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Publication marks ITTO ’s 25th anniversary – and International Year of Forests Presents 25 success stories – projects and activities 25 years of policy.

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2 Publication marks ITTO ’s 25th anniversary – and International Year of Forests Presents 25 success stories – projects and activities 25 years of policy and practice

3 Intended to illustrate, through case studies, the Organization’s 25-year story and to show impact at local to global scale Not the full extent of ITTO’s success or necessarily its most successful endeavours Draws on ex-post evaluations and stakeholder testimony for evidence of success

4 ITTO: influential out of all proportion to its size Brought transparency to timber trade Developed international norms now reflected in national policies and practices Encouraged community development and reforms in governance and forest law enforcement A leading advocate of SFM

5 Provided constructive environment in which countries discuss issues and resolve differences amicably Flexible funding model stimulates wide range of partnerships and capacity- building and encourages local ownership of outcomes ITTO: influential out of all proportion to its size

6 Striking how so much has been achieved at relatively low cost Many projects that cost much less than US$1 million have had far-reaching effects well beyond immediate area of influence ITTO: influential out of all proportion to its size

7 When ITTO came into being in 1986 there were virtually no international policies on forest management C&I arguably ITTO’s most important pioneering work Example 1: Criteria and indicators

8 ITTO has trained well over 1000 key tropical- forest decision- makers and stakeholders in their use C&I now used worldwide Example 1: Criteria and indicators (cont’d)

9 2010 assessment showed increase in area under sustainable management and improvement in quality of reporting C&I used in ITTO’s global assessment of status of tropical forest management

10 Example 1: Criteria and indicators (cont’d) “C&I are perhaps the greatest innovation to emerge in the context of the paradigm shift from sustained-yield forestry to managing forests as ecosystems for multiple economic, social and environmental benefits... Inspired by ITTO’s early leadership, the impact of C&I has been far-reaching.” Stephanie Caswell, former US State Department official and key player in ITTO and Montreal C&I processes

11 Example 2: Condor, Ecuador-Peru The TBCA between Ecuador and Peru has helped to foster peace over a disputed region, empowered and reunited communities, and improved conservation outcomes ITTO has had considerable success in promoting transboundary reconciliation and conservation

12 Example 2: Condor, Ecuador-Peru (cont’d) 47 Shuar communities merged collective lands into single territory (200 000 ha), which they now govern for conservation and sustainable use In Ecuador: New protected areas created (31 000 ha) Fund created in exchange for conservation, helping to finance development processes

13 In Peru: national park (88 500 ha) created Wampis communities gained legal control over their lands (100 000 ha) Example 2: Condor, Ecuador-Peru (cont’d)

14 Overall: Indicators (e.g. on community health) improving Decreased deforestation, and hunting/fishing more sustainable Cross-border communities reunited Example 2: Condor, Ecuador-Peru (cont’d)

15 “Three years after project completion, the Shuar Arutam people are maintaining the governance model established during the project [and pursuing] the sound management and use of the tropical forest resources in the greater part of the 47 communities involved.” Santiago Kingman, Fundación Natura

16 Example 2: Condor, Ecuador-Peru (cont’d) “There is no doubt that what the projects did... was correct; now, even if international support ceases, we are going to maintain our objectives. Young people are now involved in this government. They listen eagerly to the experience of the founders, who are watching constantly the direction of their territory, its forests and its people.” Bosco Santiak, Shuar leader

17 Example 3: Antimary Forest, Brazil Supported Government of Acre’s sustainable forest development model and local rubber- tapper communities Long-running ITTO project in former rubber estate

18 Example 3: Antimary Forest, Brazil (cont’d) Improve social services and infrastructure Project helped: Resolve land-tenure issues Introduce industrial techniques for value- adding to NTFPs Implement SFM, including for timber

19 “The Antimary State Forest project shows that it is possible to put into place, in a remote forest, a sustainable forest management regime.... The Antimary project is a wonderful example of how a project that has been well- conceived and funded by ITTO can be turned into broader public policy, because it has happened in Acre state.” Senator Jorge Viana, former governor of Acre Example 3: Antimary Forest, Brazil (cont’d)

20 Example 4: CITES-listed species ITTO and CITES Secretariat commenced joint activity in 2007 to ensure that international trade in CITES-listed tropical timber species consistent with their sustainable management and conservation

21 Example 4: CITES-listed species Joint activity between ITTO and CITES Secretariat commenced in 2007 to assisting countries to meet requirements for managing and regulating trade in Pericopsis elata (afrormosia), Swietenia macrophylla (bigleaf mahogany), and Gonystylus species (ramin)

22 Example 4: CITES-listed species (cont’d) Program has helped: Range states to carry out non-detriment findings and establish export quotas Facilitate recommencement of trade in afromosia and Prunus africanus following trade suspensions Build capacity for wood ID, timber-tracking and conversion factors

