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PSU Student Red Cross Club! Monday, March 12 th, 2012.

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1 PSU Student Red Cross Club! Monday, March 12 th, 2012

2 President- Christine Theberge And the 2012-2013 Officer Board iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss…… Drum roll anyone???

3 President- Christine Theberge President: Melissa Hubley Vice President: Divya Ghorpade Treasurer: Emily Dong Secretary: Will Young Education: Andrew Liu Fundraising: Tyisha Sweet IT Officer: Dan Hubley Sponsorship:… you?!

4 President- Christine Theberge PSU-OSU Fight for Life: Spring campaign against Ohio State, seeing which school can collect the most blood. We want to beat OSU to have bragging rights, but also to help save lives! Sign up to donate, volunteer, and tell your friends! The drives for this challenge will be from April 2-April 25.


6 Vice President- Jordan Thomas Relay for Life!: Let’s continue our fight with cancer and participate in this year’s Relay for Life. If you are interested in participating in this 24 hour walk-a-thon to support the American Cancer Society please sign up!

7 OSC- Rafaif Hamdan OSC Opportunities at upcoming Spring Blood Drives: Thanks everyone who OSC'ed for the THON blood drives! Your help is so very appreciated :) Please check out the upcoming blood drives for the spring challenge starting in the end of March!

8 Social- Juliet Sikora 2000 Degrees: The Thursday after spring break, SRCC will go to 2000 Degrees to paint some pottery! It's only $6 to paint for an hour. They only stop charging after 1.5 hours, so the most it will cost to paint is $9. The pottery that you have to choose from is usually in the price range of $9-16 (total cost= $15-25). I know that we've gotten some requests from this social! Keep your Tuesday 6th open!! I will e-mail every one interested the time. Bounce FunPlex: Arguably, the most fun social of the year is finally here! Saturday, March 17th at 2:00pm, we will be going to Bounce FunPlex. It is $8 an hour to jump and $15 for two hours per person. Hopefully our THON families, the Angi and the Heck's, will be able to join us! We will go to dinner AFTER bouncing at Red Robin, Yum!** We will need drivers! You will get reimbursed money since it is a far drive. ** Note from Secretary: DO NOT EAT BEFORE BOUNCE FUN PLEX… YOU WILL REGRET IT…

9 Social- Juliet Sikora OUR FORMAL IS NEXT SATURDAY!!! – March 24 th !!!

10 Secretary- Caroline Pember Questions about Hours???: Contact me if you are concerned about your hours.

11 Fundraising- Divya Ghorpade Nacho Night in April: - Get ready for nachos! - Tickets available at the next meeting

12 Education- Melissa Hubley Classroom Announcements: The PSU vs. OSU campaign is right around the corner! Sign up to give a 1-2 minute classroom announcement and receive an hour towards your volunteer time. The announcement begin April 2nd. Chalkboarding: We'll be meeting as a group Friday April 6th and 13th at 6pm in the lobby of Thomas (by the stairs) to go chalkboarding for the campaign. Sign up to help publicize! Outdoor Recruiting: Help hand out flyers advertising for the spring campaign the week before the drive. Check the volunteer site for the dates and times, and to sign up!

13 Health & Safety- Julia Orlidge Comfort Kits - A collection of items the chapter collects for those in need - Two types of kits- Adult and infant kits - For every 5 items brought in, you will receive one hour of service - Please bring items before the end of the semester! - Bring items to the office or our meetings

14 Advisor- Wendi Keeler She is wise. Listen to her.

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