult. We could only treat Reciprocals for the hands and arms because of bandages, which were the feet and upper leg, on high frequency, and of course 3/6 - he lived in the Blanket and even though it was November he felt NO PAIN while in the Energy Blanket, which made us consider having gloves and socks made up for people in Matt’s position. Trish Burrows QLD

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