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Positioning & Communications Strategy for PAG Group May 7 th 2008 43 Lincoln Street, Woodmead, Johannesburg 2148 Fax 086 606 0254 Cell 071 215 0603

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1 Positioning & Communications Strategy for PAG Group May 7 th 2008 43 Lincoln Street, Woodmead, Johannesburg 2148 Fax 086 606 0254 Cell 071 215 0603 PO Box 76697, Wendywood, 2148

2 Introduction –We have presented & discussed a preliminary document with PAG management –We have scrutinised the 2006 research study provided –These have helped us determine what depth of process it would be realistic to adopt in reaching a brand positioning –Of the basic approaches previously outlined: The ‘purely intellectual’ one The rooted-in-reality process –We have enough data & insight to proceed to a conclusive recommendation

3 What we have Learned (From our last meeting & the research study of 2006)

4 What we have learned PAG’s job-type segments … Top Executive Professional/ Specialist Secretarial Blue Collar White Collar BUSINESS VOLUME Balance from P & S & some Executive70% of PAG business comes from office support candidates on database BUSINESS POSITIONING Lower end business volume is significant (& an extension of upper-end) – but PAG's positioning will remain upper end

5 What we have learned PAG 3. Buyers 1. Active Seekers – Individuals seeking their perfect position 2. Passive Potentials Target – Individuals not actively seeking a change PAG has 4 Target Segments 4. Alumni

6 What we have learned Active seekers are looking for their dream position /desperate to leave current one - this means they want: An RA with a good reputation for dealing with their kind of Client/Company An RA that will treat them respectfully, professionally & objectively And that understands their potential through thorough assessment & that supports them in their quest PAG 1. Active Seekers – Individuals seeking the perfect position A Job Ad (First attractor) Direct (W.H.Y?) PAG’s priority segment – Active Seekers:

7 What we have learned Passive Potentials cannot be approached directly by PAG but form a separate category being non-active job seekers. The more they are positively predisposed to the PAG brand, the better they will respond to its ads or to any indirect approach (e.g. via alumni) Active Seekers– Individuals seeking their perfect position Passive Potentials Individuals not actively seeking a change but who may meet search credentials PAG Secondary Segment – Passive Potentials: -

8 What we have learned The Alumni – an important ‘after- segment’ PAG 1. Active Seekers – Individuals seeking their perfect position 2. Passive Potentials Target – Individuals not actively seeking a change 4. Alumni Alumni not only perform an important repeat business role; we think they could play an important perceptual / positioning role as well …

9 What we have learned For positioning & communicating PAG in the future our focus should therefore be on: - –The Primary & Secondary Segments – Active Seekers & Passive Potentials –Because each have substantially common needs, we can position PAG to appeal to them equally –PAG is already well placed to do this credibly, judging from the LogicalOpts. 2006 research indications ….

10 What we have learned How Candidates rated PAG in 2006 + + + + + + + Positive Differences vs. Competitors +

11 What we have learned How Candidates rated PAG in 2006: PAG scored well against competitors on key criteria: - Reputation Caring / Protection Screening Opportunities / Finding work Fulfill promises Would recommend to others All these qualities align with Active Seeker’s & Passive Potential’s expectations of an RA +

12 What we have learned … PAG 3. Buyers S eeking their perfect candidates/at a good value fee What about Buyers? Buyers (Clients) are obviously essential to the business – but in positioning terms they have some drawbacks …

13 What we have learned What about Buyers? Cont’d –Buyers are inherently low on brand loyalty to RAs (Top 100 accounts average 20 RA suppliers each) –Buyers do not see PAG as being differentiated from competitors (Research) –See little difference between RAs operating within particular employment stratum – particularly in PAG’s mid-upper position. (Kelly is one exception ito the Research) –Have a mixed view of PAG (because of some degree of inconsistency in delivery)

14 What we have learned How Clients (Buyers) rated PAG in 2006 PAG: Not strongly differentiated Weak on transformation (2006) Only positive differentiation is Brand Strength (‘Well known’?)

