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Wedding Planning Project Specifics Remember: You cannot receive a C or higher without completing this project!

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1 Wedding Planning Project Specifics Remember: You cannot receive a C or higher without completing this project!

2 This project will consist of planning a wedding to include the fashions, flowers, and decorations. A detailed description of all the arrangements and plans will be presented along with a cost analysis. All slides must include: ◦ photos ◦ a description (when possible) ◦ Cost of that particular item/location/piece of the wedding You will also give a sales presentation to the class as if they were a mother and daughter making plans. The work done in the portfolio and presentation should reflect the professional image that all florists’ shops should display.

3 Slide 1 (Large as possible) First & Last Name Wedding Theme “Beach Bash, Moonlight in Paris, Backyard BBQ, etc” Overall Budget- Including EVERYTHING start to finish Floral Budget-should be 10-15% of overall budget

4 Summer Tannehill “Country Chic” Overall Budget: $25,000.00 Floral Budget- $3,750.00

5 Step 1-Select Overall Theme Country, Chic, Formal, Backyard, Beach, etc Slide 2.) Invitation ◦ You must make an invitation. The invitation should reflect the mood and style of the wedding that you are trying to create. (colors, formal/informal, etc) Slide 3) Where will the ceremony be held (cost?) Slide 4) Where will the reception be held? (cost) Slide 5) Who will the wedding party include? The bride, groom, maid of honor, attendants, best man, ushers, flower girl, and ring bearer. Slide 6) Number of guests? Wedding and reception? Slide 7) Type of food service for the reception

6 Invitation

7 Ceremony Country River (Sacramento, CA) $3,000.00

8 Reception-Same Location $5,500.00

9 Wedding Party Bride Groom Maid of Honor Best Man 4 Bridesmaids 4 Groomsmen 1 Flower Girl 1 Ring Bearer

10 Number of Guests 250 Guests-Ceremony & Reception

11 Menu Buffet Style Tri-Tip Lemon Chicken Cesar Salad Greek Rice Baked Potato Portuguese Dinner Rolls

12 Step 2-Bridal Party Attire Choose the complete attire for the following persons: Slide 8) Bride-Dress, shoes, jewelry (ring) 9) Groom-tux/suit, shoes, accessories 10.) Maid of honor & Best Man 11) Brides Maids and Groomsmen 12.) Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

13 Bride

14 Groom

15 Bridesmaids

16 Step 2-Flowers for Wear & Carry Plan appropriate floral designs for each of the persons listed in slide 4. Consider the color and design of their attire when selecting the floral pieces. Also include the following: 13) The bride & groom 14) Maid of honor & bridesmaids 15) Best man, groomsmen ushers 16) flower girl, and ring bearer. 17) Mothers, Fathers, & Grandparents 18) Guest book attendant, Minister, Organist, etc Plan the appropriate floral pieces for each of the participants. Include a description of style, colors, and flowers to be used. Use pictures of flowers! (do not need to illustrate dresses and accessories in this step, only flowers)

17 Bridal Bouquet Large Sunflowers Enhanced with White Aster Finished withBaby’s Breath Encased in Lemon Leaf Groom’s Boutonniere 1 mini sunflower sitting on dried wheat

18 Step 3-Ceremony Flowers Church? Backyard? Beach? You must plan floral pieces to be used during the wedding ceremony. Use as few or as many pieces as you feel are appropriate for the wedding style. You must include the following pieces: ◦ Slide 19- Alter & unity candle ◦ Slide 20- entry area & pew decoration ◦ Slide 21- knelling bench, arches, wall pieces, guest table, and others as appropriate (some will only occur in a church) A description of the floral pieces should be made to include color, style, and materials being used. Sketches and clippings are useful. A picture/sketch of the church floor plan with placement of the floral pieces is required.

19 Step 4-The Reception Slide 22) Design the overall floor plan of the room Slide 23) Head table(s) & flowers for the bridal party (with description) Slide 24) Reception table (guest book) & flowers 25) Buffet table(s) & Flowers 26) Cake table & Flowers 27) Gift table & Flowers 28) Dining tables Plan the décor of the room. You should include the tables including the coverings, walls, ceiling, ect. Describe the look for each of the tables and areas you plan to decorate. A sketch of the reception floor plan with placement of the floral pieces is required.

20 Overall Floor Plan

21 Head Table White Table Cloths 2 Large Centerpieces with Tall Sunflowers & Dried Eucalyptus Small Sunflowers at each table Setting

22 Step 5-Wedding Extras Slides 29-32(must utilize all 4 slides) Add extra items to the plan you would feel are appropriate. These include favors, guest book, toasting glasses, porta-potties, horse & carriage, ect.

