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Unit 2 Research Proposal Tentative Schedule Week 6 2-18-Intro to research proposals 2-20-Intro to primary research/research questions Week 7 2-23-Interivew.

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1 Unit 2 Research Proposal Tentative Schedule Week 6 2-18-Intro to research proposals 2-20-Intro to primary research/research questions Week 7 2-23-Interivew strategies 2-25- Survey +Observation strategies 2-27-Short Proposal Peer Review & Methodology Minor Essay 2- Short Research Proposal Due Week 8 3-2-Statement of Purpose/Statement of Qualification Minor Essay 3- Proposed Research Method 3-4- Lit Review & Abstract 3-6-Peer Review & Final Debates Research Proposal Final Draft- Due 3/6 by midnight

2 Today’s goals Form debate groups Brainstorm possible research questions Begin thinking about primary research methods

3 U20 Proposed Debate Topics Work placement after incarceration Affirmative action Treatment of police Police brutality Student loan debt GMOs War on terror Organ sales US Foreign policies Food regulations Animal testing Cell phone tracking Overpopulation Media bias and Censorship Standardized testing Public smoking Government regulation of individual rights Revise/Specify: FIU Faculty parking Death penalty? “adopt don’t shop”

4 U23 Proposed Debate Topics Standardized testing Cigarette smoking Student athlete pay Trying juveniles as adults 3d printing (limitations and ethics) The pledge of allegiance Effects of video games Effects of cell phones Animal testing Milk consumption GMOs Vegetarianism Technology in education Police brutality Stereotypes in the media Government intrusion of privacy Nuclear weaponry Religious symbols in public buildings Social media effects Revise/refine Usage of drones Technology and its effect on the world Age difference in relationships Discontinuation of 200s

5 U65 Proposed Debate Topics Effects of video games Welfare/government support programs Vaccinations Effects of social media Nuclear energy Mental health patient sentencing Alternative energy sources Global warming and awareness Government tracking Student athlete pay Polygamy Steroid usage in athletics Revise/refine How much punishment is too much Beautifying neighborhoods Music’s influence Gender equality Cohabitating/sex before marriage

6 Research Questions Exploratory Narrative vs. Research Proposal Broad, open ended Long, complex answers Decisive answers not necessary Qualitative Explores big, often global or countrywide issues Determinate Concise answers Objective is to find the answer to the research question Quantitative or qualitative Focus on smaller groups that you have access to for research Can still deal with global issues but from a more limited perspective

7 Determinate Research Question Forms Existence Questions Does X exist in domain Y? What is the best solution to problem X? Best methods: interviews, observations, and surveys are all helpful here Measurement Questions How large/small/fast/much/many is X? Best methods: Surveys and observations Comparison Questions Is X Greater/less than Y or different from Y? Best methods: surveys and observations Correlation Questions (If X varies, does Y vary?) Best methods: surveys and observations Experimental Questions Does a variation in X cause a variation in Y? Best method: surveys For these experiments, keep in mind that FIU students and professors will be your best and easiest resources to access.

8 Successful past research questions What is the best solution to global warming? Method: interviews Interviewed meteorology and political science professors to get expert opinions about the issue Does violence in video games affect behavior? Method: surveys Examined college students and their experience with fights/crimes/violent behavior and compared that to their video game usage Alternate method: observations Observed people’s behavior in an arcade/game room, looking for differences in behavior between people that played violent games vs. nonviolent games Has women’s portrayal in the media improved in the past decade? Method: observations Student analyzed the 3 highest grossing films in 2003 and the three highest grossing films in 2013 while conducting the Bechdel test and taking notes on the female characters Is technology helping or hindering classroom learning? Methods: interviews & surveys Student began by interviewing professors about how they used technology in the classroom and whether they thought it was helpful Conducted follow up surveys that correlated students GPA with their number of online classes, hubrid classes, and technology assisted classrooms

9 Research Methods InterviewsObservationsSurveys Information generated QualitativeQualitative or quantitative Quantitative Best research targets Experts in the field (often professors) Observable social situations Recorded media that can be analyzed General’s person’s perspective (students or otherwise) Best appeal Ethos Logos Advantages Quotes can be a powerful resource for writing Uses expert opinions Arguably most authentic method Allows research of real life and everyday situations & media Reach large number of subjects Great for showing general opinion/knowledge/ experiences Disadvantages Arguably the most time consuming Requires social skills Finding a good observation site is difficult Requires extreme objectivity when interpreting data Requires large number of participants Interpreting data requires math skills

10 Group Activity- Research Proposal Brainstorm In your unit 2 groups Share your exploratory narrative research topics with the group as well as any topic you are considering for the research proposal For each group member: 1. Formulate 2 possible research questions that fit into each person’s topic and fit the frame on 279. Keep these determinate and focus on asking questions you can realistically answer with your own research 2. Indicate what experimental method we discussed (interviews, observations, or surveys) would be best to answer each person’s research question) 3. For each question, generate a possible hypothesis or thesis statement

11 Group Activity: Debate Planning In your unit 2 groups Brainstorm ideas for how to structure your group’s debate as well as ideas for the content of your team’s speaking points 1. Generate at least 4 solid supporting reasons you could use for your argument (utilize each rhetorical appeal at least once) 2. What kind of data will you look for to support each of these main points? Who will be responsible for finding this data? 3. What kind of organization/order will your group use for its presentation? Will you follow a set order or respond to the content of your opposing team? 4. Will your group have an appointed leader or make decisions as a group? Who will this leader or ruling body be?

12 Homework Journal Entry 16 Focus: Primary Research Brainstorm For this journal entry, brainstorm possible ideas for primary research you could conduct to answer the research question you generated in class. Which of the three methods we discussed would be best suited to your research question? Why? Which of the three research methods do you think you would be best equipped to perform? If using interviews, what experts might you decide to interview? If using observations, what situations or media could you observe for useful data? If using surveys, what kind of information from the general public would be useful to your research?

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