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2 Our Organisation- Then
Emergency Care Skills Our Organisation- Then Our Organisation- Now What to Wear and When Cadet Life The Future for You

3 Our Organisation- Then

4 Have a quick think about your life:
YOU HAVE A HISTORY…. Have a quick think about your life: Things you have done People you have met Things you have achieved

5 …. AND SO DOES ST JOHN St John has over 900 years of history So just imagine all the interesting and exciting things that make up its history All this makes St John a unique organisation and one that you should be proud to be part of

6 1099 The Blessed Gerard founded the Order of St John, a religious group who cared for the sick and injured Pilgrims in Jerusalem. The Hospitaller Brothers did most of the nursing and caring for the injured while the Hospitaller Sisters spent most of the time in prayer. The Hospital grew to over 2000 beds and there was still shortages so the rather than turning Pilgrims away the Hospitallers gave up their beds and slept on the floor.

7 1099 1120 The Hospitallers take on a military as Knights during the Crusades (war between the Christians and Muslims for the Holy land)

8 1099 1120 1140 The Hospitallers come to Britain and the priory of Clerkenwell, London is founded

9 The Orders new headquarters are located in Cyprus
1099 1120 1140 1291 All Christian forces, including the Hospitallers are driven from Palestine, Jerusalum. The Orders new headquarters are located in Cyprus

10 1099 1120 1140 1291 1504 During the Middle ages, the Order of St John was very rich and powerful. The Prior at the time, Robert Hales, was also part of the government as a Treasurer. The Prior introduced poll tax which was hated by the peasants leading to the revolt. The previous St John’s Gate was burnt down in 1381 during the Peasants Revolt. Also Robert Hales head was cut off The newly rebuilt St John’s Gate in London is reopened after being burnt down in the Peasants Revolt in 1381.

11 1530 The Hospitallers move their headquarters to Malta.
1099 1120 1140 1291 1504 1530 The Hospitallers move their headquarters to Malta. Brothers of the Order nursing in the Hospital in Malta, while doctors examine patients. From the Verdala Statutes, 1588.

12 1099 1120 1140 1291 1504 1530 1540 King Henry VIII dissolved the Order of St John in England, taking all their land and property. This was caused by a struggle between the King and the Pope about who controlled religion

13 1565 The Siege of Malta started
1099 1120 1140 1291 1504 1530 1540 1565 The Siege of Malta started Roughly 500 Knights and the Maltese defended the island against the large Turkish army of over 25000

14 1798 Napoleon drove the Hospitallers from their headquarters in Malta
1099 1120 1140 1291 1504 1530 1540 1565 1798 Napoleon drove the Hospitallers from their headquarters in Malta After this the headquarters returned to Jerusalem, where they originally started

15 1877 St John Ambulance Association was founded
1099 1120 1140 1291 1504 1530 1540 1565 1798 1877 St John Ambulance Association was founded At the time many people worked in mines which were very dangerous places due to underground explosions, floods and collapsed tunnels. This lead to thousands of deaths and injuries every year. St John Ambulance was the first organisation to train workers in first aid so they could help each other quickly after accidents Illustration of a stretcher being used in a mining accident, 1893

16 1887 St John Ambulance Brigade was formed
1099 1120 1140 1291 1504 1530 1540 1565 1798 1877 1887 St John Ambulance Brigade was formed This is when St John started to have the main role that we are familiar with today, by providing first aid cover 130th Field Ambulance 28th (Welsh) division, Welsh Army Corps, who served in World War One

17 1922 St John Cadets were formed
1099 1120 1140 1291 1504 1530 1540 1565 1798 1877 1887 1922 St John Cadets were formed Since then cadets have done everything from winning the George Cross for bravery and cooking the worlds biggest sausage. Rochdale cadets in 1923, just after cadets were formed

18 1987 Badgers were formed. Badgers are aged between 5-10.
1099 1120 1140 1291 1504 1530 1540 1565 1798 1877 1887 1922 1987 Badgers were formed. Badgers are aged between 5-10. They have a programme that covers absolutely everything, so they learn a wide range of skills that are not just first aid. Badgers work towards the SUPER BADGER AWARD

19 St John History What were the early members of the Order known as?
Where did the Order go when it left Palestine? Whose head was cut off during the Peasants Revolt and why? Who disbanded the Order in England? When was the St John Association formed? What important part of St John Ambulance started in 1922?