23 Step 6-Design Cost-(Slides will Vary) Each group of floral items should have a detail chart made of the material needed for the design. Be sure to include hard goods required including: ribbon, bouquet holder, tape, wire, ect. The chart should have the following columns: material, quantities needed, wholesale price each, extended wholesale, retail cost, labor costs, and total retail.

24 How much to mark up ItemMark-up A) Fowers & Folliage3x wholesale price B) Special order flowers4x-5x wholesale price C) Hard Goods2x wholesale price D) Retail CostD=A+B+C E) TaxRetail Cost*7.25% (D*.0725) F) Labor for wear & carry40% of retail cost (D*.40) G) Labor for arrangements/bows 20% of retail cost (D*.20) H) Labor for on location decoration (set-up) $15.00/hr I) Delivery Charge10% of retail cost (D*.10) J) Total Retail CostJ=D+E+F+G+H+I

25 Retail Estimate Form (REF) Description ofPrice of BunchStemsNumber of Stems Used PriceTotal Wholesale Cost of Stems Retail Price Flowers & Foliage per Bunchper (price per stem x number of stems used) (after mark-up) Stem 3 x total wholesale price Red Roses$10.001024$1.002472 Baby's Breath$8.0010 $0.808 24 $0.0000 #DIV/0! $0.0000 #DIV/0! $0.0000 #DIV/0! Flower Subtotals: $32.00$96.00 Description ofCost Per CaseItems Per CaseQuantity UsedCost per ItemTotal Wholesale Cost of Items Retail Price Hard Goods & Supplies (after mark-up) 2 x price Rose Diamonds10.005024$0.20$4.80 $9.60 Silk Ribbon (white)6.0051$1.20 $2.40 0.0000#DIV/0! 0.0000#DIV/0! 0.0000#DIV/0! 1 Supply Subtotals: $6.00$12.00 Total Wholesale Costs $38.00 Total Retail Price $108.00 Tax 7.25% (Multiply Retail by.0725) 7.83 Labor Charge 40% (Multiply Retail by.4) 43.2 $159.03 Delivery Charge 10% $15.90 (Multiply Retail by.10) Grand Total: (Sum of Retail, Labor, Tax, and Delivery) $174.93 Profit (retail – wholesale) $136.93 Blank estimate is On Mrs. Tannehill’s webpage

26 Wedding Project Wholesale Order & Bridal Invoice After you create your Retail Estimate Form (REF)- Bridal Invoice ◦ This document is where you provide the bride with an estimate of the price for doing her wedding flowers. It should showcase your style and perhaps coordinate with the theme. Make it professional! The format can be a bill, invoice, or chart breakdown. ◦ You will need to provide a brief description of the item you are selling her and an estimate of the cost per piece, and then a total retail cost including labor, delivery, and tax. The bride will want to know what she is paying for and how she can increase or lower the cost of her order. Do not give the bride your REF!!! That is unprofessional. You should design a Professional Invoice, or create a Table in Word Document. (Go to Word, pull down the Table tab, choose Insert, then choose a style that you like and adjust the size and categories to fit). I recommend you create your own professional document that can fit both pieces on the same order page. The bride shouldn’t know you are charging 2x the price of a vase or 3x the price of flowers! Only include Retail pricing! (not wholesale) This will be much more SIMPLISTIC than your REF!

27 Information to include for the Retail Invoice: Your Business Name & Address Bride/Groom Name For each piece: ◦ Item: ◦ Description: ◦ Price: Grand Total of all the pieces

28 Retail Invoice Example: This is the bill you will give to the bride. Should be one overall bill (can take up multiple pages if necessary, but try to fit to one) The prices reflect your markups (but do not write that you are marking it up) You should try to make the description sound beautiful, but don’t give too many details. ****Must be printed out & turned in with slide outlines**** Item:Units:Description:Price per Item: Total Cost: Bridal Bouquet 1 Round Cluster of burnt orange roses, fall orchids, and bright pops of color with gerbera daisies. All hand-tied and satin wrapped with beading detail. $120$120.00 Center- piece 15 Tall cascading centerpiece on a brown rod iron candelabra. Circular Mass design of roses and orchids with fall folaiges. $180$2700 Total$2820.00

29 Grading Rubric

30 On the Day of your Presentation: You need to bring: ◦ Slideshow on a flashdrive (SAVE AS.PPT or.PPTX ONLY!!!!)- not.ocs,.pdf, etc ◦ (Email the slideshow to Mrs. Tannehill beforehand to make sure it is compatable) ◦ Printed out Slides-Landscape (4 per page, white background only!) ◦ Printed out Retail Estimates (floral only) ◦ Bridal Invoice (Exactly As you would give to the bride)


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