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Technology and Social Change Challenge and Change in Society (HSB4M) October 22, 2010.

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1 Technology and Social Change Challenge and Change in Society (HSB4M) October 22, 2010

2 Agenda For Today’s Lesson What is technology? How technology shapes society Traditional social change theory vs technological determinism Sources of technological stress Coping with technological stress Impact on family structure

3 What is technology? Technology is the creation of tools that extend out natural abilities and alter our social environment

4 How does technology shape society? Johnannes Gutenberg invents printing press in 1450. By 1500, 20 million books! Rapid spread of knowledge to masses through books Martin Luther used press to lead reformation against Catholic Church Arguably the greatest technological invention in the modern era

5 Traditional Social Change Theory Individual shares idea with community Idea accepted, society changes to adapt to new idea Change in human thinking is accompanied by new tool We shape our tools

6 Technological determinism Invention of tool takes on a life of its own after it has been introduced to society Change is determined by society’s reaction to the tool Tool is accompanied by a change in human thinking Our tools shape us

7 Which theory do you agree with and why? Think, Pair, Share

8 Sources of Technological Stress Negative impacts e.g. Internet (cyber predators and hate propaganda ) Rate of change of technology Overdependence on Technology

9 Speed of Technology 1970, Alvin Toffler, Future Shock - “dizzying, disorientation brought on by the premature arrival of the future.” Unless people cope with change in lives, they’re headed for “massive adaptation breakdown”

10 Speed of Technology 1998, Stephen Bertman, Hyperculture: The human cost of speed Technological change is eroding fundamental values of society Speed of internet translates to impatience when dealing with people

11 YesNoDo you feel stressed if you haven't checked your voice or e-mail within the last 12 hours? YesNoDo you feel as if you can't cook a meal without technological gadgets? YesNoDo you become upset when you can't find an ATM for quick cash? YesNoDo you have difficulty writing without sitting in front of your computer? YesNoDo you have a hard time determining when you are finished researching a topic on the Internet? YesNoDo you feel less adequate than your highly technologized peers? YesNoDo you rely on pre-programmed systems to contact others? Are You a Victim of Technosis?

12 Overdependence on Technology When machines don’t do what we want, we experience anxiety Technosis – Overdependence or attachment to technology (anxious if not constantly checking emails and texts) Often pressure from boss to respond to emails instantaneously and at all times

13 Overdependence on Technology Cyber-disorders on the rise, leads to: social isolation, depression, familial conflict, debt, job loss Current debate to diagnosis internet addiction as a mental disorder (excessive gaming, sexual preoccupations, and e- mail/text messaging) in DSM-V (2013)

14 Coping With Technological Stress William Ogburn’s theory of cultural lag: –Invention –Discovery –Diffusion Acceptance of new technology hindered by resistance to change Technology change destabilized society Until society adapts, transition occurs “Luddites” oppose technology and create lag

15 Are there any current technologies in which you act as a “Luddite” towards? Why? I don’t own a cell phone. Does this make me a Luddite?

16 McLuhan’s 4 Laws of Media Any new medium enhances a process –Computer improved data computation New medium makes another process redundant –CPU made typewriter irrelevant New medium reclaims a process from the past –Revived reading and spread of ideas (Guttenberg press) New medium turns into something new –Laptop then Blackberry and iPhone

17 Coping with Technological Stress Bertman suggests taking an information technology sabatical for a week Avoid being slaves to machines Adbusters Digital Detox Week

18 Impact on Family Structure What decade saw arguably the greatest impact of technology on family dynamics? Post-WWI 1920’s; era of mass culture –Automobiles, gas stoves, central heating, electricity, refrigerators, flush toilets, radios and telephones

19 Impact on Family Structure In 1920’s radio replaced hearth as family gathering point 2010: TV, iPod, internet (surfing, chatting, emailing, facebook, youtube) How has technology changed the family dynamic?

20 Change in Social Interactions Cell phones, email, texting, online chat have replaced face to face communication Lack of social cues (sarcasm in email) Have these omnipresent forms of communication helped or hindered familial/social interactions? Which form of communication do you prefer best to talk with a family member/friend; texting, phone or face to face?

21 “Thumbs up” “Thumbs down” We shape our tools rather than our tools shaping us Technological change is always positive for society Technosis is the fear of new technologies The impact of technological change on the family was most dramatic in the 1940’s I would rather text with someone than talk in person

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