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Putting it out there: The thesis by publication and connectivism Dr Cally Guerin,

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1 Putting it out there: The thesis by publication and connectivism Dr Cally Guerin,

2 What is a “thesis by publication” Staff doctorate, PhD by prior publication Thesis by/through/with publications – Article-based, publication-based ‘Compilation’ thesis of papers framed by substantial introduction and conclusion ‘Hybrid’ some published chapters, some not (Wilson 2002; Green & Powell 2005; Davies & Rolfe 2009; Thune et al. 2012; Dellgran & Höjer 2012; Jackson 2013; Sharmini et al. 2014)

3 Connectivism & networks ‘knowledge is distributed across a network of connections, and therefore that learning consists of the ability to construct and traverse those networks’ (Downes 2012, p.9). Active participation in creation of knowledge (Siemens 2004; Siemens & Matheos 2010; Downes 2012)

4 Connectivism & doctoral research ‘Knowledge is literally the set of connections between entities…. Learning is the creation and removal of connections between the entities, or the adjustment of the strengths of those connections. A learning theory is, literally, a theory describing how these connections are created or adjusted.’ (Downes 2012, p.9)

5 Participation and publication ( of ‘personal publishing’ (Downes, 2012, p.24) ‘open participatory practices’ (Siemens & Matheos 2010)

6 Study Focus groups 16 participants + 6 provided written comments 7 males/15 females 7 international students/15 local Range of ages, range of stages of candidature Disciplines: chemical engineering; architecture; medicine; reproductive health; population health; psychology; molecular biology; wine marketing; evolutionary genetics; environmental studies; education; history; and business management.

7 Findings Motivation Time management Quality & integrity of research Authorship Reviewers & feedback Academic publication practices Examination Employment options Researcher identity & connection

8 Researcher identity & connections ‘Producing papers during a PhD rather than afterward allows results to get out into the literature earlier, increasing the pace of scientific progress. It also reduces the probability of someone else publishing similar results before me, greatly hindering subsequent publication prospects.’ ‘I do think it's important to publish, it's the best way to get the research out there for other scientists to build on so that we can manage [the problem]. My research alone won't help, it's just a small part of the bigger picture of saving our environment. Publishing in other formats for the general public is important too, since our research is nothing if not supported by the masses, although that is a less 'academic' pursuit and so arguably less relevant to a thesis.’

9 Conclusions ✔ Pressure to produce countable research output ✔ Better job opportunities on graduation ✔ Changing attitudes about purpose of PhD ✔ Emerging researcher identities

10 References Cormier, D. and Siemens, G. (2010). Through the open door: Open courses as research, learning, and engagement, Educause, 45(4), 30-39. Downes, S. (2012). Connectivism and connective knowledge: Essays on meaning and learning networks. 19May2012.pdf 19May2012.pdf Guerin, C. (forthcoming) Connecting the dots: Writing a doctoral thesis by publication. In C. Badenhorst & C. Guerin (eds), Post/graduate Writing Pedagogies and Research Literacies in the 21 st Century. Studies in Writing Series. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill. Lee, A. (2010). When the article is the dissertation: Pedagogies for a PhD by publication. In C. Aitchison, B. Kamler & A. Lee (eds), Publishing Pedagogies for the Doctorate and Beyond. Abingdon: Routledge. Siemens, G. and Matheos, K. (2010) Systemic changes in higher education, In Education, 16(1), 3-18.

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