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A)Thomas Jefferson Chapter 9 Notes B)Westward Expansion

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1 A)Thomas Jefferson Chapter 9 Notes B)Westward Expansion
C)Troubles with Great Britain – The War of 1812

2 Thomas Jefferson The Election of The Democratic Republicans wanted _Thomas Jefferson__for President and _Aaron Burr__ for Vice President - Problem – Jefferson and Burr __Tied____ for 1st and 2nd Election Map

3 Who Will Break the Tie??? The Constitution states that the House of Representatives must vote to decide They voted 35 times Thomas Jefferson finally wins (3rd President)

4 A little bit about Thomas Jefferson
- Many talents and achievements (lawyer, architect, inventor, violinist, scientist, equestrian, farmer, & president) Jefferson’s Philosophy - promoted a common way of life and a farming society Thomas Jefferson Video

5 What future states came from the land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase? Make sure to include the future state even if only part of it in the purchase. Montana North Dakota Wyoming South Dakota Minnesota Colorado Nebraska Iowa Kansas Missouri New Mexico Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana

6 One of Jefferson’s Greatest Accomplishments - The Louisiana Purchase
- ___Napoleon___ was the Political and Military leader of France at the time

7 The Louisiana Purchase
France owned lots of land in _North America___ after Spain signed a treaty returning land back after the American Revolution

8 The Louisiana Purchase
Napoleon needed funds for his _wars____ in Europe Thomas Jefferson offered to buy the __Louisiana Territory______ (land from the ___Mississippi____ River to the __Rocky___ Mountains) from Napoleon – but really only wanted ____New Orleans__

9 The Louisiana Purchase
April 30, 1803 the purchase was __approved_____ _15_ million dollars – _3_ cents per acre – considered one of the greatest real estate bargains ever __Doubled_______ the size of the U.S.

10 The Louisiana Purchase
The land Jefferson had bought was ___new___, wild, and __unexplored__ Who will _explore____, __map___, and _discover_____ this new land???????????? The __Lewis and Clark_____ Expedition begins

11 The Lewis and Clark Expedition
• The Lewis & Clark Expedition also known as the _Corps of discovery_ ( ) • __Meriwether __ Lewis & _William____ Clark

12 Other Names on the Expedition
•__Sacagawea____ – Shoshone Indian who helped guide the expedition •__York_____ – Clark’s black servant – the only African American on the Expedition •__Sgt. Floyd__ – the only member to die on the Expedition – buried on the Missouri River outside of Sioux City – Floyd’s Bluff

13 4 Goals of the Expedition
Map and describe the New Territory Find if there is a water route across the country (Missouri River) Conduct Experiments Establish good relations with different Native American tribes

14 The Lewis and Clark Expedition
•The expedition took over __2__ years they traveled over _8,000_ miles they discovered __122____ animals that were new to science And they opened the door to __Westward Expansion_______

15 Goodbye to Mr. Jefferson - Hello to Mr. Madison

16 The Election of 1808 Democratic-Republican _James Madison____ defeats _Federalist____ Charles Pinckney to become the United States _4__th president

17 Madison faced many problems right away as president
__France_______ and _Great Britain____ were at war and trade was stopped because of the __Embargo_ Act – an __embargo_____ prohibits trade with another country American sailors on merchant ships were being kidnapped and forced to work on British ships – the practice of forcing someone in the navy is called __Impressments______ 3. The British were giving support to __Native Americans_____ to attack Americans moving __Westward____ • ___Tecumseh____ – Native American Chief formed an alliance with the British who were supplying them with guns 4. People in the Western US start to demand for _war__ on G.B. and also want them out of _Canada________ – these people were called _Warhawks___

18 The War of 1812 Begins

19 Phase 1 of the War of 1812 Great Britain does not put much __effort_into fighting until they defeat _French_____ They do send their Navy to __blockade____ the American coast – nothing comes __in__ nothing gets ___out_____ In 1813 France is defeated – The war comes to ____America________________

20 Phase 2 of the War of 1812 • Great Britain sends __their full forces to America_ • Washington D.C. – James Madison president – the __presidents mansion__ and the __capital____ are both burnt down • Luckily a ___thunderstorm_______ saved most of the city that night The burning of D.C.

21 Three Major Events of the War of 1812
1.The Battle at Fort McHenry-___Baltimore__, Maryland – September 13-14, 1814 British bombarded the American fort all __day and night__ but were not able to take it While being held captive by the British, __Francis Scott Key_ wrote a __poem___ about what he witnessed – He called it __The Star Spangled Banner_ The poem was very popular and later put to ____music___ Became our _National Anthem_____ on March 3, 1931 Our National Anthem

22 Three Major Events of the War of 1812
2.The Treaty of Ghent is signed After two years of fighting the British decided the war in North America was too __costly and would have very little to gain if they won_____________ American and British representatives signed a peace agreement in Ghent, _Belgium_ in December of _1814_ The treaty did very little but end the war – no _land____ was gained or lost – Britain was not punished for _impressing___ sailors – nothing was said about the trade _embargo____

23 Three Major Events of the War of 1812
3.The Battle of New Orleans Before word of the treaty had reached the United States __another battle_____ would take place The greatest __victory_ of the War BUT it did not have to happen because the War was ___already over_______ Future president _Andrew Jackson____ led the attack – only _71__ American casualties compared to _2,000___ British Johnny Horton and the Battle of New Orleans

24 Effects of the War of 1812 INCREASED AMERICAN PATRIOTISM

25 Effects of the War of 1812 2. WEAKEND NATIVE AMERICAN RESISTANCE - Helps open up the west for expansion

26 Effects of the War of 1812 3. U.S. Manufacturing Grew - We start to become a world power

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