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Showing and Fitting Large Livestock

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1 Showing and Fitting Large Livestock
By: Mike Zamudio

2 Outline Introduction of Topic Show pigs Lambs Goats
Clipper Blades and Clipper Care Cattle

3 Preparing and Showing Swine
Selection and Feeding is the most critical part of any project. Select quality animals from reputable breeder Feeding and feed quality is extremely important every hog is different but a general 3 step program is what I recommend. From 25-80lbs I feed a 20% protein ration with 6% fat. From lbs free choice 18% protein 6% fat. From 175-to finish 16% protein between 6-8% fat depending on the condition of the pig.

4 Clean free choice water is Critical
Clean free choice water is Critical. Little to no direct sun light is crucial for great skin and hair. Why is skin and hair important? Swine sunburn very easily this causes dry scales and wrinkles on swine this will cause them to appear stale. If sunlight can’t be blocked I use a an SPF 50 Sunblock like sun babies. If pigs have been burnt I use aloevera to help healing process.

5 Clipping pigs is very important and is an easy process compared to other species. I use a 3/8” to 5/8” guard on top and sides I then shave the face under jowls and belly. I also trim long hairs on back of legs. This should be down no earlier than 1 week prior to show. Use a size 10 blade Grooming is simple as well. First always read the rule book to see what can be used. I like to use sudden impact and show sheen for shine. If water can only be applied use these products for 3 consecutive days prior to show. Absolutely no sun light pigs will burn for sure. Then wash off morning of show with soap. I prefer dawn or joy dish soap. Orvus will burn skin.

6 Showing and feed additives
Showing swine is easy. Try to keep swine feet from judge and constantly moving with the animals head up. I also recommend using a piece of pipe or the long whip if pigs are heavily worked. Additives in my barn Fat I use a powdered fat supplement on pigs to increase condition. To much can slow weight gain refer to feeding directions Paylean is a great tool if used properly and according to label. Be sure your swine's physical structure is able to handle paylean. Swine will gain weight rapidly and apply more muscle shape Electrolytes I use them in times of stress prior to and after shows. Milk Replacer Increased feed intake and weight gain I use this product on swine needing more weight.

7 Questions????

8 Showing Lambs Lambs are a fun project that require more attention than swine or goats. The lamb industry has made some drastic changes in desired traits in the past few years.

9 Feeding When my students receive their lambs I start them on an 18% protein feed. I will feed them 3% of their body weight and some hay stems of either alfalfa or rye grass. I switch them to a finisher that’s around 16% protein around 100lbs. I may add some beet pulp shredds, barley, and whey protein depending on how the lamb handles.

10 Excercise Lambs need exercise on a daily basis. I will usually run them between a quarter and half a mile per day. I also have my students practice bracing every other day for minutes.

11 Grooming Generally we slick shear sheep from the knee and hock up. I prefer shearing the day of the show with surgical blades. After shorn cover lambs with blanket. Some have started leaving wool in flanks and below leg to hock. This can look great or atrocious if the wool is not blended well. I also like to use shampoo’s with bright lights in it to brighten the white fibers.

12 Showing Lambs Lambs can be very difficult to show. Bracing requires practice and proper training. I like to have experienced students work with my beginner's to learn techniques.

13 Questions

14 Showing Market and Breeding Goats
Showing goats is often compared to sheep but they are different in a few ways with grooming and showmanship.

15 Grooming Market Breeding Goats
Market goats are generally slick shorn with a cover coat from the knee and hock up they also have a switch on tail. I clip them a lot like cattle to give them a balanced look and enhance muscle definition.

16 Feeding Goats Market Breeding
I usually feed my market goats a balanced ration that is 18% protein. I feed them just enough hay to make there rumens work I feed them a 16% protein ration and all of the rye or grass hay they want.

17 Showing Cattle

18 Feeding Cattle are ruminants and should be fed plenty of roughage preferably not alfalfa, along with a balanced ration. I start all of my cattle on a finisher ration when I get them. I only use starter feeds on cattle that need to be larger framed.

19 Daily Hair Care The most important part of grooming and fitting cattle is quality hair. I have my students rinse and brush hair forward towards the head 2 to 3 times per day. Cattle are kept in adequate shade and have fans blowing. Do not shampoo cattle more than once a week and use conditioner at least 4 times a week. Suave is the best because it is cheap and works

20 Clipping cattle is very tricky. Every calf is different
Clipping cattle is very tricky. Every calf is different. I shave the heads from ear forward and tail from twist upward never round off tail head. I block and square top and hip and level off belly leaving as much hair as possible on belly. I also smooth out shoulders and tie into neck.

21 Fitting cattle at show I use either doc branens grooming adhesives and supplies or I use Sullivans products. Cattle must be clean and dry prior to glue Spray a little adhesive from bottom of foot and work up to add mas to bone from knee and hock down. I use revive on hair that will not be glued to add shine and body. You must wash and break out glue after shows.

22 Equipment I would suggest a blocking chute
Sullivans air express 3 blower Andis or Whall Clippers with blocking blades Oster Beef Heads or listers Stone prostick Rice root brush and 3 scotch combs fluffer, regular, and skip tooth Show halter

23 Send Kids to Camps I suggest kids attend camps to learn to show and groom. I currently work for Be a Champ Show Camp in Oklahoma There are several clinics that are available. Teachers should attend as well. I will try and host several this year for all four large species

24 Clipper Maintenance and basic demonstration

25 Questions

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