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YEAR 12 PARENT EVENING Trinity College 2015. Prayer Leader: Almighty God, Be present with us, for it is in Your name we are gathered. Come to us and be.

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1 YEAR 12 PARENT EVENING Trinity College 2015

2 Prayer Leader: Almighty God, Be present with us, for it is in Your name we are gathered. Come to us and be with us as we begin this new academic year.. Bless the work that we undertake and guide us as we journey together. Grant that in all we do we may act with sincerity and integrity. Keep us, by the gift of Your grace, in harmony with Your will, so that we may act as one with You in all things. Live Jesus in our Hearts Forever Leader: All:

3 Agenda A * Welcome & Prayer Mr Anthony Byrne, Deputy Principal 8,10 & 12 * Career Information & Scholarships Mr Russell Hinks, Careers Officer Headmaster Address Mr Ivan Banks, College Head Master Education Support Ms Lissa Coleman Director of Education Support Mrs Ionna Culleton College Counsellor

4 Agenda B * Year 12 Matters Mr Andrew Jenkin, Head of Year 12 * Elevate Education * Points of Note – Year 12 Mr Anthony Byrne, Deputy Principal 8,10 & 12

5 Career Education: SCHOLARSHIPS

6 SCHOLARSHIPS Each year many scholarships go unclaimed. Worth up to $40,000 Criteria includes: -Academics -Sporting Achievement -Community Service -Leadership

7 APPLICATIONS The length and time required for scholarships puts many students off, particularly around WACE exams. Preparation is the key. All Senior School students are encouraged to keep important documents in a portfolio for easy submission.

8 CAREERS Russell Hinks Careers Advisor 9223-8158

9 Headmaster Address

10 Year 12 Student support: Lissa and Ana SEA – special examination applications to SCSA Anxiety – awareness, management Study skills: exam techniques and time management Self care : diet, sleep, social pressures, balance between life and home

11 Year 12 Matters

12 Year 12 HOY – Andrew Jenkin  WELCOME  Ball  Leavers Jackets  Expectations and Grooming  Pastoral concerns

13 Year 12 HOY – Andrew Jenkin Today – Great start! ‘hit the ground running’ Role Modelling Delayed gratification “Do you want 2015 to be a memorable year or for 2015 to give you a memorable life” Goal Setting Time Management

14 Ball “Carnivale” theme Parent Ball Committee have been meeting and along with sub- commitees are now in regular meetings through until the Ball The ball will be held on Friday 17 th April.

15 Leavers Jackets Update on delivery Conditions of students wearing jackets – Parent support vital.

16 Expectations and Grooming Senior Students are all leaders and idolized by many in younger years. Big responsibility to be a ‘man for others’ in maintaining higher standards, as they set the tone for younger students.

17 Expectations and Grooming Letter sent out at end of January stated basic expectations Lockers Uniform Punctuality (shorter lessons) Assessment policy Driving?

18 Hair Styles With regards to student hair styles the following expectations should be met: Hair should be well styled, brushed, neat and clean; Hair should be cut so that it clears the collar at the back and does not fall in front of the face; If the fringe can be combed below the eyebrows, it is too long; Hair is not to be worn covering the ears; Unruly or uncombed hair is not permitted; Hairstyles should be of a conservative nature. Students are not permitted to have mullets, rat tails, crew cuts, mohawks, extra-long fringes, or any other un-conventional style cuts; Hair is not to be spiked, brushed up or back into unacceptable styles Hair is not to be undercut or layered and cannot be worn any shorter than a Number 3 cut; Artificial colours or highlights are not permitted. Consequence: Letter to be sent home / student sent home

19 Pastoral Concerns This is the pinnacle for students to reach their potential at Trinity. -many find it tougher than expected! -Challenges ahead can be daunting, identify their motives Make the most of the opportunities that Trinity has to offer. Balanced lifestyle vital. To be successful it is important we all work together.

20 Email Contact –


22 Points to Note - Key Dates - WACE Graduation - ATAR & TAFE - Considerations & Contacts

23 Term 1 Week 1 3 rd Feb Year 12 Mass 3 rd Feb Summer Sport Training 7 th Feb First Summer Sport fixture (H) Week 8 25 th March Year 12 P/T/S interviews EASTER : Term 1 Holidays commence: 3 rd April Year 12 Ball – 17 th April

24 WACE 2015 BREADTH AND DEPTH REQUIREMENT  Complete a minimum of 20 course units or the equivalent.  The 20 course units must include at least: - four course units from English or Lit (at least 2 units must be completed in Year 12) - one pair of course units from each of List A (arts/languages/social sciences) and List B (maths/science/technology) in Year 12.

25 WACE 2015 ACHIEVEMENT STANDARD REQUIREMENT  Achieve a C grade average or better across 16 course units.  At least 8 of these units must come from Year 12.  Endorsed programs and/or VET credit transfer, can reduce the required number of course units by up to 6 units.

26 WACE 2015 ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMPETENCE REQUIREMENT Achieve the standard for English language competence –a C grade or better in any Stage 1 or higher English unit or work sample scenario. “League tables” are formed on one result over 75. Better indicator is arguably the average ATAR.

27 Selecting for TAFEWA Entrance To maximise entry prospects to TAFEWA (Training WA), particularly competitive courses, students should:  Consider VET studies at school, particularly those which lead to a completed credential.  Undertake workplace learning; keep records of any part time work undertaken.  Maximise grades in school studies.  TAFEWA to university transfer – a real option!

28 ATAR  Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)  This rank forms the basis for admission to university  Derived from the Tertiary Entrance Aggregate (TEA) – score out of 400  ATAR out of 100 – for example ATAR of 75.00 indicates equal to or better than 75% of the WA students at school leaving age  Course results for these subjects are generated by: – 50% school score (moderated and standardised) – 50% exam score (standardised)

29 Important Trinity Contacts  Careers Officer - Mr Russell Hinks  VET Coordinator - Mr Doug Simpson  Director Ed Support – Ms Lissa Coleman  College Counsellor - Mrs Ionna Culleton  Heads of Learning Area  Subject teachers & PCG teacher

30 THANKS This presentation will be on the College website shortly. For those interested in viewing the resources on offer from Elevate Education who presented to the students on Monday they can found using the website below. username: wilsonge password: pacco

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