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Promoting the Value of Learning in Adversity and Beyond

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1 Promoting the Value of Learning in Adversity and Beyond
John McGurk Adviser Learning and Talent Development




5 Programme Introduction The economy & its impact on the work of HR
The L, T & D Target Findings from our research & the RAM! The future for L, T & D

6 The Current Challenge In recession all departments need to look, and be, agile and focused Budget and headcount is at risk L&D spending may appear “escapable” We need to be switched on to the needs of the organisation, whilst delivering real value now L & D needs senior level sponsorship

7 The Potential Problem L&D expenditure is cut
L&D activities are “capped or scrapped” Essential /operational training-only scenario L&D infrastcrture is closed down L&D is downgraded/outsourced or “de-professionalised” The value of learning is lost because nobody valued learning CIPD Research with Portsmouth University explains this

8 Potential Solution

9 The Potential Solution
R Relevance A Alignment M Measurement

10 Relevance Delivering performance improvement
Delivering cost-effective people Enabling career & talent management Ask difficult questions How are we contributing to the performance of the organisation? Does the organisation have the people with the right capabilities when it needs them? How well are we building our “future workforce”?

11 Delivering performance Improvement
“If we could improve everyone's performance by just 10% then we’d have a hell of a company on our hands” Performance improvement should be our “compass” Performance is improved through targeted skills and learning Linked to culture and organisational change Driven by context

12 Delivering cost effective people
Training people to be effective and productive at all levels Reducing the costs of getting people “job-ready” and effective Getting people to deliver more effectively

13 Enabling Career and Talent Management
TM critical even in tough times “Development” can replace “ dosh” as a motivator Development can also allow people options Just 26% reported a change in their organisation’s approach to talent management TM allows organisations to bounce back L&D and HR is arguably all about Talent

14 The Target for L, T & D Activity
Must Should Could

15 ‘The War on Talent’ 26% of respondents report that their organisation has been forced to change its approach to talent management as a result of the current climate, with private service organisations most likely to be affected. For those organisations whose talent strategies have been affected by the current climate, the top four reasons given are: ‘Our learning and development budget has been cut.’ ‘We are placing an even greater focus on talent management.’ ‘We are shifting our efforts to focus on employee retention.’ ‘We are reviewing our current systems and talent processes for their cost-effectiveness.’

16 A Silver Lining? Organisations appear to be adopting some positive talent management practices in response to the downturn, including: developing more talent in-house (55%) focusing on essential development (45%) continuing to recruit key talent (43%) placing an increasing focus on employee retention (35%)

17 Green Shoots of L & D?! Scotrail are using the available funding from Government and union learning representatives to improve workplace learning, enabling them to win an extended franchise and to drive performance improvement A major global consultancy company took $10m of costs out just by pruning those activities which were not strategically aligned. These savings were then allocated into a strengthened and more strategic Learning & Development function

18 Green Shoots of L & D?! The software development arm of a global telecoms consultancy is driving Learning & Development towards much more focused inputs to deliver business value. For example, by looking at the duration and alignment of learning styles with delivery, the business is helping its engineers to shift their skills in this fast moving area The global sports and engineering brand McLaren is driving high performance with Learning & Development at the centre. McLaren is using coaching for performance as a way of keeping its teams, whether in FI or premier event catering, ready to fire.

19 Alignment Fit with strategy Supported by key stakeholders
Involved in the organisation Ask Difficult questions How well do the L, T & D and HR agendas align? How does your work link to the strategy of the organisation? Who on the senior team is supporting this work?

20 Alignment and Influence: Avoid Blind spots
Don’t become “road warriors” or “classroom course hermits” Communicate Collaborate Calibrate Focus on the solution needed What works best? What delivers the “intervention” most efficiently Does the solution work for the stakeholder for the organisation for the individual

21 Meaningful Measures & Metrics
KPI Internal Measures External Measures Benchmarks ROE Targeted improvement Expected change New capability/capacity ROI Cost Revenue Margin

22 Meaningful Measures & Metrics
Key Performance Indicators Return on Expectation Return on Investment Ask Difficult Questions How well do we understand the real cost of our work? How well do we deliver on our promises? Do we use benchmarking for justification or improvement?

23 Future Competencies – look to the Map
Curious Shows an active interest in the internal and external environment and in the continuous development and improvement of others at both organisation and individual levels. Is open minded with a bias and willingness to learn and enquire. Decisive thinker Demonstrates the ability to analyse and understand data and information quickly. Is able to use information, insights, and knowledge in a structured way using judgment wisely to identify options and make robust and defendable decisions. Skilled influencer Demonstrates the ability to influence to gain the necessary commitment and support from diverse stakeholders in pursuit of organisation benefit. Driven to deliver Demonstrates a consistent and strong bias to action, taking accountability for delivery of results both personally and/or with others. Actively plans, prioritises and monitors performance, holding others accountable for delivery.

24 Competencies - 2 Collaborative Works effectively and inclusively with colleagues, clients, stakeholders, customers, teams and individuals both within and outside of the organisation. Personally credible Builds a track record of reliable and valued delivery using relevant technical expertise and experience and does so with integrity and in an objective manner. Courage to challenge Shows courage and confidence to speak up, challenge others even when confronted with resistance or unfamiliar circumstances. Role Model Consistently leads by example. Acts with integrity, impartiality and independence, applying sound personal judgment in all interactions

25 Conclusion Times are tough LTD under threat Needs to show its Value
RAM Develop strategic value of learning Use new profession map and CIPD resource.

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