The cross is white is represent purity The four arms of the cross represent the four Christian virtues The eight points of the cross represent the eight beatitudes that come from practising the virtues The lions and unicorns were added to the cross in 1888, to show the British Order of St John had become a Royal order of the Chivalry



23 Eight pointed cross Draw the St John Cross Label the eight beatitudes and the four Christian virtues What was added to the St John Cross after Queen Victoria granted the Order its Royal Charter?

24 Our Organisation- Now


26 PRIORY OF WALES Blaenau Gwent Bridgend Caerphilly Cardiff
DIVISIONS Badgers Cadets Adults Fellowship COUNTIES Blaenau Gwent Bridgend Caerphilly Cardiff Carmarthenshire Ceredigion Conwy Denbighshire Flintshire Gwynedd Isle of Anglesey Merthyr Tydfil Monmouthshire Neath Port Talbot Newport Pembrokeshire Powys Rhondda Cynon Taff Swansea Torfaen Vale of Glamorgan Wrexham REGIONS North Wales Region Mid Wales Region West Wales Region South Wales Region South East Wales Region South West Wales Region PRIORY OF WALES

27 The St John family What division are you part of? Which county are you in? Which region does your county form part of? What other counties are in your region?

28 The Code of Chivalry To serve God
To be loyal to the queen and my officers To observe the mottos of the order which are -: “Pro Fide” for the faith. “Pro Utilitate Hominum” for the service of mankind. To be through in work and play To help the suffering and needy To be kind to all animals To be cheerful and prompt in all I do To be truthful and just in all things

29 To serve God The word ‘God’ means many different things to people all over the world. To some it represents a spirit, to others a person and to others a way of life. St John welcomes people of all beliefs as members- it’s a non-sectarian Organisation. This means the work of the Order of St John is carried out without any distinction of race, position or belief.

30 The Cadet Code of Chivalry
To serve ________ To be loyal to the Queen and to my officers To observe the mottos of the Order which are: ____________ for the faith ‘Pro Utilitate Hominum’ ______________ To be through in work and ___________ To help the _______________ and the needy To be kind to all ________ To be cheerful and prompt __________ And to be ___________ and just in all things

31 Cadet Life

32 Grand Prior Scheme +4 subjects There are over 80 subjects
to choose from, in 8 different sections +4 subjects GRAND PRIOR AWARD +8 subjects +8 subjects GOLD AWARD SILVER AWARD Takes at least 3 years to get the Grand Prior Award BRONZE AWARD The Grand Prior Award is nationally recognised MEMBERSHIP AWARD

33 Grand Prior Subjects Lifestyle Community Camping Cookery and Food Hygiene Explorations/Expeditions Faith Finance General Knowledge Going Away Home Skills Lifesaving Nutrition Personal Safety Self Image and Relationship Sports Activities Walking Working Life Assistant Leader - Camp/Residential Assistant Leader - Walking Cadet Trainer Competitions Personal Achievement Community Service First Aid Getting Involved Outstanding Achievement Care for Others Care on Duty AED Ambulance Awareness Child Development Leadership Life Skills Moving and Handling Casualties Moving and Handling People Moving and Handling Principles Care for Children Accident Prevention Animal Welfare Crime Prevention Design for Daily Living Drug Education Fire Prevention Homelessness Infectious Diseases Environment Legal Eagle Medical Conditions With Respect Communication with Deaf and Blind Media Social Organiser Clerical Ability Communication and Listening Skills Family History IT Communications Radio communications Crafts DIY Hobbies Entertainment) IT Design Music Explore St. John Links to LINKS On Duty Drill St. John Worldwide St. John Service Staffing A Course Communication Personal Achievement Service Creative Skills Our Organisation

34 First Aid Courses You will cover basic first aid as part of this course Emergency Aid for Cadets 10+ Young Lifesaver 11+ Young Lifesaver Plus 11+ First Aid at Work 16+

35 Cadet Structure Cadet Cadet Corporal Cadet Sergeant Lead Cadet

36 Regional Structure Regional Commissioner Deputy Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner(s) Youth Officer Assistant Youth Officers Transport Officer Nursing Officer Surgeon Assistant Surgeon Child Protection Officer Training Officer Assistant Training Officer Secretary Treasurer

37 On Duty St John often attends public events to provide first aid cover, in case anybody hurts themselves or becomes ill What events do you think we cover?

