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Saratoga County Emergency Communications 911 Center.

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2 Saratoga County Emergency Communications

3 911 Center

4 911 Center Operations Staffed 24/7 911 Public Service Answering Point (PSAP) Dispatch – Police, Fire, EMS

5 Policy & Procedures- Fire

6 Radio Identifiers Office Of Emergency Services OES 1 – Director of Emergency Service Fire Car 1 (OES 2) – Asst Director Emergency Services/Fire Coordinator EMS 1 – EMS Coordinator Fire Car 2 – Deputy Fire Coordinator – Zone 2 Fire Car 3 – Deputy Fire Coordinator – Zone 3 Fire Car 4 – Deputy Fire Coordinator – Zone 4 Fire Car 5 – Deputy Fire Coordinator – Zone 5

7 Deputy Fire Coordinator Zones Office Of Emergency Services Zone 2 Round Lake Rexford Jonesville Ballston Lake Ballston Spa Stillwater Arvin Hart Malta Ridge Zone 3 South Glens Falls Hadley-Luzerne Corinth T/O Greenfield Schuylerville Victory Mills Quaker Springs Gansevoort Wilton

8 Deputy Fire Coordinator Zones Office Of Emergency Services Zone 4 Galway Providence Edinburg West Charlton Charlton Harmony Corners Burnt Hills Saratoga Springs Rock City Falls Zone 5 Halfmoon Vischer Ferry West Crescent Waterford North side Mechanicville Hillcrest Clifton Park Momentive

9 Deputy Fire Coordinator Office Of Emergency Services Deputy Coordinator Fire Investigation Unit Cause & Origin Team – 16 Investigator – 12 Senior Investigators – 3 Associate Investigator Deputy Coordinator Hazardous Materials Unit Advisory Team Haz Mat Responders

10 Office Of Emergency Services Cause & Origin Team (FIU) Senior Investigators Car 9-1 – Deputy Coordinator Car 9-2 Car 9-3 Car 9-4 Car 9-5 Car 9-6 Car 9-7 Car 9-8 Car 9-9 Car 9-0 Car 9-10 Car 9-40 Car 9-50 Car 9-60 Investigators Car 9-40 Associate Investigator Car-9-20 Notes: M-9-19 – Response Truck

11 Office Of Emergency Services Haz Mat Advisors Haz Mat 1 Haz Mat 2 Haz Mat 3 Haz Mat 4 Haz Mat 5 Haz Mat 6 Haz Mat 7 Haz Mat 8

12 Station Numbers 10, 11Arvin Hart 12Ballston Lake 13, 14Ballston Spa 16, 17Burnt Hills 18Charlton 19Clifton Park 21, 20Corinth 22Edinburg 23Galway 24Gansevoort 26Greenfield Cnt 27Porters 28Middle Grove 29Maple Ave 31Hadley 32Halfmoon 33Harmony 34Hillcrest 36, 37Jonesville 38Malta Ridge

13 Station Numbers 39-42Mechanicville 46Northside 47Providence 49Quaker Spr 51Rexford 53Rock City 54Round Lake 56, 55Saratoga Spr 57Schuylerville 58, 60S GlenFalls 59Stillwater 61Victory Mills 62, 63Vischer Ferry 64-67Waterford 68W Charlton 69W Crescent 71, 72Wilton 81KAPL 82Momintive 7NNYS ECO 8NForest Rangers

14 Apparatus E = Engine ETA = Engine Tanker TA = Tanker T = Truck L = Aerial Ladder EL = Engine Ladder R = Rescue ER = Engine Rescue MED = Medical MR = Marine Rescue M = Miscellaneous HM = Hazmat Car = Chiefs & Invest. Fire Car = Coordinators County Car = Investigators F = Four Wheel Drive Forestry Truck FP = Fire Police SO = Safety Officer 8N = Forest Ranger

15 Fire Police Identifiers Safety Officer Identifiers Fire Police – Assigned Number – Followed by Department Number – FP 1-10, FP-2-10, FP 10-62, FP-11-62 Safety Officers – Assigned Number – Followed by Department Number – SO 7-10, SO 8-10. SO 9-10

16 NYS DEC Forest Rangers 8N-50 – Captain 8N-56 – Lieutenant Saratoga County 8N-565 8N-566 Washington County 8N-567 8N-568 8N-569

17 EMS Agencies 12 – Ballston Lake 13 – Community 19 – Clifton Park Halfmoon 20 - Jessup’s Landing 23 - Galway 56 Saratoga Springs 57 – Gen Schuyler 58 – Moreau 64 – Waterford 71 - Wilton

18 General Use Requirements You and your agency’s responsibility to know and follow these policy and procedures NIMS Compliant County Command = Incident Commander. Not Car #. Plain English

19 Fire Radio Network Alert Frequency is used for paging & siren activation - ONLY TACs are assigned at the initial activation FAST Operations should be on Fire 2 TAC 9 – May be used without permission, except when assigned to an active incident

20 Mobile/Portable Unit Operations Units call out to Fire Com on Fire 1 ONLY the 1 st arriving chief and/or apparatus should call arriving to Fire Com on Fire 1 Field Units must switch to Fire 1 to contact Fire Com to request additional information, resources calling back in service. Fire Com does not monitor the Tacs unless the IC has been advised we are. Fire Com will contact field units on the assigned Tac to relay information to the IC. Only – one unit should clear a department from a call. Clearing indivual apparatus is not permitted or logged.

