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Re-Imagine PBS 20 million unique visitors per month 67 million video views on PBS YouTube channel 4700 free hours on PBS Video Player 600,000 followers.

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1 Re-Imagine PBS 20 million unique visitors per month 67 million video views on PBS YouTube channel 4700 free hours on PBS Video Player 600,000 followers on Twitter 430,000 fans on Facebook 22 minutes average viewing time per video 89 million streams per month Named one of Technorati’s 50 most influential sites Average user age is 35 years old on #1 kids entertainment site for video... on iTunes, Netflix, Xbox 360, Comcast VOD, Hulu,, Fancast, Yahoo, AOL, MSN,, Babelgum

2 PBS Launched COVE Video Portal to Rave Reviews "It really is quite a beautiful thing... amazing, gorgeous." Newsday “PBS may be cooler than you think” -- AP Suddenly, PBS has become a totally different animal... It is fantastic.... Modern. Flashy...” --Esquire “(PBS)... turns 40 this year, and on Tuesday it gave itself a gift that just might make it feel young again.” -- LA Times “PBS Just Gave You...Everything ”-- Newsday "... arguably the most innovative and well designed [video site] on the market.” Daily Variety

3 Merlin Platform Content integration from 360 local stations and 1500 public media producers

4 Merlin Goals Grow audience size and engagement across the PBS ecosystem. Provide cost-efficient model to promote station and producer content. Improve stations’ ability to reach their local audiences on, and beyond. Create revenue opportunities across the system.

5 New

6 How Programming Decisions are Made  Collaborate with PBS stakeholders  Collaborate with PBS Stations and Producers  Analyze metrics to make data based decisions  Look for opportunities to be timely and topical; maximize traffic  Coordinate schedules in daily, weekly, and monthly editorial meetings

7 Dynamic Lead Today’s Featured Videos Featured Content (Explore PBS) Media Bar What’s On TV Ticker Support Message Programs & Tonight Tab Navigation Bar The new PBS homepage

8 5. Explore Topics

9 Dynamic Lead  Feature upcoming programs and promotional campaigns  Eight slots feature national content  Every fourth slot features station content, when localized (13 pilot stations)  National content refreshed daily 1 2345

10 Featured Videos  Features full-length content, catch-up viewing  Features long-tail and web-original video (slots 4 & 5)  Drives traffic to the PBS Video portal  Refreshed Daily

11 Featured Content  Page features 8 items  Slot 1: News from NAPA  Slot 2: PBS Arts content  Slots 3 through 8: Rotating promotions focusing on video shorts, web extra content (games/quizzes), nostalgic programming, and social media  Refreshed daily  Will feature local content in Slot 4 in a future iteration 12 34 56

12 Media Bar  Features video content selected by the Content and Promotions Team  Will include current, archival, and web original videos  Updated on a weekly basis  One slot will feature station content after launch

13 Topic Pages  Aggregation of national and local content  Slots 1 & 2 will be pinned with national content chosen by editorial staff  Slot 3 and then every 5 th slot will feature station content, when localized  Slots 4+ will be dynamically driven 12 3 4

14 stats thus far.. In the first 14 days, traffic is up 19% compared to the previous 2 weeks. New visits are up 20%. The number of video streams on is up 25% over the previous 2 weeks. Traffic to from a mobile device increased 12% over the previous 2 weeks. Traffic to from an iPad (not the App, the website itself) was up 35% over the previous 2 weeks. Localized traffic is up 40% over the prior week. Over 1.2 million visits (or 14% of total visits) were localized to a local station site – up from 12% of visits the previous 2 weeks. 54% of those visits were NEW visits to the site, 142% higher than (more than double) the two weeks before. Traffic going from to sites is up 22% compared to the two weeks prior to the redesign launch. But too preliminary to draw concrete conclusions.

15 Interesting Stats Promoted in Featured Topics/Explore PBS Area POV Short: The Archive Everyday Food: Hunter Style Chicken 13000% Increase 4000% Increase

16 Mobile Applications Launched: October 25, 2010 Coming Later This Month

17 iPad App  Features more than 300 videos  Updated daily  Intended for catch-up viewing and discovery  Includes previews to promote tune-in  Ability to Favorite and Bookmark  Promotional tool for special PBS series (e.g. CIRCUS)

18 iPhone/iTouch App  Features preview videos to promote tune-in  Allows users to connect with their local stations for tune-in information  Allows users to watch previews of the day’s program highlights, video shorts, and full episodes  Email reminders

19 Viewer/User Feedback “...we really love the app. We aren't able to get good reception on our TV, so we haven't been able to watch PBS for years. It's wonderful to have access on the iPad! We will be signing up as members!”

20 Viewer/User Feedback

21 iPad App Stats, So Far…  More than 130,000 iTunes downloads  Within the top 3 free apps in iTunes store for more than a week  Noticeable increase of streams of COVE videos that are also available on the iPad Again… Too preliminary to draw concrete conclusions

22 Next: Using Technology to Open PBS

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