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Does doing housework help you keep fit?. Which burns more calories? More effective?  Doing housework  Exercising vigorously.

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1 Does doing housework help you keep fit?

2 Which burns more calories? More effective?  Doing housework  Exercising vigorously

3 If we are active... Ways to keep active: List your favorite activities. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.  Studies show that burning calories is not limited walking, running, lifting weights, and other activities.  We can burn some calories as well by doing housework........or can we? Let’s read and find out!

4 Healthy Housework? To vacuum or not to vacuum  A new study suggests housework is not the quality form of exercise many people consider it to be. The report even went as far as saying that those who did the most housework were usually those most overweight. The study is called, "Does doing housework keep you healthy? The contribution of domestic physical activity to meeting current recommendations for health". It questions whether physical activities such as do-it-yourself, gardening and housework are such good exercise. It acknowledges that any activity is better than none, but says, "there is a danger that those undertaking domestic 'chores' may assume that this activity is moderate intensity" and wrongly count it as proper exercise. Read more: 31021-housework.html 31021-housework.html

5 Research findings Studies show...  A total of 4,563 adults participated in the survey, which was based on participants' weekly physical activity. The analysis from this research showed that people who included housework as part of their weekly exercise tended to be heavier. Research leader professor Marie Murphy said: "Housework is physical activity and any physical activity should theoretically increase the amount of calories [burnt]. But we found that housework was inversely related to leanness, which suggests that either people are overestimating the amount of moderate intensity physical activity they do through housework, or are eating too much to compensate for the amount of activity undertaken." Read more: 31021-housework.html 31021-housework.html

6 Keeping clean, keeping fit??? Good habits  "At an individual level there may be a tendency to overestimate the level of 'good behavior' we're doing and this is reflected when people use food diaries, pedometers or apps to measure more objectively what they have achieved,” Kevin Fenton, the director of health and wellbeing at Public Health England, told The Guardian. “This study may reflect this.”healthThe Guardian

7 How much exercise is needed? What is your perception of the figures in this chart? Where would doing housework fall on this chart?

8 Keeping clean and keeping lean Will mopping make us lean?  "Domestic physical activity accounts for a significant proportion of self-reported daily moderate to vigorous physical activity particularly among females and older adults,” the authors of the study wrote. "However such activity is negatively associated with leanness, suggesting that such activity may not be sufficient to provide all of the benefits normally associated with meeting the physical activity guidelines."accounts

9 Deliberate exercise needed Take time to work out Various articles have been written about the potential calorie-burning and weight loss benefits of household chores, some even noting that cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming burned more calories than using the Wii Fit. And there are certainly benefits to staying active, even if it’s not strenuous enough to be considered a workout. CNN reported earlier this year on a study that pointed to more technology left people with less housework to do, which may be linked to the obesity epidemic: “Our ‘world’ no longer necessitates moderate or intense physical activity," Dr. Edward Archer, a research fellow with the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, told CNN. "Therefore, women (and men) need to allocate more time to deliberate exercise to overcome the decrement in daily activity.” potential calorie-burning and weight loss benefitsvacuuming burned more calories than using the Wii FitCNN

10 Mental fitness with housework Keep our mind sharp, our weight stable  Fenton believes that doing household chores, though linked to unhealthy weight in this particular study, should not be crossed off the list as ways to stay at least moderately active. He cites its potential benefits to mental health, too. "From an individual perspective, physical activities such as housework, doing the shopping and walking to collect children from school or to post a letter, can have positive impacts on physical and mental wellbeing,” he told The Guardian. "People who are even more active will often see greater benefits and it is important to recognize that healthy weight is just one of the potential outcomes of physical activity."The Guardianhealthy weight

11 Hate your housework? Rate these tasks. TaskYour rating Vacuuming Ironing Food shopping Hanging out the washing Cooking Cleaning windows Doing the dusting Doing the dishes  One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six  Seven  Eight

12 Matching vocabulary

13 Sentence Scramble  quality Housework form is of not ex ercise a.  the Those the were did housework  heaviest who most.  health for recommendations current  Meeting.  none acknowledges activity than It any better that is.  1021-housework.html 1021-housework.html

14 In Conclusion  Learned about a recent medical study  Reflected on your views about housework  Worked on vocabulary  For your assignment...

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