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Think What do you think of when you hear the word success? What does it mean to you?

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1 Think What do you think of when you hear the word success? What does it mean to you?

2 Great Expectations

3 Background on England in the 1800s The 1800s were a turbulent time in England. Poverty and disease were rampant. The legal system was unjust. – Many abuses – No rights for children – Money could solve any problem Women had few legal rights. – If a divorce should occur, the husband received the children and any and all property or belongings of the wife, even if they were in her possession before the marriage.

4 Charles Dickens 1812-1870 Worked in a factory as a child – This experience had a profound effect on his writing. Campaigned for social reform – Critique of the harsh living conditions of England are often seen in his novels One of the most celebrated and important English authors Wrote some of the most memorable characters in all of literature – Ebenezer Scrooge A Christmas Carol 1843 – Oliver Twist February 1837 – April 1839 – David Copperfield May 1849 – November 1850 Wrote Great Expectations in two chapter, weekly installments in the publication All the Year Round from December 1860 to August 1861

5 Guiding Questions Protagonist: Phillip Pirrip – “Pip” Guiding Questions What does it mean to have “great expectations”? How do the hopes and dreams of the characters in the book grow and change as the story progresses? What are the possible benefits and downfalls of achieving everything you have ever wanted? How does this relate to the characters in the book?

6 Bildungsroman Story is an example of a bildungsroman – A German word meaning “a novel of self- cultivation” – a novelistic form that concentrates on the development and growth of the protagonist usually from childhood to maturity – “Coming of age story” – The protagonist goes on a journey of some kind. – The novel ends with an understanding by the protagonist of himself/herself and his/her new place in the world.

7 Themes Good vs. Evil and Right vs. Wrong Struggle Between Social Classes Ambition The Burden of Guilt

8 Classwork Complete worksheet on Predictions.

9 Homework Read Chapters 1-3 of Great Expectations and complete corresponding questions.

10 Do Now The feeling of being lonely is an inevitable part of the human experience. However, some people’s lives are particularly lonelier than others. How is loneliness embodied in the opening chapters of the story?

11 Chapters 1-3 Why is the first chapter so important? Compare and contrast Pip and the first convict. What examples of humor can be found in the first chapter? Explain why the story is more interesting written in first person point of view. Explain how guilt has affected Pip’s life.

12 Chapters 1-3 Discuss the theme of right and wrong or good and evil found in these first three chapters. How is the relationship between Pip and his sister different from the relationship between Pip and Joe?

13 Classwork Complete character web worksheet.

14 Homework Read Chapters 4-5 and complete corresponding questions.

15 Do Now What do you think it says about a person when he is willing to offer compassion to another who may not necessarily be deserving of such a feeling?

16 Chapters 4-5 Describe the Christmas dinner from Pip’s point of view. How are the attitudes of Pip and Joe toward the first convict similar? How does the convict’s behavior warrant compassion? What themes are beginning to emerge from these chapters?

17 Chapters 4-5 Complete classwork worksheet.

18 Homework Read Chapters 6-7 and complete corresponding questions.

19 Do Now As human beings, we treat the different people in our lives in different ways, based on the relationship we may have with them. However, it can be argued that everyone in your life has a sense of the person that you truly are. Do you agree with that statement? Or do you think it’s possible to treat the varied people in your life in completely different ways?

20 Chapters 6-7 How does Dickens build suspense in his novel? Explain how the bond between Pip and Joe becomes even stronger. Describe Joe’s relationship with Pip and his relationship with his wife.

21 Chapters 6-7 Complete classwork worksheet.

22 Homework Read Chapters 8-9 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

23 Do Now How do the authors or directors of your favorite books and movies keep you interested throughout? What do they do to ensure you keep reading or watching?

24 Chapters 8-9 How does Pip’s first day at Miss Havisham’s change him forever? Give examples of Joe’s goodness. Compare Miss Havisham and Satis House. Describe Estella and her effect on Pip.

25 Chapters 8-9 Complete classwork worksheet.

26 Homework Read Chapters 10-11 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

27 Chapters 10-11 How does Pip’s visit with Miss Havisham and her wedding cake affect him? What does Dickens use to create suspense and interest in the novel? Discuss Pip’s encounter with Miss Havisham’s relatives. What are his impressions of them? How is humor used concerning Pip and the pale young gentleman?

