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Version FIVE. We have installed over 2500 sites, in every conceivable industry. Here are a few you may have heard of…. HH Robertson's Indian Ocean Tuna.

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Presentation on theme: "Version FIVE. We have installed over 2500 sites, in every conceivable industry. Here are a few you may have heard of…. HH Robertson's Indian Ocean Tuna."— Presentation transcript:

1 Version FIVE

2 We have installed over 2500 sites, in every conceivable industry. Here are a few you may have heard of…. HH Robertson's Indian Ocean Tuna - Seychelles Halewood Breweries Life Style Rhino & Lion park SANBS Henkel Glue FurncorWetherly’s Clyde Steel Basil Reid Wonder Coat Paints the list goes on & on………… The largest site installed has 4500 employees, The next biggest has 2 500 employees both working (24 x 7 x 365). Hundreds of companies ranging from 50 to 500 The smallest site has only TWO employees. Share a Toast to Turbo Time and nineteen years of success

3 Quick System Overview Let’s help YOU see what other companies saw when they placed their valued Orders with us at Turbo Time “Part One:- Features Turbo Time - PRO” Here we are Nineteen (19) years later still with the same “Goal” as we started off with, and that was to deliver the FINEST Time and Attendance (T&A) software package available in the English speaking world. We never set out to be a Follower, we set out to be a LEADER. Here are a FEW of the Many features we have in Turbo Time. Our “In – House” software development team are capable of generating any NEW IDEA into reality. Chances are we already knew of that issue and provided a solution some time ago. We have a “Little Brother” software package, our Mainline Turbo Time PRO package and the BIG BROTHER MS_SQL software package is available for the 500 – 5000 Market. This Power Point Presentation is about an extremely powerful software package called “Turbo Time - PRO”

4 Recording of Staff Time Attendance is a required by LAW. * Turbo Time An Essential tool for every company. * Turbo Time is Fast, Accurate and Reliable * TurboTime Keeps control of overtime, reports the “Hours” “Money” and “Percentage” * Accurately track staffs Attendance * Tracks Sick Notes, Injured On Duty, even Training, etc. * Eliminates manual calculation and removes errors and favouritism * Reduce late arrivals and early departures * Efficiently transfer accurate data to your popular payroll package, like VIP & Pastel * Provides accurate History of Attendance and Absenteeism patterns * Highlights the good guys and your poor performers * Biometric solutions Stops one person clocking for another. The LAW requires YOU to keep a record of your staffs times for THREE YEARS! And TurboTime address these issues and MANY MORE that you have not even thought about. :-O) Why do customers purchase TurboTime and Attendance systems from us?

5 Turbo Time - Brief History Turbo Time has over 50 years of combined knowledge in the Time & Attendance industry, ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of providing simple solutions for our customers complex needs. Making it time proven and highly reliable. Turbo Time software is easy to use, logical and suitable for a wide range of customers in all types of industries. Reliable - Field tested since 1992. Over 2500 installations in all sort of applications. Easy to use - User driven, point and click. Every page has a “Built in HELP” page related to that subject. Windows based, even Windows Seven, 64 bit. Single or Multi User Options available. Designed to cater for some rather unique T&A requirements. Links to numerous Payroll packages, Like VIP, Pastel, QED, etc. We have dealers in all the major centres of South Africa. Converted to French & Flemish for Europe.

6 Setting Up TurboTime This icon allows you to Set up or change:- System settings, Over time rates, Pay Bonus rates, Absentee Reasons,(there is 199 Absentee Reasons & you can Customise your own Unique reasons) Public Holidays, Leave Groups (New to version 5) Special Events, Set up Shift times, Working Weeks, Work Cycles Powerful Schedules utility. Job Costing (Add On - Optional) Job Codes – LITE Job codes – PRO Job Sub codes & TASKS Job TASKS allocated to Groups Job STOP Reasons

7 Turbo Time Software – Employee Master Records Master Records - Lists all your employees and they can be sorted by Employee Name, Number, Payroll Number, Departments, Costs Centre, Report Centres etc. The Work Cycle, Hourly Pay rate and card / fingerprint number are also included for easy reference.

