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1 Shinto

2 Background info 500 BC Japan The Way of the Spirits 4 forms:
Koshitso Shinto Jinja Shinto Shuma Shinto Minzoku Shinto Background info

3 Origins of the Universe
They believe that the universe was made up of In and Yo created egg shaped masses that was to become heaven and earth. The pure masses which rose to the top became heaven and bottom became earth Origins of the Universe

4 Principal Beliefs Four aspects of Shinto:
Tradition and family: must be honoured Love of nature: shrines are built in special places. Physical Cleanliness: “Purity is at the heart of the understanding of good and evil”. Festival and ceremonies: “Matsuri”, joyful occasions with lots of colour and activity. They also believe that they are the children of the Kami because all life comes from the Kami. Principal Beliefs

5 Supernatural Powers and Deities
No supernatural or single transcendent God Believe in Kami who aren’t regarded as Gods Adherents believe that Kami are associated with Rocks Communities Families Seen as protectors Supernatural Powers and Deities

6 Rituals and influence on society
Purification before prayer. Matsuri: a ritual occasion for the Kami where adherents give praise and thanks to them Rituals include: rites of passage of birth, celebrations at various ages of life for girls and boys, marriage, and the celebration of anscestors. Offerings are made (food and drink) Rituals and influence on society

7 Rituals and influence on society
Festivals: Kami is taken out to the community on wheeled trolleys (Mikoshi), they are paraded around the village-bring good luck, fortunes and blessings Common festivals: Oshogatsu- New years celebration Seijin Shiki- Adults Day, coming of age celebration Haru Matsuri- Spring celebration Aki Matsuri- Autumm festival Rituals and influence on society

8 The Human Search for Meaning
Not a way of explaining the world Not thought of religion, but part of life Sees people as good Makoto: Sincerity of heart Emphasis is placed on right practice, sensibility and attitude The Human Search for Meaning


10 What does the word Shinto translate to?

11 True or False: Shinto is still practised today in 21st century Japan

12 How was Heaven and Earth created?

13 During the creation, how many Deities were created?

14 True or False: Royal Families were not descendents from Gods and Goddesses

15 In Principal beliefs, how many aspects of Shinto are there and name one.

16 What does the term Ablutions mean?

17 What is the name given to the spirits the Shinto adherents worship?

18 True or False: Prayer requests are burnt at New Year celebrations

19 What is the significance of taking the Kami out to the community on trolleys?

20 Name one common festival practised in Shinto (in English) ;D

21 What does the word Makoto translate to?

22 Why is the Buddhist religion able to coexist peacefully with the Shinto faith?

23 ...hehe

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