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Waste Recycling Maciej Kowalski Arkadiusz Kowalski Publiczne Gimnazjum nr 2 w Staszowie.

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1 Waste Recycling Maciej Kowalski Arkadiusz Kowalski Publiczne Gimnazjum nr 2 w Staszowie

2 Recycling Recycling is a process to change materials (waste) into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials

3 Benefits Recycling is an excellent way of saving energy and conserving the environment One recycled tin can would save enough energy to power a television for 3 hours One recycled glass bottle would save enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes

4 Poland Previously, each household or business was expected to sign a contract with a waste disposal company. The new system sees each household obliged to pay a monthly tax, calculated according to the number of residents, the size of the property and water usage

5 Glass Glass is 100 % recyclable, due to the fact that it can be processed on the same pack and can be used again and again

6 Paper Paper is separated into the following groups: Magazine, Newspaper, Office paper, Cardboard Recycled paper produces 73% less air pollution than if it was made from raw materials

7 Plastic recycling Plastic recycling is the process of recovering waste plastic and reprocessing the material into useful products, sometimes completely different in form from their original state

8 Aluminium Aluminium cans can be recycled several times without loss of quality material. The Polish aluminum packaging recycling is high

9 Ecological city Eco-city of the future should be an alternative to the overcrowded and polluted cities, but their construction requires a change in the functioning of the whole philosophy of urban communities

10 Staszów As well as home recycling bins, there are many recycling banks across Poland that can be used to recycle different materials. They are located on streets across big cities, small towns as well as in supermarkets and outside housing estates

11 Rubbish Art In Poland many Art objects are made of trash by some artists

12 What`s in Polish rubbish bin? A large percentage of Polish households still do not recycle enough and throw everything that they consider ‘rubbish’ into their ordinary bin

13 Some interesting Facts The process of recycling helps create new jobs. It is said that dumping 10,000 tonnes of waste in a landfill creates six jobs, while recycling 10,000 tonnes of waste can create over 36 jobs

14 The amount of waste recycled in Poland

15 Recycling facts about Poland As regards actual treated rubbish, in Poland, 71 percent ended up in landfills, while 28 percent was recycled or composted, and 1 percent burnt Meanwhile, the EU average was estimated at 37 percent in landfills, 38 percent recycled or composted and 23 percent burnt

16 The 3 R`s International Recycling Symbol


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