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Have you been to any of these places? Crisafulli Elementary School Created by Mrs. Maher.

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2 Have you been to any of these places? Crisafulli Elementary School Created by Mrs. Maher

3 Follow Me Along the Freedom Trail

4 The Freedom Trail The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile walk through Boston. It is marked by a red brick line that can be followed as you look at various historical sites.

5 The Boston Common  48 acres  A common pasture for grazing cattle  Training militia  British Army camp  Site of hangings, duels, and public celebrations  Became the America’s first public park in 1634

6 The State House The State House is the oldest building in Beacon Hill. It was completed on January 11, 1798. This building is the seat of the Massachusetts State Government.

7 Fun Facts The dome of the Massachusetts State House was originally covered with wood shingles in 1798. A large wooden fish is hanging in the Chamber of the House of Representatives. It represents the importance of the fishing industry.

8 Park Street Church Found in 1809 217 foot steeple Was for many years the first landmark seen by travelers approaching Boston.

9 The Granary Burying Ground oThe final resting place of many Revolutionary-era patriots such as: –Samual Adams –Peter Faneuil –Paul Revere –John Hancock

10 King’s Chapel In 1688 no one would sell the Royal Governor land to build a non-Puritan church. He ended up building it on the town burying ground. The first King’s Chapel was tiny and used by the King’s men to enforce British law. In 1749, Peter Harrison, America’s first architect, designed a new magnificent church. It was completed in 1754

11 King’s Chapel Burying Ground  This burying ground was the only burying place in Boston proper for nearly 30 years.  This is the final resting place of -John Winthrop, Massachusetts Bay Colony’s first governor -William Dawes Jr., who rode with Paul Revere to Lexington and Concord -Mary Chilton, the first women to step off the Mayflower in Plymouth Colony

12 Ben Franklin’s Statue and The Site of The First Public School This statue of Ben Franklin marks the site of the first public school, Boston Latin School.

13 Old South Meeting House Built in 1729 as a Puritan House of worship. People gathered here to challenge British rule, protesting against the Boston Massacre, and taxes.

14 Old State House Was the headquarters of British government in Boston. The Declaration of Independence was read from this balcony in 1776.

15 Fun Facts At the top of the Old State House there is a lion and a unicorn. These original two symbols of British rule were burnt in 1776 after the Declaration of Independence was read in Boston. The ones seen there today are replicas that were put there in 1882.

16 Boston Massacre Site On March 5, 1770 British soldiers fired muskets into a taunting crowd killing 3 civilians and mortally wounding 2. Paul Revere made this event propaganda for the Revolutionary War with his etching.

17 Faneuil Hall Was the site of many Town Meetings. It has served as an open forum meeting hall and marketplace for over 250 years. Did you know that the grasshopper atop Faneuil Hall was used to identify suspected spies? If you could identify it you were proving to be a patriot!

18 Paul Revere’s House Built around 1680 The oldest building in downtown Boston Paul Revere, a patriot/silversmith lived here from 1770 to 1800. Paul Revere is known for his famous ride.

19 Old North Church Built in 1723 It is the oldest church building in Boston. 2 lanterns were displayed in the tower to warn Paul Revere that the British were coming by sea.

20 USS Constitution “Old Ironsides” The USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. It has been nicknamed “Old Ironsides” because cannonballs bounced off of her oak sides in battle during the war in 1812. The USS Constitution was undefeated in battle and is still in service today.

21 The Bunker Hill Monument This 221 Foot granite obelisk honors the American Colonists who took on the British Army on June 17, 1775 at The Battle of Bunker Hill. How many stairs do you think are inside this monument? If you guessed 295… your right!

22 I hope you enjoyed your sneak peak of the most famous sites in Boston. Now it’s your turn to “visit” one!

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