15 What we have learned What about Buyers? Cont’d –Buyers do offer some potential for repeat business & lasting relationships ( provided RA delivery is at least satisfactory - & moreover consistent) –But their loyalty is hard-won, making even more sense of PAG’s objective of targeting Seekers as the priority segment –Importantly however, publicity aimed at Active Seekers & Passive Potentials will also work to inculcate PAG brand values with Clients – if PAG is attracting the top candidates, it will attract the top clients too. (It’s significant that the only positive dimension in the research for PAG was ‘Brand Strength’ – is that a residue from the old radio campaign?)

16 Positioning Considerations

17 PAG’s current positioning situation –Research suggests that that PAG is positively differentiating itself amongst Active Seekers & Passive Potentials, vs. competitors: - Reputation Caring / Protection Screening Opportunities / Finding work Fulfill promises Would recommend to others –This puts PAG in a very credible position to consolidate a new positioning more aggressively – building from strength

18 Positioning Considerations Competitor Positioning / Straplines / Claims CompanyPositioning/StraplineComment Brent Personnel Providing clients with access to high calibre candidates in Finance and Office Support’ Buyer targeted; convoluted; generic Frontline “Targeted Recruitment Solutions” (Financial)Clear, single-minded, but un-compelling & non memorable Grey Personnel “Your Business is Our Business” (‘Complete Staffing Solutions.’) Buyer targeted; clichéd strapline & sub claim Woodburn Mann “Consultants In Leadership.” (Consulting services that address the key leadership needs of major organisations) Single–minded platform aimed primarily at Buyers Premier Personnel “Making Career Dreams a Reality”Clearly positioned against Active Seekers & makes an emotive proposition The Focus Group ‘People are our Focus’Single-minded proposition linked to their name, but rather obvious & not very compelling

19 Positioning Considerations Competitor Positioning / Straplines / Claims CompanyPositioning/StraplineComment Drake ‘Increasing productivity through people, process & technology A vague & forgettable mouthful – sound like a business consultancy Renwick Talent ‘Matching Unique talent with Business Opportunities’ A generic description of what all RAs are supposed to do – what makes their claim special? Network ‘Engineering, Finance and Information Technology Placement’ Simple description of their area of specialisation – nothing about how well they do it Kelly “Kelly is People”Similar proposition to The Focus Group. More informal & warm than the average Emmanuel’s “Transformation advancing your development”Distinctive BEE positioning PAG None until recently – now ‘”Listening, Partnering & Delivering” is being used ‘”Listening, Partnering & Delivering” is a Kelly Group property & not exclusive to PAG

20 Positioning Considerations Competitor Positioning / Straplines / Claims - Conclusions –Few compelling positionings – most tend to be generic & undifferentiated & describe process rather than provide benefits exceptions are Emmanuel’s (transformation) & Kelly (People) –Strategically, Premier come closest to where PAG needs to be: (Targets Job Seekers, rather than Buyers; offer the core benefit, expressed emotionally (“Making Career Dreams a Reality”) However, the creative execution, i.e. this strapline, is too ‘cosmetic’/ emotional in our view –Overall, PAG has virtually free rein to claim a strong share of mindspace for itself in the mid-upper end of the market

21 Essential Positioning Ingredients (The research findings consolidated) Relationships –Professional screening –Accurate & honest assessments –Proactive progress updates –Protects candidates’ interests throughout process Values –Professionalism –Dedication –Honesty &Transparency –Candidate care & respect Delivery –High awareness of best matching positions in market –Placement matches candidates’ character, qualifications & aspirations –Efficient / Fast Process

22 Positioning Considerations “ Listening, Partnering & Delivering” –Although a Group copy property, it’s use by PAG has been tentative – it is not established as the PAG property, i.e. that always appears next to the logo, in all contexts Its value may be as an internal mission statement It does not explicitly target Active Seekers (although, arguably, it could be) –However, it is strategically sound - it does identify the essential expectations of a job seeker from an RA –Since it is already an shared internal property, we see no reason need to discard it – rather to interpret it exclusively for PAG …

23 Positioning Considerations “ Listening, Partnering & Delivering”, cont’d –We have therefore retained it as ‘supporting evidence’ in the proposed formal positioning strategy – all it needs is a creative expression of a single compelling benefit that these qualities enable PAG to deliver