28 Homework Read Chapters 12-13 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

29 Do Now In the novel, Pip’s eyes are being opened to things that he has not previously considered. Specifically, his view of right and wrong is being altered. Can you remember an event in your life that changed your view of right and wrong?

30 Chapters 12-13 How has Pip changed? Give examples of his dissatisfaction with his life and family. How is Pip affected by being apprenticed to Joe? Describe Uncle Pumblechook.

31 Chapters 12-13 Complete worksheet.

32 Homework Read Chapters 14-15 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

33 Do Now What are some of the plot developments Dickens has employed so far to create suspense in the novel? Be specific with your examples.

34 Chapters 14-15 Describe Orlick. Describe Pip’s return to see Miss Havisham. How is he feeling? What is really motivating him to go back there? Describe the current state of Joe and Pip’s relationship.

35 Chapters 14-15 Complete worksheet.

36 Homework Read Chapters 16-17 of Great Expectations and complete corresponding questions.

37 Do Now When faced with decisions, we often play out scenarios in our heads and imagine what our lives will be like if we choose one path as opposed to another. How often do you find yourself doing this, especially now as you choose a college? When you make your final decision, do you tend to be a risk taker or do you play it safe?

38 Chapters 16-17 Describe Biddy. How does she differ from Estella? Explain the relationship between Pip and Biddy. Discuss the attack on Mrs. Joe. How has it affected Pip?

39 Chapters 16-17 Complete worksheet.

40 Homework Read Chapters 18-19 of Great Expectations and complete corresponding questions.

41 Do Now In the novel, Pip’s values are changing for various reasons. Has there ever been an instance in your life when something that occurred changed your values or views dramatically?

42 Chapters 18-19 Describe the circumstances or coincidences that help make Pip believe Miss Havisham is his benefactor. Discuss the first stage of Pip’s life. How can this stage be called one of innocence or childhood? Discuss the two settings in the novel – that of Satis House and that of the forge with its marshes. What characters are associated with each, and how do they affect Pip? Dickens is well-known for his life like characters. Explain how he uses them to add meaning to the story thus far. Do any of the characters we’ve seen so far embody stereotypes? (the spoiled rich girl, the uneducated poor man, etc.) Which characters show stereotyping and how?

43 Chapters 18-19 Complete worksheet.

44 Homework Read Chapters 20-23 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

45 Do Now In these chapters, we’re introduced to the character of Belinda who seems to be an “ornamental” person; she is of a high social class but is incapable of caring for her household or children. Due to the fact that Pip is learning how to be a gentleman but is not learning a trade or anything substantial, do you think he could be classified in the same way? Why or why not?

46 Chapters 20-23 Discuss Pip’s impressions of London. Describe Mr. Jaggers’ office and how it is representative of the lawyer. What does Pip find out about Miss Havisham’s past? Relate her story and its effects upon her life. Discuss how Herbert’s new name for Pip is appropriate. What is Pip’s impression of Belinda and Matthew Pocket’s home life? Compare Belinda Pocket’s obsession with social status and nobility with that of Pip’s quest for social status and becoming a gentleman.

47 Chapters 20-23 Complete classwork worksheet.

48 Homework Read Chapters 24-25 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

49 Do Now We are getting towards the half way point of the novel. What stands out to you the most about the story? What do you find most interesting? Is there anything that’s happened in the story that mirrors your own life? What do you like the best? The least?

50 Chapters 24-25 Does Pip have a high opinion of his tutor? Describe the dual personalities of Mr. John Wemmick. Describe Mr. Wemmick’s life at Walworth. Discuss the irony of Mr. Wemmick’s labors at the Castle being an acceptable source of pride, and Joe’s labors as a blacksmith being unacceptable to Pip.

51 Chapters 24-25 In your group, look for one of the following major themes of the novel. – Good vs. Evil – Struggles Between Social Classes – Ambition – The Burden of Guilt

52 Homework Read Chapters 26-27 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

53 Do Now Think of a time when you had to share something significant or confess something that was particularly difficult. How did you prepare for it? How did you finally find the nerve to share your feelings? What was the outcome?