21 Blind Transmissions Blind Transmissions to Fire Com are prohibited. A unit must wait to be acknowledge by Fire Com before transmitting a message to them. (Blind transmission – You key up the mic and just start talking – Fire Com Car-32 enroute)

22 Blind Transmissions Extremely Rude Other incidents may take priority over your incident

23 Correct Transmission Format “Fire Com Burnt Hills ETA-162 Fire Com is on for Burnt Hills ETA-162 Burnt Hills ETA-162 is responding to….. Burnt Hills ETA162 to your are responding to…. At 1816.”

24 Permitted Codes Priority 1Priority 2

25 Non-emergency response = Down grade No lights….No sirens

26 Priority Dispatch Codes Echo Delta Charlie Bravo Alpha

27 Fire Police / Safety Officer Operations Fire Police Shall not call enroute to Fire Com Shall not call on the scene to Fire Com Shall only contact Fire Com for extraordinary circumstances Should use a ground frequency at the scene Safety Officers Shall not call enroute to Fire Com Shall not call on the scene to Fire Com Shall monitor Fire 2 for Mayday activations Shall only contact Fire Com for extraordinary circumstances Should be in direct contact with the Incident Commander

28 Mutual Aid Daytime Mutual Aid (DTMA) 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday- Friday – Including Holidays During Mutual Incidents, Companies not involved…Will not contact Fire Com…to advise they are available. All Departments are considered available. Only Equipment request should respond (exceptions) Request should only come through the IC or Coordinator on the IC behalf.

29 Mutual Aid (Requesting) Be Specific Name of Department(s) Requested Location to respond to (Scene, fill site, cover) Type of Equipment (Pumper, Tanker, Rescue, etc.,) Special Equipment (Generator, lighting, manpower, etc.) Special Services (EMS, Forest, Police, Med-flight, etc.)

30 Call Acknowledgement If done by a control station…use department name not station numbers. (Jonesville Stat. 1, Not Jonesville Station 36 Most Departments only have one or two numbers. Several Departments have more then one Station (Vischer Ferry 3 (62,63) Arvin Hart 4 (10, 11).

31 Call Acknowledgement When a call is acknowledged or a unit calls responding the call is considered “Turned over to” Fire Com will no longer active tones unless requested to by a department. The call is now yours…If you can’t respond don’t answer up…allow to roll over or request another department to handle

32 Fire Com Contact Utilities Phone Company Cable Company Key holders Other Counties for Mutual Aid Assistance Coroner Apartment Contacts C&O Team Haz Mat Team NYS Forest Rangers NYS ECO NYS Park Police OFPC Military Red Cross After the Fire Med Flight Others

33 Pet Peeves/Police SOPs Blind Transmissions ETA for National Grid Are the Police Responding Multiple Units call off on Scene I am turning command over to_____. Not a relay point…same radio system…contact direct. Police Response All Motor Vehicle Accidents (State Law) Suicide Attempts Unattended Deaths Violent Patients Commission of a crime

34 Coordinator Notifications Deputy Coordinator Incidents when two mutual aid departments are activated Out of County Response Potential high risk of life or property Hazardous Materials Incidents Mass Casualty Incidents Loss of Life Unusual Incidents Fire Coordinator Incidents when three mutual aid departments are activated Out of County Response Potential high risk of life or property Hazardous Materials Incidents Mass Casualty Incidents Loss of Life When the zone deputy coordinator is not available Unusual Incidents

35 Fire Alarm Cancellations Fire Com will not cancel Will contact the responding department Will advise them of the request Cancellation rest solely on the host department per their SOPs Cancellations tones must be requested

36 Announcements Will be conducted Daily at 0900 & 1800 Department Announcements at this time also Only announcements of an urgent nature will be made outside of this time All announcements should be in writing and faxed to the communication center prior to 0900 & 1800.

37 Announcements Permissible Pertaining to response Pertaining to Fire Schools Work Details…Equipment and Stations Firefighting Drills Wake & Funeral Details Non-Permissible Social Functions Work details that pertain to Social Functions Units in mobile service Automatic Equipment Test

38 Miscellaneous Apparatus should not be called out of service for parades, drills, work details or mobile service Mutual Aid Drills – Fire Com must be notified at least 48 hours in advance by writing

39 Miscellaneous Request for police assistance – If needed one should be requested through fire com. Be prepared to describe the problem or justify the request. (This is for your safety and theirs) Stage in the area – Need to wait till police arrive and secure the scene. Departments should have SOPs in place that address this issue. Remember a crime may have been committed. Need to preserve the scene and make proper notifications.

40 Emergency Traffic - Only Emergency Traffic Only… Declared by Fire Com…When radio traffic is becoming congested on Fire 1…A major incident…Natural disaster…multiple departments out on multiple calls. All non-emergency traffic on Fire 1 to discontinued. Used by Fire Com to gain control of the air. Only 1 unit to acknowledge or call responding The IC should be the only one contacting Fire Com with information, resource request, etc., All units should contact the IC on assigned Tac to advise responding When possible departments should man their stations and if manned Fire Com will relay additional alarm information to the station via phone or radio instead of continually paging.

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