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Shape Poems. Love Concrete Poem Love Affection to another Between a couple Hugs and kisses NON-EXAMPLE.

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1 Shape Poems

2 Love Concrete Poem Love Affection to another Between a couple Hugs and kisses NON-EXAMPLE

3 Mommy! Mommy I love you! Every time I see you, I always give a hug. I wish you were not sick because it is not fun! But I love you very much! I promise that I will take care of you all the time! I love you! You are the best mom in the world, and I know that I love you more than CJ does because he is mean! As I have said before, you are cool And you are nice and really fun to hang out with. Never forgetting all of the fun we had! Concrete Poem EXAMPLE

4 Horse Show Jumping Horse show jumping which is exciting- coming to the first jump- not knowing what to do- long, short, deep, or ordinary you have choose one and not them all. Taking it with confidence you take to the first obstacle, landing back to the ground your expressions are filled with joy. Taking to the rest of the coarse you know that your unstoppable- coming to the last fence your nerves start to kick in- flying in the air- not knowing what to expect, to land back on the earth with glee YOU WON NON-EXAMPLE

5 Rainbow Crowd EXAMPLE

6 Baseball Baseball. Many fans cheering you on. Come on! says a teammate, hit it into the outfield. The taste of sweet dogs and coke. The ball finally come flying and I see the pitcher catch the ball. My heart sinks into me. It was the last guy up to bat. maybe next time. Homerun. Concrete Poem NON-EXAMPLE

7 Icecream Makes me sream Can be in many colors Can be in many shapes Hard to choose the flavor So many to choose Sweet or sour Cone or cup Chocolate Sprinkles Caramel Cherry Concrete EXAMPLE

8 Pizza Pizza is the best ever Cheesy and saucy Toppings never Limited, I love Pizza so Much ! NON-EXAMPLE


10 Shape Poem Delicious TENDER AND Heavenly light taste Yummy Cookie Cake Chocolate Cheesecake Used as a gift Full of flavor Easy to cook Happy You Loving and caring Blueberry Coconut Vanilla Cookies

11 Diamante Poems

12 Seasons Winter cold, wet freezing, snowing, shivering bitter, chilly, burnt, arid Scorching, sweating, sizzling hot, dry Summer Diamante

13 The Beach Beach Moist, warm chilling, swimming, tanning Sunny, bathing suits, dry, lonesome, walking, dwelling, sweating dehydrated, sandy Desert Diamante

14 Girls Cute, young Playing, jumping, laughing Nice, excited, mature, older Cooking, resting, working Wrinkly, quiet Women Diamante

15 Emotions Sad mournful, gloomy depressing, regretting, grieving desolate, rejected, glad, lucky Enjoying, fun-loving, entertaining pleased, fortunate Happy Diamante

16 Haiku

17 Flowers Swaying in the wind In many colors and shapes Beautiful flowers Haiku

18 Library Soundless library Waiting to check out a book Sympathetic wait Haiku

19 Dogs Barking little dogs Digging in the nasty dirt Cute as they can be Haiku

20 Rain Raindrops falling down Dripping in a slow pattern Spilling beautifully Haiku

21 Tanka 5-7-5-7-7

22 Hide and Seek Where have you gone now? Searching and searching for you Time is passing by Looking up, down, and above Don’t worry, I will find you Tanka

23 Family I love family Even though they can annoy me I may hate them once I will always love them Family helps you get through Tanka

24 Vegetable Soup The boiling pot Stirring, bubbles, very hot Great vegetable soup Carrots, celery, and peas Can I have so much more please Tanka