54 Chapters 26-27 Compare and contrast Pip’s dinner engagement at the home of Mr. Jaggers with that of Mr. Wemmick. Discuss Joe’s visit with Pip. How has Pip changed? In your opinion, what characteristics make a gentleman?

55 Chapters 26-27 Complete classwork worksheet.

56 Homework Read Chapters 28-29 of Great Expectations and complete corresponding questions.

57 Do Now In these chapters, Miss Havisham encourages Pip to love Estella, even if she attempts to push him away or treats him poorly. What do you think of people who continually put up with tough situations in relationships? Are they foolish for sticking it out? Or are they simply trying to do what they can to make the relationship work?

58 Chapters 28-29 Discuss the different kinds of love presented in the novel. Describe how Dickens uses coincidence to piece together his novel, and how the coincidences affect Pip. How has the relationship between Joe and Pip changed from the beginning of the novel? Explain the reasons for the changes.

59 Chapters 28-29 Complete classwork worksheet.

60 Homework Read Chapters 30-31 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

61 Do Now Unrequited love is experienced by arguably everyone at some point in life. Pip is in the midst of this feeling right now. Have you experienced this feeling? How did you deal with it? How did the situation work out?

62 Chapters 30-31 How is Pip received when he visits his village? How does he act? What is a farce, and how is Mr. Wopsle’s performance an example of this term?

63 Chapters 30-31 Complete classwork worksheet.

64 Homework Read Chapters 32-33 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

65 Do Now Can money buy happiness? Explain your reasoning.

66 Chapters 32-33 Discuss the influence of prisons, convicts, and criminal lawyers upon Pip’s life. Explain why Mr. Wemmick is compared to a gardener in Newgate Prison. Does wealth bring happiness to Pip? Explain this in terms of Pip and Estella’s relationship. How have Miss Havisham’s relatives played a part in Estella’s and Pip’s lives? Define and discuss the use of similes in these two chapters.

67 Chapters 32-33 In your group, look for relevant quotes that reflect the themes of the novel. – Good vs. Evil and Right vs. Wrong – Struggles Between Social Classes – Ambition and Self-Improvement – Guilt and Innocence

68 Homework Read Chapters 34-35 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

69 Do Now Pip is realizing in these chapters that his wealth is not bringing him happiness. In fact, it is causing him to be quite miserable. Sometimes getting what you want can make you unhappy. Have you ever had an experience where you finally got what you wanted and it wasn’t everything you’d hoped it would be? How did you react?

70 Chapters 34-35 How has Pip’s fortune affected him and those around him? Describe the funeral of Mrs. Joe. Discuss Pip and Biddy’s relationship at this time.

71 Chapters 34-35 Complete classwork worksheet.

72 Homework Read Chapters 36-37 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

73 Do Now Mr. Jaggers makes Herbert and Pip feel extremely uncomfortable. Have you ever encountered a person whose mere presence makes you feel uneasy? Explain.

74 Chapters 36-37 Compare and contrast Mr. Wemmick’s life in London working for Jaggers and his life at the Castle in Walworth. Explain the conditions of Pip’s financial situation.

75 Chapters 36-37 Complete classwork worksheet.

76 Homework Read Chapters 38-39 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

77 Do Now Some secrets are revealed in these chapters that leave Pip reeling. How do you react when secrets are revealed? Do you hide your shock well or is your reaction quite evident?

78 Chapters 38-39 Trace the references to convicts in Pip’s life. How have they influenced his life? Discuss the second stage of Pip’s life and how it may be called one of sin or adolescence. How does the realization that the convict and not Miss Havisham is his benefactor affect Pip and his expectations? Dickens’s characterizations are well known. Describe the character of Estella and her impact upon the novel. Discuss the character of the first convict. Describe his motivations and relate his story while in Australia.

79 Chapters 38-39 Complete classwork worksheet.

80 Homework Read Chapters 40-41 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

81 Do Now Is it possible to separate yourself from the past? Why or why not?

82 Chapters 40-41 Discuss the effect of the mysterious man on the stairs. Mr. Jaggers tells Pip that he has no evidence that Miss Havisham was his benefactor. What evidence or indications does Pip have to believe that she was the author of his great expectations? Discuss the convict’s purpose in making Pip a gentleman.

83 Chapters 40-41 Complete classwork worksheet.

84 Homework Read Chapters 42-43 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

85 Do Now How much influence does a person’s appearance have on others? How does it feel when you’re judged based on your looks?

