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LXX ~ Leuitikon – priestly Hebrew ~ and He called.

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2 LXX ~ Leuitikon – priestly Hebrew ~ and He called

3 Exodus: Jesus as Savior Leviticus: Jesus as Sanctifier

4 Holy, holiness, etc ~ over 90x in Leviticus Over 40x in New Testament Atonement 45x (a covering)

5 For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and goats could take away sins. Hebrews 10.4

6 1) Apodictic ~ Thou shalt not 2) Casuistic ~ If … Then

7 Though sacrifices and ceremonies can be no ground or foundation to build upon – that is, though we can prove naught with them – yet when we have once found Christ and His mysteries, then we may borrow figures, that is to William Tyndale say, allegories, simili- tudes, and examples, to open Christ, and the secrets of God hid in Christ, even unto the quick: and declare them more lively and sensibly with them that all the words of the world.

8 Rules for types: 1) Proper attention to historical reality 2) Relate significance to N. T. believers 3) Let established doctrine shape type not vice versa

9 Sweet savor ~ literally, restful, (abstractly) pleasant NASB ~ soothing aroma NIV~ aroma pleasing

10 Burnt (Lev. 1, 6 Bull, male sheep, dove or pigeon Voluntary The Five Levitical Sacrifices Wholly burned on altar Signified total dedication to God Christ is Lamb of God

11 Grain (Lev. 2, 6) Wheat or barley Accompanying burnt offering; always with peace offering; sin offering of very poor The Five Levitical Sacrifices As a non-bloody offering, accompanied bloody offerings Signified total dedication to God Christ is our provision

12 Peace (Lev. 3, 7) Bull, lamb or goat Thank offering, pledge offering, free-will offering The Five Levitical Sacrifices Most parts were eaten by worshipper and family Meat eaten was token of God's faithfulness Christ's death is basis of fellowship with God

13 Sin (Lev. 4, 5, 6) Priest or nation: Young bull Leader: Male goat Layperson: Female goat Poor: Dove or pigeon Very poor: Flour Unintentional sin against divine command The Five Levitical Sacrifices Atonement Jesus is our atonement

14 Trespass (Lev. 5, 6, 7) Usually a ram Sin against God or man The Five Levitical Sacrifices Usually accompanied by compensation or fine Jesus provides retribution

15 Mar Apr May Jun JulAug Nisan IyarSivanTammuzAv Sep OctNovDec ElulTishriHeshvanChislev JanFebMar TevetShevatAdar 2 Unleavened Bread (15-21 Nisan) * 1 Passover (14 Nisan) * 4 Pentecost (6 Sivan) 6 Atonement (10 Tishri) * 7 Tabernacles (15-22 Tishri) 5 Trumpets (1-2 Tishri) 3 Firstfruits (16 Nisan Church age The Seven Levitical Feasts * Signifies mandatory pilgrim feasts

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