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The Citizen as Consumer? Christopher Stone Centre for Policy Development.

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1 The Citizen as Consumer? Christopher Stone Centre for Policy Development

2 CPD – Public Sector Research Program

3 Citizen as consumer? “Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful.” - George E. P. Box Relationship not just provider and consumer, Public Service has different responsibilities…

4 … to Service Users Christopher Stone (2012) Valuing skills: Why Vocational Training Matters TAFE dominated Industry Training % market share % courses training for occupations in shortage Mining 97.80 Information Media and Telecommunications 94.313 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services 83.077 Construction 78.165 RTO dominated Industry Training % Market Share % courses training for occupations in shortage Wholesale Trade 77.00 Retail Trade 74.40 Public Administration and Safety 67.80 Administration and Support Services 62.90

5 … to Broader Public Christopher Stone (2013) False Economies Part 2: Doing less with less Example: Public transport subsidies Annual benefit to car drivers from trains was calculated to be $923 million

6 … to Government Tim Roxburgh (2012) Public works need public sector skills: The lost lessons of the BER program

7 Ignore Certain Ideas Example: Co-production "Co-production means delivering public services in an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals, people using services, their families and their neighbours" - New Economics Foundation

8 Uncritically Accept Certain Ideas Example: New Public Management Arguably increased efficiency but lessened protections against politicisation

9 Private Sector Primacy Also an overly simple model Yellow pages test Conditions preventing well-functioning market: – non-competitive conditions – single buyer – alternative means of competition – principal-agent – de-skilling – loss of economies of scale

10 Side Note: 3 Kinds of Efficiency Doing the most with the fewest resources – (technical efficiency) Doing the right kind of work – (allocative efficiency) Finding new ways to fill needs – (dynamic efficiency)

11 Big Society Manifesto of UK PM David Cameron, based on ideas of think tank director Phillip BlondPhillip Blond

12 Big Society cuts in the UK Social housing development Religious and community services Community development Central and other health services Family and children social services

13 Big Society cuts in Queensland Housing, social welfare and other community services Dept of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services Child safety and social inclusion services Alcohol reform programs Financial crisis emergency relief Community Development Program Neighbourhood Centre, Youth at Risk and Youth Support programs Department of Health grants to NGOs

14 Customer focus Better is: outwards more than upwards

15 Cross-Sector Learning Productivity Commission (2???) Public and Private Hospitals

16 Allowed to Fail Non-innovative culture? Adversity ≠ Innovation Lack of resources most frequent problem Most innovations come from middle management or frontline staff A case of supported public sector innovation

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