86 Chapters 42-43 Relate Provis’s story concerning his background. Why would this knowledge explain why Provis is so intent on making Pip a gentleman? Describe the relationship between Provis and Compeyson. Compare how guilt affects Arthur and how it affects Compeyson.

87 Chapters 42-43 Complete classwork worksheet.

88 Homework Read Chapters 44-45 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

89 Do Now In these chapters, Wemmick shows his true friendship to Pip. In what instances has a friend shown his/her loyalty to you? What were the circumstances surrounding the showing of friendship?

90 Chapters 44-45 Describe the conversation between Estella, Pip, and Miss Havisham that occurs at Satis House. Discuss the benefits of moving Provis to a room in the same boarding house as Herbert’s fiancée. Discuss the friendship that exists between Wemmick and Pip.

91 Chapters 44-45 In your group, categorize the characters in the novel as those that harm others, those that are harmed or hurt by others, and those who help others.

92 Homework Read Chapters 46-47 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

93 Do Now In these chapters, Pip is consumed by his paranoia and fear over being followed. Have you ever had a time in your life when something so significant happened, it was all you could think about? How did feeling like this affect you? Explain.

94 Chapters 46-47 Explain how Pip’s attitude toward the convict has changed from when he first encountered him again. Discuss the plans for helping Provis escape from London.

95 Chapters 46-47 With your group, complete the timeline worksheet.

96 Homework Read Chapters 48-49 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

97 Do Now In these chapters Pip and Miss Havisham both realize the error of their previous ways. How do you react when you know you’ve done the wrong thing?

98 Chapters 48-49 Discuss the changes in Miss Havisham and what has brought about these changes. Relate Molly’s story and how her past is interwoven with Miss Havisham’s past even though they never meet. Trace the changes that have taken place in Pip’s character since arriving in London.

99 Chapters 48-49 With your partner, look for instances of where Dickens's storytelling makes it evident that the story was published in installments and discuss the effects on the story. Cite specific examples.

100 Homework Read Chapters 50-51 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

101 Do Now Pip learns the background on Estella’s family in these chapters. He decides not to tell her about these developments because it would destroy her current life and her marriage. Is it sometimes acceptable to keep a secret, if it could be detrimental to a person? Or do you live by the idea that the truth is always best? Explain.

102 Chapters 50-51 Discuss the prison system in the 19 th century. Discuss the court system regarding children in the 19 th century.

103 Chapters 50-51 Complete classwork worksheet.

104 Homework Read Chapters 52-53 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

105 Do Now Orlick finally seeks revenge on Pip in these chapters. What do you make of grudges? Do you tend to forgive and forget, or do you hold onto what people have done to you? Explain.

106 Chapters 52-53 Describe Orlick’s plot to murder Pip. What purpose does Orlick serve in the novel? How is Pip continuing to change?

107 Chapters 52-53 Complete your character sketch worksheet.

108 Homework Read Chapters 54-55 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

109 Do Now What do you think of people who seem to have bad luck? How much is what happens in our lives in our control and how much is left to fate or some other force? Explain.

110 Chapters 54-55 Describe the escape and capture of Magwitch. Discuss how Dickens uses humor in these chapters.

111 Chapters 54-55 Complete classwork worksheet.

112 Homework Read Chapters 56-57 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

113 Do Now In these chapters, Pip reflects back on his mistakes in life and wants to rectify them. We’ve talked before about how people react when they know they’re wrong about something. Along the same lines, how do you react when you know you’ve wronged someone? How do you go about apologizing? Explain.

114 Chapters 56-57 Describe the last days between Pip and Magwitch. Explain why Joe becomes more distant as Pip becomes healthier.

115 Chapters 56-57 Complete classwork worksheet.

116 Homework Read Chapters 58-59 of Great Expectations and answer corresponding questions.

117 Do Now How do you feel about the way Dickens set up the novel? Now that you know all the answers to the unanswered questions he put forth, was there anything you would have done differently? Explain.

118 Chapters 58-59 How has guilt affected Pip’s life? Explain why the love between Joe and Biddy is the only true love in the novel.

119 Chapters 58-59 Complete classwork worksheet.

120 Homework Study for Vocabulary Unit 25 quiz.

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