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1 Presentation Welcome TARPON Energy Services


3 Reliability Motor Low Power Draw Motor Developed for NASA Space Elevator By University of Saskatchewan

4 Reliability Motors TRIDO motor was conceived and designed to work in space from solar power Rare Earth Permanent Magnet 24 Volt DC 3 Phase Brushless Motor Class 1 Div 1 Groups C & D 95% Efficient - T3 Temperature Rated Cool Running DC to AC back to DC creating a soft start 300 to 400 mA on start up.

5 Products Solar Powered Chemical Pumps

6 Solar Powered Chemical Pumps Cut Over injection of Chemical Eliminate Production Losses and Workovers Eliminate Odours Safer Work Environment Increase Gas Sales Easy to Operate Reduced Pump Maintenance Reduce Field Service Costs Low Installation Costs Multi Point Chemical Injection Carbon Credit program ready

7 Chemical Pumps Variable Rate Injection Run 5100 and 5000 Series Texsteam Style Pumps Multi Point and Multi-Chemical Injection Reduce your C02 Footprint Accurate Pumping at low volumes High volume High pressure pumping

8 Versatility Products SINGLE, DUAL, QUAD, 6 and 8 HEAD SYSTEMS

9 Versatility Products Infinitely adjustable deliverability of chemical

10 Chemical Pumps Volume and Rates For 5100 Series Heads Pumping against back pressures of up to 10,000 psi Capacities Double with Dual Head Attachment Stroke rate /16” Piston /4” Piston /8” Piston /2” Piston

11 Versatility Products TRIDO Solar pumping Systems will fit any pumping head on the market

12 Versatility Chemical Pumps Custom Skid Units

13 Chemical Pumps Hundreds of Installations

14 Products Solar Powered Instrument Air Compressors

15 Presentation Solar Powered Compressor Pressure Capacity Watts 20 PSI 580 SCFD PSI 540 SCFD PSI 520 SCFD PSI * 500 SCFD 44 As many as 150,000 gas processing skids powered by fuel gas operate in the Western Canada Basin. Each install emits between 100 and 200 tons of GHG equivalents per year. Emitted Gases are a threat to worker safety. Emitted Gases are a major fire hazard. Emitted Gases may result in foul odors that effect workers and nearby residents. Operating Issues Propane and bottled gas are expensive. Propane and fuel gases can cause problems in cold weather and increase instrument maintenance. Existing Installs Trido’s Compressors were installed in 2 beta test sites in the fall of one in South Central Alberta and another in Northern BC. The Alberta install is a small 2 phase gas/liquid separator with a plunger lift system and a Trido Mini-Mizer Chemical Injection Pump. It is powered by watt solar panels. winter.

16 Compressor Solar Compressor Pictures

17 Accountability Controller VFD Controlled Class 1 Div 2 – 24 Volts DC Easy to program and operate 4 operating Modes Variable - Pressure – Temperature – SCADA

18 Environment Environmental Responsible Zero Emissions Packages Fuel Gas pumps emit 4,000,000 to 6,000,000 tonnes of C02 equivalent annually Replacing all Fuel gas pumps is equivalent to removing 500,000 to 750,000 cars annually CO2 Credits are available for Replacing Fuel Gas Driven Pumps

19 Profitability TARPON Not leaving money on the table

20 Profitability Sales Support Trailer

21 Profitability High Margins Capture the Sale and the Install Revenue Residual Sales Additional Service Opportunities Increased Utilization Increased Buying Power Increased Location Revenue New Local Revenue Stream

22 PTAC Zero Emission Well site Demonstration Project Jamie Callendar October 31,

23 Agenda Project Scope and Objectives Previous Configuration of Well Site Zero Emissions Well Site Configuration Data Logging Operational Results Conclusions 23

24 Project Scope and Objectives Project Objectives: –Install a zero emissions well site configuration with a fully solar powered system and operate this system throughout the winter to evaluate performance –Share Encana’s experiences with PTAC TEREE Committee Project Scope: Retrofit an existing well site with a Trido zero emission solar powered system to achieve the following: –Replace existing high bleed pressure and level controllers with low bleed equivalent devices –Remove existing pneumatic methanol pump and replace with solar-electric methanol pump –Install battery packs, solar panels and electric actuator with air compressor and air receiver to supply pneumatic controls 24 Zero Emissions Well Site Project