8 Software Clocking - Ed it Clockings Edit / View by Employee Number. Edit / View by Employee Name. Edit / View by Date Range. Edit / View by Exceptions. Shows Normal hours and Over Times worked. Shows all missing In Clockings. Shows all missing Out Clocking. Shows AWOP _Please advise (Now Colour Coded). Add Hours – Normal Time, OT 1, 2, 3, 4. Deduct time - You can deduct minutes or hours. Print Times worked to the screen or to the printer. Email report to an Employee/Supervisor/Manager. Authorise Early, Late Overtime. Grace, overrides Arrived Late, Left Early. Many more tools to make your life easier.


10 We found one customer had an employee that took every Friday “OFF”, before starting his leave on the Monday!

11 Turbo Time PRO. 50 Plus Reports Available. Daily Clock Times report.. Short Time Report. Over Time Cost report. Summary report. Pay slip report. Early Departure. Tardiness report. Make-Up Times calculation. Weekly or Bi Weekly report. Monthly Time reports. Cost of Lost Time report. Late Arrivals Report. First & Last clocking report. Daily On Site Report. Detailed On Site report. Daily Short time report. Approaching Overtime report. Absenteeism Report. 199 Absenteeism's to select from. From Date – To Date. Print by Departments. Print by Report Centres. Print by Cost Centre & More. Print in Decimal – i.e. 100 minutes, (8.75) or Standard minutes i.e. 1- 60 Minutes, (8.45). Oh, we even have a Report to tell you... “Who’s BIRTHDAY” it is next Week / Month :-O) See I told you we where LEADERS not Followers. YES, we do have a report that tells you WHO has been with your company for a YEAR and now it is TIME for their EVALUATION :-O)

12 Turbo Time PRO. 50 Plus Reports Available. Select your report. Even email in PDF Format

13 How much does it COST to run your business? An example of the Make Up Time report, with the Hourly Cost and Totals. You decide, One Department? or all Departments, for One Week, One Month, One Year!

14 Turbo Time Reports WHAT DOES IT COST TO RUN ONE DEPARTMENT, FOR ONE WEEK? Most companies do not know, but Turbo Time can tell at a push of a button. Ever wondered why it was so hard to make a reasonable profit? If someone does not come to work! Do you know that you pay someone else Time & Half to catch up with your “Lost Time” Tardiness & Absenteeism is expensive, VERY expensive. Turbo Time will help you control your Wage bill, Absenteeism & Lost time. NORMAL TIME: R 6 350.77 68.38% OT One: R 1 132.85 12.20% Sat: R 751.98 8.10% Sun: R 1 052.16 11.32% PubHoliday: R 0.00 0.00% TOTAL COST of R 9 287.76 for this Department for a week. LOST TIME: - 54.00 man hours lost. LOST COST: - R 724.97 : - 7.81% All that Sunday Overtime? Does that come out of your profit margin! Your “Lost Man Hours” is only 7.81 %! Now look at your overtime! It exceeds 20%!

15 Software Absenteeism Reasons New feature Decide on the rules for absenteeism. Rules for Pay Rates etc. They are now colour coded (new to Version FIVE). Green = Good (e.g. Annual Leave), Blue = So So (e.g. Sick with doctor’s note) and Red = Bad (e.g. A.W.O.L.)

16 Use Schedules or Fixed Working Week Cycles? We can even Colour code your Shifts, so you can see who starts at 10.00 AM and who starts at 14.00 (2PM) & late shift @18.00 (6PM) In the above example the purple indicates a special event e.g. a Public Holiday. There are nine people scheduled to be “OFF” the day before the holiday and six on the holiday itself. This would not be very wise for a Restaurant or even a Retail establishment in a shopping Mall. We (arguably) know more about Time & Attendance & Job Costing than most other companies put together.

17 We will even customise ASCII & Comma Delimited files to your clients requirements e.g. SAP, etc. Reduce payday pressure. The Turbo Time data is accurate, why punch it in again? This way you reduce the complaints from workers before the pay run, not after! Increased productivity, keep the work force at the production line and not in the wage office complaining. It’s as easy as that. Link to your Payroll package Still punching your hours in to the payroll package manually? The clocked times can be transferred directly into the most popular Payroll packages, like VIP Payroll, Pastel, etc. Automate the system by clicking on the icon that’s says:- “Export data to payroll” and send all the calculated times straight into your Payroll system.

