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Experiences in Community Based ICT Movement Onno W. Purbo

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1 Experiences in Community Based ICT Movement Onno W. Purbo

2 Focus on.. Experience in community based ICT development. More on practical (techno) experiences.. High Impact, Low Cost & Sustainable.

3 Unfortunately.. (or fortunately?) It is a long 10+ years process.. Not much funding Government World Bank IMF

4 Indonesia 1993 Internet UsersFew CybercafeNone Schools on InternetNone ICT booksFew ICT MagazineFew

5 10+ Years Later, Today.. 7.5+ Million Indonesian Internet Users 5000+ WiFi outdoor installations 2000+ CyberCafes 1500+ schools on the Internet 1000+ Community Radio 20+ ICT Magazines Hundreds ICT Books Title Hundreds Local ICT Authors

6 Future objectives.. To see 100 million Indonesians on the Internet by 2015. Self-finance Gov’t have not much $$ to provide infrastructure. Sustainable Invest, maintain & operate by communities

7 “What If No Telco Necessary?” Onno W. Purbo, CERN Courier July 2003

8 In The Past All Owned by Big Players Distinction Operator vs. Customer

9 Today.. Community Owned Incumbent Owned

10 Self-Finance Community Empowerment

11 Basic Principles Producervs. Consumer Supplycreated by Demand

12 Components

13 2-Way Interaction (~1-3 years)

14 Explicit Knowledge 200+ Young Authors Thousands Book Titles All in Local Language

15 Vendor Ads Donate Equipments Sponsor / Ads

16 Physical Interact

17 Demand

18 Cost US$ 2-3/book US$ 1-2/magazine US$ 2-5/seminar US$ 50 /workshop Authors Gets US$15-25/articles US$500-700/book US$100-800/workshop

19 Impact Millions 10-100.000 persons 100-1000 persons

20 Self-Finance Demand Creation It can be a self-finance process

21 Subtle Influence The Policy

22 In The Past Common ParliamentGovernment Operator Input License Service Guidance

23 Community Movement Government Community Education / Knowledge

24 Community Community Movement Government ICT

25 Community Movement Community Government ICT Pressure

26 Pro Community Policy Government Community ICT Pro-Community Pro-People Pro-Poor Policy

27 What We Learned.. Simple Process of Community Empowerment Self-Finance Education Process Top Down vs. Bottom Up Bottom Up Win! De-Jure vs. De-Facto De-Facto Win!

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