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SLOVAKIA Lucia Petričková ZŠ, Nám L. Novomeského 2, Košice 2013.

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1 SLOVAKIA Lucia Petričková ZŠ, Nám L. Novomeského 2, Košice 2013

2 1.Position, map, symbols of Slovakia, neighbouring countries 2. Capital city, currency, form of government 3.Highest mountain ranges and highest peak 4.Rivers 5.Largest towns in Slovakia 6.Historical sites UNESCO 7.Historical events 8.Historical figures 9.Typical food 10.Sports 11.Resources CONTENT

3  Slovakia is situated in the centre of Europe  Area: 49 000 km 2  The populaton : 5 000 000 people  Neighbours : Hungary, Poland,Ukraine, Austria, The Czech Republic Position of Slovakia

4 o Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia -it is the largest city situated on the banks of the Danube river -it is the seat of government, parliament and embassies o Since 2009 EURO has been our currency o Prezident of the Slovak republic is Ivan Gašparovič. -Slovakia is a parliamentary republic Capital city

5  The largest moutain range is the High Tatras - Gerlachovský peak  Second largest mountain is LOW TATRAS -Ďumbier  Third largest moutain is ORAVSKÉ BESKYDY-Babia hora  The biggest peak is Gerlachovský štít - its hight is 2654,4 metres above sea level Mountain range

6  Váh - the longest river in Slovakia -its length 403 km  Danube - stems in Germany and flows through Austria, Slovakia,Hungary, Romania -its length in Slovakia is 172 km *Hron- the biggest river - its length is 298 km Rivers

7 Váh is the longest river ( 403 km ) Danube is the largest river ( 172 km ) Hron ( 298 km )

8  1.BRATISLAVA- the biggest town in Slovakia - the president of Slovak republic lives here - 462 603 inhabitans -there is also State Theatre and Bratislava castle Largest towns in Slovakia

9  2.KOŠICE-the second biggest town - 555 800 people live here -it is a historical town,because here are many historical monuments like: St. Elisabeth´s Cathedral :Urban´s tower :St. Michael´s Chapel Other towns

10  3.PREŠOV-near Košice - river Torysa flows through it - 91 638 inhabitants - it is third biggest town in Slovakia Other towns

11  4.BANSKA BYSTRICA- -the fourth biggest town in Slovakia -it is a mining town  5.NITRA -it is fifth biggest town in Slovakia -river Nitra flows through it

12  Spiš castle- the biggest castle in Slovakia - was burnt down a long time ago *Cave Domica- in Košice region,many bats spend winter in it *Vlkolínec- a unique open air folk museum because some people still live there Historical sites UNESCO

13  1843-The second codification of literary Slovak language authored by Ľudovít Štúr was successful and became the basis of today's Slovak  1863-the Slovak Matica, the first national institution for improving of education and preserving the culture of the Slovaks, was founded  14. March 1939 - independent Slovak republic was declared in Bratislava  1944- Slovak National Uprising against the Nazis  2004 – Slovakia became a member of European Union Historical events

14  Slovak Robin Hood – Juraj Janošik is said to hand out the goods and money of the rich to the poor  Alexander Dubček was the most impotant Slovak politician of the post-war era  Milan Rastislav Štefánik was the most important figure in Slovak history, because he significantly contributed to the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 Historical figures

15  HALUŠKY our traditional food made from dough, bryndza (sheep cheese), bacon-on top of the Halušky *BRYNZOVE PIROHY pasta filled with mashed potatoes, served with cream and fried bacon and onion Typical food

16 Popular sports in Slovakia include: *Football *Tennis *Swimming *Ice hockey *Cycling *Skiing Sports

17     Resoucures

18 Teşekkür ederim Gracias

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