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The reality of water fuelled cars Presented by Naveed Farooq Naveed Farooq Admin Nidokidos Network Make Money Online | Join Nidokidos.

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1 The reality of water fuelled cars Presented by Naveed Farooq Naveed Farooq Admin Nidokidos Network Make Money Online | Join Nidokidos Forum | Join Nidokidos Group | Email Me Make Money OnlineJoin Nidokidos ForumJoin Nidokidos GroupEmail Me

2 First we will know that How energy is produced through Fuels. Fuel cells have higher power, when they are fired, they produce hot gases, and these gases expand and move the pistons of engine. That’s the basics of every fuel based engine. But keep in mind that fuel cells loose their energy and convert from higher power to lower powers status. Its almost impossible to convert them back to higher power.

3 Petrol / diesel / CNG Fuels When petrol / diesel / CNG are burnt into engine, they produce high volumes of hot gases and these gases expand and move the engine pistons. While the fuel is converted into these gases. Most of the is carbon dioxide. Or you can say petrol/diesel/ CNG loose their higher energy status, after going into combustion process they get into lower energy status. And the energy they loose is used to move the engine.

4 Water car concept by Waqar Agha Waqar aagha from Pakistan has claimed that his car will get 100 percent fuel by water. He explains that H2o will be converted into oxy hydrogen and then will be used to get burnt into the car engine. Hydrogen will be burnt in the engine instead of petrol or cng. Hydrogen is a successful fuel and already tested for this purpose. And as petrol burns, we get carbon dioxide from exahust pipe of engine. Similarly when hydrogen will burn, we will get water in exhaust pipe

5 Waqar Aaagha’s Water car !!! (lower energy power) Water (H2o) (Higher energy power Fuel) Hydrogen Combustion, Heat and mechanical energy is produced Hydrogen looses energy Oxidation makes H2O again Converted into hydrogen By “waqar aagha Water kit” ! Hydrogen inserted into engine Engine Runs and exhausts water.

6 Water car concept by Waqar Agha So water is converted into hydrogen and in the end we again get water…. Water is not loosing any energy, but it remains in the same stable state. While we get its energy converted to move the engine. Now nothing is loosing its energy, so How energy is Produced?

7 Lets try to understand this concept again with an IDEAL MACHINE model Water car concept by Waqar Agha

8 An ideal machine is some thing which gives nearly 100 percent output. For example if 1 liter petrol will be put in an ideal machine engine, it will convert its each and every atom into energy without wasting any amount of enery in any other useless format, and do not waste any thing….. Water car concept by Waqar Agha

9 Lets consider waqar aagha’s engine. Suppose waqar aagha’s invention is correct and its an ideal machine which is giving 100 percent performance… H20 water Combustion in engine. H20 is produced. H20 water hydrogen Start of engine

10 You can see the this ideal machine claimed by waqar aagha, is totally independent of fuel. It takes water as fuel, converts into hydrogen and then again converted into water It means it will not need any thing to run it once water is circulated in it, it will keep creating energy and water will keep circulating??? Now that’s very very strange. Energy is produced by deceiving laws of nature???? Its against the basic law of physics. Lets consider waqar aagha’s engine.

11 Lets consider waqar aagha’s engine It means that waqar aagha’s model is giving 150 percent performance……. because Its not about circulating water based fuel, but also it is moving the engine continuously. Now my question is that, if we see from start till end, water is not loosing any energy, how the engine is working????? What is the actual source of energy?

12 Friends from the previous examples we can conclude that waqar aagha’s model is rejecting the basic theory of physical sciences. And it looks like that he is doing some kind of trick to fool people. In past, the demonstraters of water based cars used to hide fuel pipes inside the car, and fuel them secretly from hidden points. That can be a trick by waqar aagha. Keep in mind that he is showing all his demonstrations on a specific suzuki cultus car. Even in the last program with hamid mir, he didn’t demonstrated on hamid mir’s car, but used his own suzuki cultus….. He should use different cars to prove his invention !!!! Lets consider waqar aagha’s engine

13 The Question is that why Waqar aagha is making such claims??? To understand this first read the History of Water fuelled cars Please keep in mind that I am presenting “all the claims” of “water based cars” from the history.

14 Garrett electrolytic carburetor Charles H. Garrett allegedly demonstrated a water- fuelled car "for several minutes", which was reported on September 8, 1935, in The Dallas Morning News. The car generated hydrogen by electrolysis as can be seen by examining Garrett's patent, issued that same year. This patent includes drawings which show a carburetor similar to an ordinary float-type carburetor but with electrolysis plates in the lower portion, and where the float is used to maintain the level of the water. Garrett's patent fails to identify a new source of energy.

15 Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell At least as far back as 1980, Stanley Meyer claimed that he had built a dune buggy which ran on water instead of petrol, although he gave inconsistent explanations as to its mode of operation. In some cases, he claimed that he had replaced the spark plugs with a "water splitter", while in other cases it was claimed to rely on a "fuel cell", which split the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen. The "fuel cell", which he claimed was subjected to an electrical resonance, would split the water mist into hydrogen and oxygen gas, which would then be combusted back into water vapour in a conventional internal combustion engine to produce net energy. Meyer's claims were never independently verified, and in an Ohio court in 1996 he was found guilty of "gross and egregious fraud". He died of an aneurysm in 1998, although conspiracy theories persist in which it is claimed that he was poisoned.