38 On duty You may have the chance to put your first aid skills to use by treating patients (supervised by an adult) However be prepared that you may not do much first aid, it may a perfect time to do some homework or read a book as its not nice wishing people to hurt themselves! You do not have to do anything that you do not feel comfortable with It is not always a cadets job to make tea all day! If you are worried or upset about anything on duty speak to the duty officer or any adult

39 Most of all enjoy yourself!
On duty Remember you are representing St John when you are wearing your uniform so try to behave and be polite to people BUT Most of all enjoy yourself!

40 Special service shield
Duty book to record hours Public duties Care activities Fundraising Training Other activities( presentation evening, guard of honour etc) Service shield awarded for 50 duty hours (It sounds lots but can be easier than you think) Silver star represents 100 hours Gold star represents 500 hours

41 Drill We still use drill from out military past
Encourages team work and discipline Way to move quickly and orderly from one place to another Smart for ceremonial occasions It can be fun, don’t think of it as a punishment

42 Saluting In past times, the right hand was raised to show there were no weapons in the persons hand and that they were friendly In modern times, it is commonly used as a mark of respect especially to officers

43 Cadet Life What first aid courses can you do?
What different groups could make up a division? What rank is above cadet corporal? Who is your regional youth officer? Give four points to remember when you go on duty How many hours does it take to get your first service award? If a cadet had two gold stars and two silver stars on there service shield how many duty hours would they have done? What is the origin of saluting? Who is your regional commissioner?

44 What to Wear and When

45 Why do we wear a uniform? To make us easily recognisable
To make us look smart To help us stand out from the crowd on duty To give us a professional image

46 OR OR 2 3 5 1 4 A E H I J B F K C G D 7 8 9 6 10 11

47 OR OR 2-B 3-D 5-C 1-E 4-K A-7 E-1 H-9 I-11 J-6 B-2 F-8 K-4 C-5 G-10 D-3 7-A 8-F 9-H 6-J 10-G 11-I

48 Badges other people may have
    900th anniversary of the Order of St John (only issued to members in 1999) 90th anniversary of the Priory of Wales (only issued to members in 2008)

49 Remember the dragons always face forward
Cadet rank slides Remember the dragons always face forward Cadet leader Cadet sergeant Cadet corporal Cadet

50 Other epaulettes NURSE DOCTOR

51 Jewellery You may love your jewellery, but what would you feel like if you lost it on duty? What about if your necklace were accidentally grabbed by a casualty? Or your ear rings got caught on things? What if your rings tore your protective gloves getting you covered in blood? The best way is to leave your jewellery at home However, you are allowed to wear: A watch A wedding ring (hopefully none of you have these!!) Jewellery for medical reasons (such as MediAlert bracelets) Remember this is for your own safety

52 Additional uniform Although our uniform is quite distinctive, we some times need to be more recognisable to the general public on duty to identify us as first aiders. This could be when we are on duty outdoors or in crowded places. We normally do this by wear high visibility clothing. You should have a reflective badge on the front and back saying Adults some times wear different badges to show their skills

53 St John Uniform Why do we wear a uniform?
How would you recognise a doctor in St John uniform? Where on your jumper does the membership award badge go? How would you recognise a cadet sergeant? Where might you need to wear a high visibility jacket?

54 The Future for You

55 What else can I do…..?? Duke Of Edinburgh Award First Aid Competitions
Quiz Sports Camping activities Cadet of the Year Train on Courses (when qualified) Amalfi Challenge Trainer to expand and give information about all of the points above. **Ask a Unit Leader for help if you need it**

56 Other courses you can do
Introduces the basics needed to deliver a skills session to a group AGE 13 Builds on Cadet trainer 1 so that you are able to deliver a complete session AGE 13+ CADET LEADERSHIP 1 Introduces many leadership skills that may be needed to become a NCO in the future AGE 13 CADET LEADERSHIP 2 Builds on cadet Leadership 1 and could lead to promotion to lead cadet. AGE 15

57 Can be worked towards from the age of 16 This is a three staged award Each stage you set four personal challenges to word towards based on the four arms of the cross: When you have completed 12 challenges, you receive the AMALFI AWARD

58 The future for you At what age can you do cadet leader 1 course?
How many stages are there to the Amalfi challenge? What colour is the badge for the first stage of the Amalfi challenge? What other opportunities are available to you as a St John Cadet?

59 Any questions?

60 We hope you have learnt lots And Enjoy your time as a St John Cadet

61 Kindly produced by Richard Baxter Edited By Kim Tysom & Andrea Evans

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