24 Encapsulation – Positioning Development Associated Ideas Guiding Listening / Empathetic Understanding of candidate potential & possibilities Partnering Relationships over time External Word of Mouth / Referrals Alumni /exclusive candidate listing ‘Brand as Club’ Values / Behaviour Driven Because this is a people to people business PAG’s promise should be values-centric. Values inform all key aspects of the recruitment process & the candidate’s pre- & post placement experience A benefit proposition is more compelling than a process proposition (this is what you get - because this is how we do it’) A proposition with an emotive dimension will separate PAG from the majority of competitors

25 Positioning Essence From the foregoing process, the concept of: The Success Club emerges as a compelling & competitive core idea or Brand Essence for PAG: - –It is suggestive of a dynamic yet solid institution, not a purveyor of fast & ‘canned’ candidate processing & placement –It suggests a brand that will partner post-placed candidates forward to their next placement opportunity – thus meeting the business objective of achieving exclusive listings –It creates the idea of an active PAG association whose members actively help their fellow members & peers to seek new opportunities through PAG (This Brand Essence is not intended as a strapline & may be further interpreted creatively based on the Positioning Strategy following: -)

26 Positioning Strategy Brand Essence: THE SUCCESS CLUB Supporting Features: We listen carefully to understand your needs & aspirations We stay in touch as your partner in your forward career path We quickly find the best position for you We partner you through the selection process PAG people realise that the starting point of success comes from devoting the right time & expertise to this initial client interaction. The whole placement process depends on it. Our evaluations are thorough & fair to ensure successful matching to placement options. We also know how important it is to keep in contact & provide news updates to our clients throughout placement search & short-listing. PAG’s experience & reputation in the industry mean that we always know where the top jobs are, in terms of a candidate’s profile Our specialisation in top management jobs in the faster- moving categories of Finance, IT & Engineering ensure that success comes quickly Once you have been a successful candidate of PAG, we like to remain as your success partner all the way to the top. We’ll keep you in touch with relevant job news & alert you to new opportunities Their benefits:

27 Communications Strategy

28 PAG is one of the lower spenders in the RA market. May not be negative ito operations (e.g. better databases mean less need to advertise.) However, it does mean less public exposure to the brand (even in classifieds.) Adspend Comparison - Recruitment Agencies

29 RAs spending in non-print media represents non-classified, i.e. branding communications. The only significant players recorded are: Kelly –mainly outdoor; Focus Group – outdoor; Away 2 Xplore – Radio; Ad Talent – Internet; Beta Consulting Radio Overall, we’d suggest a big opportunity for PAG, esp. on radio.

30 Communications Strategy A new Positioning has to be promoted through all contact points: 1.Existing classified channels –Use coloured logotype (1 colour) incorporating strapline in all applications 2.Existing print collateral –As above in a consistent house style (design ref.) 3.Website –Same as for print collateral –Online (‘Club activities’, New members, Success stories, Alumni news)

31 Communications Strategy And, we recommend a Branding & positioning campaign –We believe that much of PAG’s current “marketing” image is a residual from the old radio campaign –Competitors do not appear be doing much, if any, thematic promotion Candidate Media: - –Drive time local & national radio –Selected Outdoor sites including Kelly Group’s existing sites (depending on budget) –Print in specialist supplements –Internet -

32 Communications Strategy More about the Internet This is a key medium in which to differentiate PAG from competitors: - It is a low- cost way of creating awareness among the under 40 age sector (U-Tube, FaceBook and Blog sites are now being used by major brands/enterprises to get closer to their customers. They are no longer ‘just teenage’ media.) On-line audio-visual material is a powerful & inexpensive medium that PAG could use to feature successful placements / alumni who have had a succession of job successes through PAG.

33 Other Strategic Issues

34 Should / could PAG become a truly upper end specialist RA? 50%(?) of employee time, admin & communications is NOT servicing your core target levels or segments – it is favouring Buyers, your tertiary target segment Refer lower classifications to Kelly or other Group RAs? Earn more credibility behind your professional stance

35 Other Strategic Issues Does PAG incentivise Alumni on finding new candidates? Is this feasible? Is it good industry practice?

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