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Life - Time Time is running out faster than ever before.

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1 Life - Time Time is running out faster than ever before

2  Our film is set in 2287, in a futuristic city where time is more influential than ever before. The city is majorly overpopulated and resources are running very low, and there is no other life on earth apart from the population of this city.  The government also known as the tyrants run the city, they decide to terminate people’s lives at the age of 40 because of the dense population but the tyrants can live a limitless life. Due to further decreases in resources, the tyrants decide to slash the age of termination to 35.  When the time runs out on the ticker, their life comes to an end and their bodies drop to the floor. After the bodies drop to the floor, the exiles come and take them away to be burnt. The exiles are people paid in time to collect the deceased. Synopsis

3  Cyrus is the protagonist and he is 32 years old. He has a fiancé called Luna who is 34, and her time is running out fast. Cyrus is not willing to let her die, so he goes looking for a way to stop the ticker. As Luna’s time is ticking down, Cyrus is quickly trying to find a way to save her.  On his journey he encounters many obstacles as he looks for an antidote, he also encounters hidden resources that the tyrants are keeping for themselves. There is a myth that there is a switch that turns off all the tickers in the city. Cyrus goes on journey to find if this myth is true and save Luna.  In the end, Cyrus finds the switch and turns off all the tickers. However, unfortunately Luna was not saved in time and she died which was tragic new for Cyrus. This drove Cyrus on to lead an uprising against the tyrants. He tells everyone about the hidden resources and the tyrants are overthrown by the people and Cyrus becomes their leader.

4 Genre and Influences The genre of our film is dystopian sci-fi, we chose this because there are elements in our film that make it a sci-fi for example when the bodies just drop to the floor after they die has a sci-fi element in it. The dystopian elements in our film are that it is in a futuristic world, where the government rules the world using time as a way of controlling everyone. This could be seen as a critique of society, and also critiquing the government in the world, it is also a genuine fear amongst humans that one day the a government could supress the world. Critiquing society is typical in dystopian films. Our main influences for our film are Logan's Run and In Time. Both films are films influenced by time, which is similar to ours. Logan’s Run is a film based in the year 2274. It influences our film because they terminate peoples lives at 30. The difference is that they terminate peoples lives at the age 30 because a quasi- religious ceremony known as Carousel, additionally the city is in an enclosed dome. We took elements from this film to help us create our storyline. In Time is also a film that majorly influenced our film. This film also uses the concept of short lived lives in the future. In this film people stop aging at 25 but you buy your way out of the situation and live longer. The people have to work to earn time. We took elements from this film to also help with our storyline.

5 Characterisation Protagonist – Cyrus is a young man that is forced into action in our film this makes him an unconventional hero, on the other hand he is still an intelligent man and as the film progresses he grows into the role of being a hero. He ends up growing into real hero at the end of the film as he thrives in the role of finding a way to turn off the tickers and save the city from the tyrants. Antagonists – The tyrants are the villains in the film, they wear masks over their face so we can never see who they actually are. This adds to the mystery in the film and also helps us figure out what kind of characters the tyrants are. Although we will never see the tyrants we will make them seem as villainous as possible. Luna - Luna is a damsel in distress, she is a victim of the time slash and she needs to be saved by Cyrus. She is not majorly in the trailer or film.


7 Act 1 -City is a deserted place, resources are scarce, city is quite rundown. -Introduction of Cyrus and Luna, They're are happy because Cyrus has just proposed. Act 2 -The tyrants make a decision to slash down the age of termination to 35 that shocks the entire city. -The City turns into chaos and there are bodies everywhere, as the exiles try to clean up as quick as possible. -Cyrus is majorly upset and distraught at the news as his fiancé only has months to live. Act 3 -Cyrus goes on a hunt for a myth that there is a way a way to turn off the tickers. -He encounters many obstacles on the way. He also encounters hidden resources on his journey that the tyrants are storing for themselves. -In the end he finds the switch and all tickers are turned off. Additionally, the tyrants are overthrown as the hidden resources are found. The writing in red is what we are not putting in the trailer The writing in white is what we are putting in our trailer

8 Certification We decided to give our film the certification of a 15 because there is strong violence and some frequent strong language. We felt the audience of under 15 would not be suitable for the narrative. Additionally, if the film was a 18 audience would not be so wide, and also marketing it would be harder because you could not advertise it in certain places and at certain times.

9 Trailer Shots In our trailer we are going to use close ups, mid close ups, establishing shots and many other different shots. We also want to use shots from many different angles such as Birdseye view shots and low angle shots. As well as this we are going to use freeze frames, time remapping and slow motion. T his is the type of low angle shot we want to attempt but using buildings in Brighton

10 Locations We want to get a good view of Brighton as we begin to give a brief overview of what the world is like in these times, we will do this through a voiceover. We are hoping to find somewhere high just like the example on the left, so we can get a good complete view of the city. We also want to find fairly rundown places in Brighton, like the picture in the left. This is to is to show how derelict and broken down the world has come. West pier is another location we want to use because it could resemble what the city has turned into and what it used to be.

11 Props The one main prop we are using is a watch because this is going to become the ticker. The watch is going to be a vital part of our trailer as we take close up shots of it ticking down. Additionally it will be on all the characters wrists, so it is a major part of film and the narrative in the film.

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