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Unit 5 Language Structures Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2 Reading 1&2.

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2 Unit 5 Language Structures Dialogue 1 Dialogue 2 Reading 1&2

3 Language Structure Example sentences : 1 Miss Wood told her pupils to be quiet/not to talk. (a simple past verb reporting a command) 2 Miss Green often asks her students to turn the cassette recorder on/off. (a simple present verb reporting a request)

4 3 Mrs. Blank often reminds her husband about his keys/to take his keys along. (a simple present verb reporting a reminder) 4 Bobby wants to know if man will soon find a cure for cancer. (a simple present verb reporting a question)

5 Dialogue 1 Language Points 1. plus: 1) prep. Two plus two is four. Their strength plus their spirit makes them formidable. 他们的力量再加上勇气使得他们难于 战胜。 2) adj. Added or extra: 附加的,额外的: eg. a plus benefit. 额外的收益

6 hang up She was so angry that she hanged up on him. The heavy rain hung up the work on the building site for three weeks.(delay, stop) The peace talks were hung up while the representatives spoke to their governments.

7 Dialogue 2 Language Points 1. grant : To consent to the fulfillment of, usually implies that the giver is in a higher position, as one of authority, than the receiver and that he or she acts out of justice, mercy, or generosity. eg. granted the petitioner‘s request 满足请 愿者的要求; grant aid.

8 The America’s National Park

9 Reading Prereading questions Language points Information on Yellowstone & Yosemite

10 Prereading questions 1. Whose effort is it that contributes directly to the protection of national parks from the exploitation of business interests? 2. What is the Yellowstone National Park most famous for? 3. Give at least two examples to show that work has been done to keep American national parks as natural as possible. 4. Why are strict rules imposed which prohibit tourists from feeding animals with cookies and candy?

11 site n. a place or setting of something construction site 建筑工地 the site of the recent fire 失火现场 historic sites 历史遗址 Website 网址 v. Where have they decided to site the new school?

12 free enterprise associated enterprise private enterprise Profit-making enterprise contracting enterprise 承包企业

13 Span the whole span of a bridge the span of a man's life the span of memory widen the span of knowledge 扩大知识面 span a river with a bridge a memory that spans 80 years 持续 80 年的记忆

14 have one’s say the right or power to influence or make a decision Citizens have a say in the councils of government. All I want is some say in the matter. 我只想在这件事上有些决定权

15 burn out To stop burning from lack of fuel, to wear out ; To become exhausted, especially as a result of long-term stress The candle burnt out. The house was burnt out last month. The last time I saw her, she looked completely burnt out.

16 spoil To damage irreparably, to impair the completeness, perfection, or unity of Spoil the party 破坏了聚会 spoil the pleasure [fun] 扫兴 Our holidays were spoilt by bad weather.

17 make a concession to give acknowledgment or admission forest concession 森林特许权 price concession 让价 tariff concessions 关税让步[减让] The supermarket made a yearly concession to the summer trade.

18 line up 1. to arrange in or form a line. 排成直线 The teacher lined the pupils up according to height. 2. to organize and make ready: 组织准备好 to line up considerable support for the bill. 准备好对此法案的重要支持 They have lined up some excellent entertainers for our show.

19 a rash of quite a large number of things all happen or appear within a short period of time. A rash of robberies had suddenly struck the country. From the mid-1950s to the early 1960s, there was a rash of books and articles elaborating this theory.

20 Information 1. Old Faithful Geyser Old Faithful Geyser 2. morning glory pool morning glory pool 3. beehive geyser beehive geyser 4. castle geyser castle geyser 5. Yosemite Yosemite

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