25 Cinquain

26 Puppies! So cute Loving and sweet Adorable puppies So small and cute but yet loving Hug them! Cinquain

27 Happy Laugh and cry hard Put a smile on your face Don’t get mad get glad and even Be bliss Cinquain

28 FEAR Don’t run I smell your fear Don’t hide, because I know Every dark corner and shadow Time’s up. Qinquain

29 Chicken Chicken Goes with gravy Also with thanksgiving It is also good by its-self yummy cinquain

30 No talking Don’t talk I can hear you Very loudly screaming I can hear you yelling at me Teacher Cinquain

31 Naani

32 Goodbye Running past the world People walk away Everyone not noticing That everything is gone

33 Watermelons Are.. Watermelons are shy Covering their red with a green coat Hiding sweetness with a dark jacket Naani

34 Sweets Sweets are delicious But not so very nutritious I want to eat them all the Time but I can’t naani

35 Alarm clocks Alarm clocks I hate They scream and beep and yell They are what wakes me up But thank goodness for snooze Naani

36 Loneliness I miss this great person The most amazing thing Running away with the winds Like the changing tides Naani

37 Limericks

38 Fries There was a girl who loved to eat fries She was obese from her head to thighs She ate all the day And could never pay Her mom saw her and began to cry Limerick

39 Friendships Can Be Weird! I have amazing friends, I do I know they would never eat my shoe I know they are there We make some good pairs And a few of them even say moo Limerick

40 Fish I like to eat lots and lots of fish I put it all in a giant dish It tastes really good And I knew it would Then it gave me a really big wish limerick

41 A Fish Once upon a time there lived a Dace It owned a beautiful flower vase A neighbor broke it By throwing a fit Dace said, “I’m going to punch his face!” Limerick

42 Terza Rima

43 Acquainted with the Night I have been one acquainted with the night. I have walked out in rain--and back in rain. I have outwalked the furthest city light I have looked down the saddest city lane. I have passed by the watchman on his beat And dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.

44 Rondelet

45 So Delicious So delicious Pie is in that category So delicious Sugar was made mainly for me Cake is very mandatory Ice-cream is celebratory So delicious Rondelet

46 Happiness Are you happy When you are home alone at night Are you happy When you are alone anytime Do you feel things aren’t right When you are home alone in light Are you happy Rondelet

47 My Chocolate My chocolate That keeps me forever alive My chocolate So smooth and so creamy to taste So necessary to survive When dead it helps me to revive My chocolate

48 So Much Depends Upon…

49 So much depends Upon The fearless, heroic Firefighter Running across burning Ruins During the tremendous fire So much depends upon EXAMPLE

50 Soldiers So much depends Upon A strong, brave Soldier Fighting in turbulent areas For a safe Home So Much Depends Upon Poem Example

51 A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words Directions: A picture is worth a thousand words! Choose one of the photographs shown in class. Write a poem based on the images seen in the photo. It must be a minimum of two stanzas with four lines in each stanza. Remember to use descriptive language. Every noun must have at least one adjective. Rhyme Scheme: A-A-B-B-C-C-D-D




















71 Man’s Best Friend A dog is a man’s very best friend It ensures them that their love will never end The timid, scared man hopeless and blind His old companion that is so very kind They touch noses a give a single promise That their loyalty will never demolish They give a hug and hold forever Let go and say goodbye, they will never A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words EXAMPLE

72 Is It Mind Reading? I look into the beast’s eyes Mesmerizing me into fear, it tries I’m not afraid I think to myself, oh wait We’re mind reading, I get a message to translate It doesn’t make sense what it’s saying What is this, these are unusual traits he’s displaying My mind is blank. I don’t see a thing Now I get it, it’s a puppy, no messages this animal will bring A picture is worth a thousand words poem EXAMPLE

73 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Poem EXAMPLE

74 I Am

75 All About Me! Maryam Who is energetic, intelligent, talkative, and honest Who is a sibling of Elias Who is a lover of tennis, animals, and reading Who feels annoyance with her brother, love to her parents, and sorrow without a pet Who needs popsicles, computers, and books Who gives her best in sports, her dedication to tennis, and gives her cat love Who fears silence, sadness, losing a game Who would like to see the world, her future, and world peace Who is a straight A student, from Boston, a Harry Potter lover Who is a resident of Marietta, Georgia Shokry I am Poem

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