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Ericka Benavides Olivarez District Social Studies Specialist 1.

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1 Ericka Benavides Olivarez District Social Studies Specialist 1

2  Theory & History (just one slide )  Components of the ISN/HAN  Set-up & Management  The ISN/HAN and CSCOPE  Let’s make our own Preview Assignments Guided Practice Processing  Motivation  Grading 2

3  An Interactive Notebook is  A personalized textbook  A working portfolio of all activities in one convenient spot  Why they engage students?  Use of visual and linguistic intelligences  Note-taking becomes an active process  Help students to systematically organize as they learn  Become a portfolio on individual learning 3

4  Cover Page  Personalized  Unique  Table of Contents (grades 2-12)  Beginning and End of each Unit, Era or Region of Study  OPTIONAL  Student Guidelines / Contract  Testing, Reading, Writing Strategies  Author Page (about me)  Left Side-Right Side Orientation 4

5 Left-Side  Is for the Student  Demonstration of their knowledge  Engage, Explore / Preview / Warm-up  Prior knowledge  Processing / Evaluate Activities  Student demonstration of knowledge gained  Odd Numbers Right-Side  Restricted  Contains teacher guided activities and instruction  Explain, Elaborate / Guided Practice  Students acquiring new knowledge through teacher directed activities  Even Numbers Handout-ISN Framework Let’s get set-up *Number pages 1-25 *No Number on First page; Left-side ODD Right-side EVEN 5

6 K-34-12  Cookies – Burnt or Sprinkles?  The Works  Student/Parent Contracts  Provide options when able  Student/Parent Contracts  ISN Student Self- Evaluation Tool  Provide options Let’s design our cover page *FRONT PAGE *No number *Name, Grade, Title of Course, Teacher’s Name, Period Handout-Contracts, Self-Evaluation Tool 6

7 Let’s get to work on the details! 7

8 *Students tap into prior knowledge and connect to upcoming content in a preview assignment. Short & Engaging Draw parallel between key social studies concepts & student’s lives (Relevant) Spark interest and activate prior knowledge Prepare students to tackle new concepts *Warm-up *Engage First exposure to the content 8

9 What does a Preview Activity look like? Grade / CourseEngage, Warm-Up, Spark KinderDisplay picture of 1 st page of Constitution. May have students draw their own or paste one in. 1stProvide students with images of each item and ask them to sort using relative chronology. 2ndAs students work together, have them list everything they know about the National Anthem. 3rdHave students draw the physical environment of the islands as you read about in Columbus’ description. 4thStudents will draw a picture of what the word FREEDOM means to them and title it. 5thStudents write down possible meanings for each of the symbols in the envelope (crown, a flag, money…) 6thStudents make predictions about culture traits based on observations (i.e. food, language, family, art…) World Geography Students use a T-chart to identify Physical Features and population of China and India. 9

10 Students use graphic organizers, cornell notes, visuals, and other activities to explore the unit. The teacher explains the key concepts. Use graphic organizers Tap visual and linguistic intelligences Contains testable information *Explore *Explain Learning & Clarification 10

11 What does the Guided Practice Activity look like? Grade/ CourseExplore and/or Explain KinderRead the 9 statements about the Constitution. Students will circle thumbs up (true) or thumbs down (false) 1stStudents will use the ISN to complete the Explain- Draw a timeline of 3-4 events in their lives. 2ndStudents will glue in their Historical Figure Graphic Organizers on Even Pages 2 and 4 3rdStudents will glue in their Academic Vocabulary Matrix and complete terms 1-5 only. 4thStudents will work in groups, but then will return and glue in the pattern puzzle in the correct order. 5thStudents will glue in their Government matrix with the information they collected at each station. 6thStudents will take notes on the presentations using Cornell Note format or a graphic organizer. World Geography Provided with the World Population Growth chart, students will graph the population and write a summary 11

12 Students demonstrate their understanding of the material / lesson in an independent activity. Requires higher-order thinking skills Incorporates multiple intelligences Applies what students learned in the lesson Demonstrating Knowledge *Elaborate *Evaluate 12

13 What does a Processing Activity look like? Grade / CourseElaborate and/or Evaluate KinderHave the students answer the questions in the performance indicator. Score in ISN using checklist. 1stPerformance Indicator: Students will cut pictures of apart & paste them in chronological order in their ISN. 2ndStudents will choose two of the sentence stems in the Explain, complete them, and write them in the ISN. 3rd Students will write 3 components of climate, 2 ways people adapt to the physical environment, 1 interesting community studies in their ISN. 4thStudents will glue in their analysis pizza, including the statement in their words & how it affects them today. 5thStudents will illustrate types of government in place during colonial times in Great Britain. Perf. Ind. 6thStudents will read the biographical sketch and write a letter responding to them. Performance Indicator World Geography Pretend you are a demographer and create your own country profile. Performance Indicator 13

14 What happens if we don’t complete all of the activities on the first two pages? 14

15 K-34-12  Preparation is key  Complete Activities in Centers  Keep a Teacher copy of your ISN  Prepare the Unit in advance  Bins for ISNs  Preparation is key  Keep a Teacher copy of your ISN  Prepare Unit in advance  Allows students to recover missing work  ISNs in the classroom? Or Student take home? 15

16 K-34-12  Unit Grading Rubric  Teacher Checklists  Performance Indicator Rubrics for Processing Activities  Random Spot Checks  Unit Grading Rubrics  Weekly Grading Rubrics  Activity Grading Rubrics  Peer Grading Rubrics 16

17 17

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