23 Example 4: CITES-listed species (cont’d) “The ITTO–CITES program is a leading example of highly effective … cooperation between an organization with an implementation mandate and a convention secretariat. As a direct result of this close cooperation, we have strengthened capacity in eight of the main exporting countries of timber products to more effectively implement CITES.” John Scanlon, Secretary General, CITES Secretariat

24 Example 5: Information in Philippines A series of three ITTO projects have greatly improved the quality of information in the Philippines forest sector

25 A third expanded the FIS nation-wide A second identified bottlenecks in the flow of timber from source to end-user One project developed a forest information system (FIS) designed to improve the collection, organization and analysis of forestry data Example 5: Information in Philippines (cont’d)

26 Example 5: Information in Philippines (cont’d) “A fully operational FIS is now in place nationally, and the quality of data has improved considerably.” Ex-post evaluation “The FIS is a big help to our forestry planning and has supported us in pursuing some of our forestry legislative reform agenda.” Neria A. Andin, Director, Forest Management Bureau, DENR “The FIS-GIS [is] providing a more trustworthy data reference for better decision-making in the forestry sector and is currently being updated and built up.” Joselin Marcus E. Fragada, Regional Executive Director, DENR—Bicol Region

27 Example 6: Fellowships The ITTO Fellowship Programme has awarded about US $6.6 million to more than 1100 people from diverse backgrounds

28 Example 6: Fellowships (cont’d) A 2010 survey of fellows found that: All fellowships conducted with clear objectives aligned with ITTO’s priorities Fellows have continued to promote SFM after completing their fellowships

29 Example 6: Fellowships (cont’d) A 2010 survey of fellows found that: More than 80% of returning fellows increased productivity and performance, developed new programs or innovations, and applied their new knowledge and skills to influence national policies

30 Example 6: Fellowships (cont’d) “The ITTO fellowship gave me a chance to pursue the career that I passionately love.” Myralyn Abasolo, Philippines “My ITTO fellowship is having longer-term impacts on my professional career. I am spending more time teaching at university and sharing international perspectives on conservation. I have also assumed a substantial role in a conservation research network.” Dr Mochamad Indrawan, Indonesia “My PhD program might have been difficult to complete without the fellowship.” Stephen Tekpetey, Ghana

31 Example 7: Lanjak-Entimau Long-running project has: Promoted the conservation of 4000 orangutan Introduced alternative livelihood strategies to local communities, reducing dependence on sanctuary resources Increased knowledge of region’s biodiversity

32 Example 7: Lanjak-Entimau (cont’d) Increasingly, members of local communities volunteering as rangers, which has: Improved law enforcement Increased management of protected area Reduced pressure on biodiversity

33 Stemming from work carried out under the project, a new unit has been created within Sarawak Forest Department to ensure sustainability of initiatives such as the Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary Example 7: Lanjak-Entimau (cont’d)

34 “Thank you for making an improvement to our livelihood. It is now easier to earn a living. There is no more need for us to go into the rivers to fish during the Gawai (harvest) festivals. The fish in the rivers have also recovered.” Anthony Bau, longhouse headman Example 7: Lanjak-Entimau (cont’d) “Our family is learning to become more enterprising, and we have been earning additional income from the fruits we have planted.” Gerasi ak. Kapi, longhouse headman

35 “Working with the local communities of the Lanjak- Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary has taught us that the local communities need not be a hindrance to biodiversity conservation. Indeed, the local people are in a better position to help the government to protect the forest and its resources because they are on the ground. This is one of the most important lessons that we have learnt from Lanjak-Entimau.” YAB Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, Sarawak Chief Minister Example 7: Lanjak-Entimau (cont’d)

36 Example 8: Wildlife in concessions (cont’d) ITTO project in a concession in northern Congo facilitated a partnership between private sector, conservation NGO and government to: Work with communities to reduce local dependence on bush meat Helped villagers organize to manage hunting grounds

37 Ensure fauna conservation in concession Monitor biodiversity in the concession Example 8: Wildlife in concessions (cont’d)

38 “This initiative is the first effective example of the integration of fauna conservation and management in forest concessions in Central Africa.” Ex-post evaluation The success of the model has led to its adoption in other forest concessions. Example 8: Wildlife in concessions (cont’d)

39 Hard copies of 25 success stories will be available at the 47th session of the International Tropical Timber Council in November [and will be available on request to participants at today’s event]

40 Photo acknowledgements Juergen Blaser, Forest Management Bureau, Ruben Guevara, ITTO fellows, Steve Johnson, Nicholas Kingman, Hwan Ok Ma, Eva Mueller, WWF Indonesia Thank you!

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