25 Previous Configuration Selected Well Site: –Older deep gas well with a two phase (gas/water) separator and a plunger lift located near Three Hills, Alberta Deliberately chose a low profile gas well to ensure operator buy-in Average gas production of ~1.2 e 3 m 3 /day (42 mcfd) 25 Zero Emissions Well Site Project

26 Previous Configuration 3 Primary sources of vented methane emissions: 1.High Bleed Pressure Controller Manufacturer spec estimated vent rate of 25 scfh (continuous) 2.High Bleed Level Controller Manufacturer spec estimated vent rate of 30 scfh (continuous) 3.Pneumatic Chemical Pump Estimated vent rate of 15 scfh average over the year Aug 2012: took field measurements of controller vents using a high flow sampler and a diaphragm meter –Measured 17 to 30 scfh from the two controller vents Challenging to get low pressure vent gas to go through meter as FLIR camera showed gas leaking into building instead of out vent Estimated GHG Emissions of ~150 to 235 tCO 2 e/year for this site 26 Zero Emissions Well Site Project

27 Previous Configuration 27 1.High Bleed Pressure Controller 2.High Bleed Level Controller 3.Pneumatic Methanol Pump High Bleed Pneumatic Devices

28 New Configuration 28 Low Bleed Controllers 1.Low Bleed Pressure Controller 2.Low Bleed Level Controller 3.Solar-Powered Methanol Pump 1 2 3

29 New Configuration 29 Solar-Powered Air Compressor 1.Trido Air Compressor 2.Air Receiver and Air Dryer 3.Solar Panels (Extra Pair of Panels for Data Logger) 1 23

30 New Configuration 30 Solar-Powered Air Compressor 1.Controllers for Pump and Air Compressor 2.Batteries 3.Data Logging Equipment

31 Data Logging Actual data from Feb 4, 2013 to March 11, 2013 –Ambient average temperature of -7°C –Minimum temperature -22°C –Methanol Pump turned on at ~10 L/day Actual data from July 13, 2013 to July 21, 2013 –Ambient average temperature of 16°C –Maximum temperature of 27°C –Methanol Pump turned off during summer 31 Operating Data Downloaded in Winter & Summer

32 Data Logging 32 Charge System Amps (Winter)

33 Data Logging 33 Charge System Amps (Summer)

34 Data Logging 34 Air Compressor Amps (Winter)

35 Data Logging 35 Air Compressor Amps (Summer)

36 Data Logging 36 Methanol Pump Actuator Amps

37 Operational Results Equipment installed Oct 31 st / Nov 1 st, 2012 Freezing rain and very overcast weather right after start-up caused some issues November 1, 2012 to December 3, 2012 various issues during first month of operations –Wiring issue as panels were wired in series, not in parallel –Batteries were not charged prior to installation, system did not deliver expected autonomy during first cloudy day –Moisture in compressor air intake froze off – re-piped air intake to be from inside building Compressor seals subsequently had to be replaced after methanol used to thaw frozen air intake degrading seals –Fuse for the compressor burnt out and was replaced 37 Initial Learning Curve

38 Operational Results From December 3 rd 2012 through the rest of winter the air compressor ran smoothly with no reported shutdowns and delivered air at a steady 30 psig August 2013 – 2 day shutdown due to compressor valve issue caused by dust/dirt getting into the air compressor –Compressor valves replaced and filter added to the air intake to prevent same issue in the future Low system power consumption with average night time power use of ~5 watts Solar chemical pump has not had any issues to date 38 Reliable performance through the winter

39 Conclusions Overall the system operated reliably throughout the winter and did not cause any significant downtime during cold weather, after the initial learning curve during the 1 st month of operations Recommend that additional care be taken to avoid issues with the air intake if excess moisture or dust gets into the air compressor Installation costs could be reduced with better wiring and pre- assembly of systems in advance of arrival at lease site Economics are a challenge for retrofits, but costs of a zero emission well site system could be comparable for a new build well site if the comparable design requires a thermoelectric generator (TEG), fuel cell or larger solar/battery pack 39 Conclusions

40 Contact –Jamie Callendar Website Thank you! 40

41 Questions? Cal Whibbs

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