16 Dennis Klein In 2002, the firm Hydrogen Technology Applications has also patented an electrolyser design and has trademarked the term "Aquygen" to refer to the hydrogen oxygen gas mixture produced by the device Originally developed as an alternative to oxyacetylene welding, the company claimed to be able to run a vehicle exclusively on water, via the production of "Aquygen", and invoked an unproven state of matter called "magnegases" and a discredited theory about magnecules to explain their results. Company founder Dennis Klein claims to be in negotiations with a major US auto manufacturer and that the US government wants to produce Hummers that use his technology. At present, the company no longer claims it can run a car exclusively on water, and is instead marketing "Aquygen" production as a technique to increase fuel efficiency, thus making it Hydrogen fuel enhancement rather than a water-fuelled car.

17 Genesis World Energy Also in 2002, Genesis World Energy announced a market ready device which would extract energy from water by separating the Hydrogen and Oxygen and then recombining them. In 2003, the company announced that this technology had been adapted to power automobiles. The company collected over $2.5 million from investors, but none of their devices were ever brought to market. In 2006, Patrick Kelly, the owner of Genesis World Energy was sentenced in New Jersey to five years in prison for theft and ordered to pay $400,000 in restitution

18 Genepax Water Energy System In June 2008, Japanese company Genepax unveiled a car which it claims runs on only water and air, and many news outlets dubbed the vehicle a "water-fuel car". The company says it "cannot [reveal] the core part of this invention,” yet, but it has disclosed that the system uses an onboard energy generator (a "membrane electrode assembly") to extract the hydrogen using a "mechanism which is similar to the method in which hydrogen is produced by a reaction of metal hydride and water". The hydrogen is then used to generate energy to run the car. This has led to speculation that the metal hydride is consumed in the process and is the ultimate source of the car's energy, making the car a hydride-fuelled "hydrogen on demand" vehicle, rather than water-fuelled as claimed. On the company's website the energy source is explained only with the words "Chemical reaction". The science and technology magazine Popular Mechanics has described Genepax's claims as "Rubbish." The vehicle that Genepax demonstrated to the press in 2008 was a REVAi electric car, manufactured in India and sold in the UK as the G-Wiz. In early 2009, Genepax announced they were closing their website, citing large development costs

19 Thushara Priyamal Edirisinghe Also in 2008, Sri Lankan news sources reported that Thushara Priyamal Edirisinghe claimed to drive a water-fuelled car about 300 kilometers on three litres of water. Like other alleged water-fuelled cars described above, energy for the car is supposedly produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis, and then burning the gases in the engine. Thushara showed the technology to Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka, who "extended the Government’s full support to his efforts to introduce the water-powered car to the Sri Lankan market." Thushara was arrested a few months later on suspicion of investment fraud

20 Daniel Dingel Daniel Dingel, a Filipino inventor, has been claiming since 1969 to have developed technology allowing water to be used as fuel. In 2000, Dingel entered into a business partnership with Formosa Plastics Group to further develop the technology. In 2008, Formosa Plastics successfully sued Dingel for fraud, with the 82-year-old Dingel being sentenced to 20 years imprisonment

21 Agha Waqar Ahmad Agha Waqar Ahmad, a Pakistan Eng. has claimed and demonstrated to have developed a water kit just like a gas kit for all kind of auto mobiles. The government of Pakistan has acknowledged Agha's invention and federal cabinet has instructed Ministry of Science and technology to work with Mr. Agha and helped him in all manner to introduce his invention on commercial basis…… Now wait and see what happens to his claims and inventions !!!!

22 Friends, I am not against any scientist or engineer. I have no personal feeling against this so called scientist or inventor. But I just want to spread this information that his claim can be a lead towards a big financial scam. He will ask the govt. to financially support him to start his projects. As he said in an interview that he want to start manufacturing the kits in every province of Pakistan at the same time…. And he want to get financial support from the govt……

23 Dr. Atta-ur-rehman. Atta-ur-Rahman, FRS, D.Phil., TI, SI HI, NI, is a leading scientist and scholar in the field of organic chemistry from Pakistan, especially renowned for his research in the various areas relating to natural product chemistry. With over 850 publications in the field of his expertise, he is also credited for reviving the higher education and research practices in Pakistan

24 Dr Atta-ur-rehman rejects the Claim of aagha waqar pathan In the latest episode of capital talk dr. atta- ur-rehman rejected the claim of aagha waqar because his claim was agaist the basic law of physics. Aagha waqar tried to insult the doctor. But at that time I was amazed to know that aagha waqar was not aware that how hydrogen gas is produced commercially in the world. Such a person is claiming that he has produced a device to convert water into hydrogen very very easily !!!

25 SPREAD THIS MESSAGE So please be aware from the false claimers of water based engines Now a days Pakistani media is promoting such kind of false claimers, I don’t know whats the agenda behind this. May be the journalists are easily fooled by their tricks. Spread this message to your friends and family so that they can know the truth behind it.

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