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Copyright2007 Short Writing Task COOKING UP TROUBLE.

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1 Copyright2007 Short Writing Task COOKING UP TROUBLE

2 Copyright2007 Imagine that a well-known person has just opened a new food technology room in your school. You had to look after the visitor while other Year 9 pupils demonstrated their cooking skills.

3 Copyright2007 The Head of Your House sends you a note: You did a good job looking after the visitor – particularly when the pizzas were burnt … We need an entertaining article about the visit for the school Website. I’m sure parents will enjoy reading about it.

4 Copyright2007 Write an article about the visit, for parents to read. 20 marks including 4 marks for spelling

5 Copyright2007 Check List Purpose Audience Structure Sentences

6 Copyright2007 Shopping List Heading – title - pun First/third person Paragraphs Variety of sentences Humour Simile metaphor onomatopoeia adverbs adjectives Puntuation,.;!

7 Copyright2007 RECIPE FOR DISASTER Take one celebrity chef. Mix with twenty Year 9 blanched students. Add a pinch of nerves. Leave for twenty minutes. Serve with humour. Yesterday I had the dubious honour of being Nigella Lawson’s P.A. (I had made an excellent sandwich last week in cookery). This meant that I was at her side as she opened the new state of the art cookery room in the Technology block.

8 Copyright2007 Miss Lawson was warm and friendly taking time to talk to all the students at great length, which was unfortunate as one of the students failed to notice that her pizza was turning into a blackened frisbee! However, that was nothing to what followed as another student, with a flourish of his hand like a magician conjuring a rabbit; tipped out his pineapple upsidedown cake to reveal a dish more Cordon bleagh than bleu.

9 Copyright2007 Happily there were some successes and Miss Lawson was impressed. “We all make mistakes and the measure of a good cook is if that person learns from them.” Enthusing about the facilities, Miss Lawson was keen to try her hand and skilfully created fresh pasta using the electric pasta maker.

10 Copyright2007 She also stressed the importance of learning to cook as we would all have to look after ourselves and need to know how to make a healthy, appetising and nutritious meal.

11 Copyright2007 Furthermore, she said that cooking was creative and fun and we should not lose sight of those two points. From the laughter we shared on the day I think Ashfried School – oops Ashfield School will certainly never forget her visit.

12 Copyright2007 Go back and find the metaphor Pun Simile Verb sentence start Adverb sentence Connective sentence start

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