18 We are a Authorised VIP Payroll Business Partner

19 Payroll Packages We Currently Interface With: Accsys Afrox - (Custom) Colgate - (Custom) Comma Delimited CRS D-Bit Daynamique Payroll Errol Mann Evolution EXCEL Payroll Generic Simple Payroll Mirror Payroll PAD Payroll Pastel (All Versions) Pay Admin Pay Space Payday(All Versions) PayPac Payslip Paywell PayWise Psiberpay (syber-pay) QED Quick Pay Quick Books RB Payroll SAP Monthly Payroll SAP Weekly Payroll Sentri Payroll interface Spectrum Syspro UniQue VIP Monthly Payroll VIP Weekly Payroll Workforce Payroll We do custom interfaces on request. We have a option that even links to SAP JOB Costing! We link to VIP & PASTEL and export Hours with the various JOB numbers.

20 Part Two covers the more of the Technical aspects. Click on the right corner to continue, Or Esc to exit. Because we ONLY do Time Attendance & Job Costing, we are exceptionally good at what we do. End of Part One

21 Turbo Time Software Just Point and Click - its that easy to use. Click on any icon and a drop down menu will appear for your convenience. The next few screens will show some of the options available from these drop down menus. We will briefly cover some of these menus File & configuring the system Setup of the system. Employee - Master Records, Clocking - Edits the employee clocking. Back up / Restore / Audit / Tools is all covered in part two under “technical stuff”

22 Simple Registration Process Supervise Users - Allocate Permissions

23 Upgrades come out quarterly to cater for the changing rules in the work place, sick note rules, changing working hours and any other rules that are changed by government Overview Why invest in a “Turbo Time” System? Turbo Time has been developed over the past 19 years functions like Backup – Restore come standard so it easy to recover from a hard drive crash, stolen PC, etc. It is exceptionally powerful, but at the same time easy to use. Turbo Time is a user driven. If there is a good feature, we include it at our cost. If there is an easier way of doing things then we change the program at our cost. That is why Turbo Time has become one of South Africa’s leading computerised Time and Attendance systems with over 2500 sites installed in all types of industry. 99% is NOT good enough.

24 Configure the system settings to conform with your company’s rules and regulations

25 Set up the Shifts.

26 There are Seven shift folders and each folder has its own set of parameters, with built in help files for each folder. Details. – target time to be worked for that day? Normal Times. – What is Arrive Late left Early, etc. Rounding. Round Time up / Down. Over Time. When is overtime paid? – Set up Rules. Public Holiday Rules. Pay what on a Holiday? Additional Time. If the work “X” then pay “Y” Minutes, Hours or % NEW.. Special Rules. – Smoke breaks / Off site, etc. This allows you to set the parameters and when the Government changes the working rules (again), then YOU can then make the necessary adjustments without having to call a technician to do it for you. Setting up shifts correctly is critical to Your Time & Attendance system.

27 Some of TurboTime’s unique features. Start small – Keep adding modules / Users / PC’s on to your system until you achieve your point of perfection. Built in Back Up and restore software. Single User – All the way up to SQL Multi User. Late Arrival & Exceptions are highlighted on the screen. TurboTime – T&A Software – Built In Help menu. True 32 bit Windows based software 6 different levels of “Pay Times” i.e. No Pay, Normal hours, Overtime 1, OT 2, OT 3 and OT 4. Separate Overtimes for Day, Afternoon & Night Time. Automatic Shift Rotation. Changes the Work group every Monday. Can be set to automatically change. Shift change on daily basis. Detects that staff have changed from one shift (6-2) and now working a 2-10 shift, AUTOMATICALLY. Overtime Pay rate is now User definable i.e. 1.25, 1.33, 1.50, 1.66, 2.00, 2.50 etc. Easy setup, Pre Arrival, Normal Time, Post Departure, Late Overtimes are user definable and can be changed on site.

28 More unique features. Edit screen has a “Filter period”, only that pay period selected is shown on your screen. Edit by Employee Number OR by Name. All exceptions are shown in RED on your Edit screen. Book workers on Leave/Training etc. In Advance. Bulk booking for Annual shut down (any code) for some or all employees, Click to view “Exceptions” only and then scroll up / down to edit and amend any exceptions. Flex Time shifts allow you to have TWO Start times and TWO different Stop times. Overtimes can be pre set to Authorise Only, or you can automatically pay OT “IF” ….. & You set the rules. Extensive Edit Tools. Override “Arrived Late can be Bulk booked or done individually. Password protected, & you can add users and change passwords, if you have supervisor functions. Powerful edit tools, Add / Deduct time. Authorise Missing Clockings easily.

