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Test Review Restoration Period.

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1 Test Review Restoration Period

2 Background Info What were the dates for the Restoration Period?
Who was in reign at the beginning of the Restoration Period? Charles II What did the Bill of Rights do for the propertied classes? Allowed them to rule Parliament through electing Parliamentary officials What did the Act of Settlement state? The throne could not be inhabited by a Roman Catholic What was the Act of Union? When Scotland and England joined to create the Kingdom of Great Britain

3 Background Info What did the Industrial revolution do for this time period? Be specific. Give at least 2 examples. Technology, Factories, Class Distinctions What was it called and what year did it take place when 70,000 people died from being bitten by fleas that had sucked rats’ blood? The Plague of 1665 Give the title of the event when a fire broke out in a bakery and burnt down 13,000 houses and 88 churched in 4 days. The Great Fire of 1666 What object did King Louis XIV introduce? Wig

4 A Modest Proposal Which of the following social problems does Swift's proposal not address? (A) Poverty (B) Unemployment (C) Population (D) Homosexuality Who, according to Swift, are the "principle Breeders of the Nations"? (A) Catholics (B) Dissenting Protestants (C) Anglicans (D) Hindus What will be the average price of a child, according to Swift's calculations? (A) Five shillings (B) Eight shillings (C) Two pounds (D) Five pounds

5 A Modest Proposal At what age does Swift suggest that children should be sold? (A) At birth (B) At one year (C) At five years (D) At twelve years Why does the author reject the idea of eating teenagers? (A) Because they are old enough to feel pain (B) Because the children might fight back (C) Because their meat is tough (D) Because they are more valuable as farm labor Of the children who will be allowed to survive, what will be the ratio of males to females? (A) 1:1 (B) 2:1 (C) 1:2 (D) 1:4

6 A Modest Proposal What does the author suggest can be made out of the skin of the butchered infants? (A) Sausage casings (B) Men's hats (C) Diapers (D) Ladies' gloves Who will be the primary consumers of human flesh, according to the proposal? (A) The rich (B) Welfare recipients (C) The old and infirm (D) Atheists Where will the meat of babies not be consumed? (A) In Dublin (B) In the countryside (C) In taverns (D) In England At what age can a child normally begin a career as a thief? (A) Four B. Six C. Eleven D. Fifteen

7 Gulliver’s Travels What is happening to Gulliver at the beginning of the Lilliput story? He is tied down and little people are on top of him trying to see what he is and what he looks like. When the Lilliputs read the rules to Gulliver, why might he find some of the articles not so honorable? Because he is being made a servant and it is a blow to his pride. In which voyage was Gulliver a giant? Voyage to Lilliput In which voyage was Gulliver tiny? Voyage to Brodingnag

8 An Essay on Man What is this poem about?
Humans being in a state between goodness and baseness. What does Pope imply in the last line of the poem? That humans are superior and inferior and are impossible to figure out. What advice does the speaker offer in the following lines? “Know then thyself, presume not God to scam;/ The proper study of mankind is man” Know yourself. What is the human condition compared to in the following line? “Placed on this isthmus of a middle state,/ A being darkly wise, and rudely great:” Humanity is compared to an isthmus- a narrow strip of land that connects to 2 larger land masses.

9 The Raven and the Fox What characteristic is most prominent in the fox? Trickery/ Wit What fault does the raven have? Vanity What lesson is learned in this fable? Don’t be fooled by flattery What does the fox want from the raven? Cheese How does the fox characterize the raven? Give at least 2 characteristics Beautiful, Eyes are bright, neck is charming What quality does the fox say the raven lacks? Sense

10 Letter to Her Daughter On Pg 555 what figure of speech does Montagu use when she talks about marriage? Metaphor…marriage to the lottery What is Montagu’s reaction to the news that her granddaughter is good at arithmetic? Please because knowledge of arithmetic is evidence of cognitive thinking Why does Montagu say that languages out to be called “vehicles of learning” rather than “learning” itself? Learning languages is a way to communicate and a way to learn more. Why does Montagu tell her daughter to inform her daughter to hide her learning and knowledge? (2 reasons) People will be envious and jealous and hate her for it. Also, women were not educated at the time. Besides being taught to read books, what else does Montagu expect her granddaughter to learn? Sewing, needle work, drawing

11 The Diary of Samuel Pepys
What is Pepys political stance? Supporter of the restoration of the monarchy. Where was the Coronation held? Westminister Abby When does the Coronation happen? 4:00 am Why would some Londoners stay at home “till the very fire touched them”? Many were poor and had no place to go and no possessions to save. Some may have hoped that the fire would have been stopped before it got to them. How are some people attempting to make money from the fire? By making carts available to those who are fleeing with their possessions.

12 The Diary of Samuel Pepys
When Pepys first views the fire burning in the distance, what does he do? Goes back to bed When Pepys goes to see the burning city, what does he notice most people doing? (Hint: 3 kinds of people) Some are trying to fight the fire, some are no attempt to do anything, and others are crowding the streets with all their possessions When Pepys goes to see the burning city, what does he notice about the pigeons? They were burned in the fire What does Pepys compare the fire to that took place during the night on September 2? He compares the line of fire to an arch or bow

13 On Keeping a Notebook What is the difference between a diary and a notebook? A diary is for keeping a factual account; whereas a notebook is for recording personal impressions.

14 A Journal of the Plague Year
How does Defoe try to make the reader believe that was he is writing is historically accurate? He tells the skeptics to go talk to the survivors. What is ironic about Defoe? He wants to stay away from danger, but he does to look at the burial sites at night. How is the cloaked man a symbol? What does he symbolize? Death and the plague that is affecting all the people. Why was the great pit dug in the churchyard of the parish? The plague took so many lives that a mass burial site was needed What reason does the narrator give the sexton for visiting the great pit in the churchyard? Says it may be an instructing site to him Why does the initial order of forbidding people to see the pit become more necessary as time passes? As the plague spread many dying people came to the pit and threw themselves in to await death How were the plague victims buried? In masses and thrown in there…not laid

15 Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
What is the rhyme scheme? ABAB Is the following alliteration, assonance, allusion, or consonance? “And all the air a solemn stillness holds,” Alliteration Is the following alliteration, assonance, allusion, or consonance? “Save where the beetle wheels his droning flight.” Assonance What allusions does Gray draw on in his elegy? Milton, Cromwell, Hampden At what time of day is the poem set? Evening

16 Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
What mood is evoked in this poem? Calm, Serene In the lines what sights, sounds, and feelings, does the speaker say the dead have left behind? The dead no longer feel the breeze, hear the swallows, rise to the crowing cock, enjoy the fire, or have interaction with their family What purpose does the speaker hope the elegy will fulfill? To memorialize common people.

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