29 Public holiday calendar allows you to set up holidays in advance and is linked to the shift rules to pay by category. Special Events calendar allows you to do forward planning, duty roster can be pre-planned as per the work schedule. Rounding on “In” clocking allows you to round Up/Down from 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 & 30 minutes. Rounding on “Out” as well allows you to set up a different set of rules. i.e. Round from 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 & 30 minutes. Print to any Printer on your network. Print to screen first and then print to your Printer. Set the Font, line per pages, set the spacing as well. 199 Absenteeism codes, Off with permission, Family Leave, Sick note handed in, I.O.D. Training, Maternity leave, etc. Easy to change the absentee codes from “Please advise” to “Sick note handed in” pay 100%, I.O.D. – Pay 75%, etc. Unlimited employees, 1 -10 000 (1000 employees plus should use our SQL – Multi User definable T&A software. Unlimited shifts (record stands at 110 different shifts for one factory of 500 employees) Unlimited Working Week, Allocate a shift to each day of the week. Get a report on what the COST of Sick Notes / I.O.D, etc, is.

30 Exceptionally powerful, easy to set up, easy to use. The settings of the yyyy/MM/dd – AM/PM - $, R, Dm, is all selectable from your Windows Control panel - Regional settings. Works best with MS Intelli Mouse, to scroll Up / Down through the Employee Names, Exceptions, Etc. Unlimited Work cycles & Work Schedules, this allows you to create your own work pattern i.e. Morning this week, then Afternoon next week and Night shift the week thereafter. This makes up a 3 Week Cycle. The record stands at 28 weeks. T&A software Versions include TurboTime – PRO ( 1 -750), and Multi User, (1-1000). For BIG sites we suggest our SQL-Multi User (1 -10 000 workers). Ask to see our SQL-Multi User Presentation as none of those features are mentioned here. Well that’s quite a few features (but not all) & now you see why we aim to make TurboTime the BEST T&A software package in the English speaking world. Don’t delay, Order today.

31 Optional Job Costing. You will Know the cost of your raw materials and what your salaries and wages bill is. Do you know how much it is costing you to manufacture your final product? Turbo Time has an optional facility to do these calculations for you, and you will be able to see where time is being lost.

32 Job Costing Parameters Certain parameters can be set up in the Job Costing module. The job number, with description and client name. Job sub codes any part of the job (see example). And the reasons why a job may be stopped.

33 An example of one of the job costing reports. Why use Job costing? In the example below you can see that 5.25 hours have been lost. That’s almost 11.5% of the wages for one employee for one week. How much is that in monetary value.

34 –We trust that this presentation has given you a reasonable idea of the POWER of TurboTime. –Now you have access to one of the finest “Off the shelf” T&A software packages available today and at a reasonable price. –We have endeavoured to give you a quick overview of how easy it is to use the Turbo Time. If you have ever used another time software package, you will know that we have many stunning features, yet it remains so easy to use. –Our goal is still to make Turbo Time the “finest” Time and Attendance software package available anywhere in the English speaking world. TurboTime – Years of knowledge passed on to you at no extra cost.

35 We have the solution to any Time & Attendance problem/situation your company may have. Sentri Systems has been in the Time & Attendance industry for over 19 years. CEO, Norman Wegerle, has over 30 years experience in Time & Attendance and Access Control industry and is actively involved in software development on a daily basis Over the past few years we have spent many man-hours on the upgrading from the basic Job Costing software to a comprehensive detailed tracking of job costing in terms of measuring hours worked in units i.e. a breakdown of job components into units measured in time and money. Does the furniture manufacturer know how many man hours are needed to produce a dining room suite? You owe it to yourself to get the BEST and that is TurboTime.

36 We trust that you enjoyed this informative presentation on Turbo Time Version FIVE And that our Years of experience has come shining through and feel free to forward this presentation onto other companies you feel will benefit from our knowlage. Want to know about MS-SQL Version SIX :-O) then visit Turbo Time an Extensive, Thought provoking software package available at a fraction of the price of what it would cost to develop in house. The End.

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