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CONFESSIONS of a TEXTILEHOLIC Niki Collier in ShangHai.

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1 CONFESSIONS of a TEXTILEHOLIC Niki Collier in ShangHai

2 CONFESSIONS OF A TEXTILEHOLIC ribbon lords, silk kings, textile emperors silk, Chinese merino, pearls beaded zips, metal treads, signature scissors cocoons, tools, ropes

3 M Y FIRST IMPRESSIONS ? A TEXT TO S HEILA We are staying in a huge apartment next to a small but ingenuous Market on the street( sells live frogs fish and all sorts of snails:-). there is a fish stall down the road that have been washing squid, bras(!) and onions in the same bucket. In this order. You have to see it to believe it.

4 Maglev 450 km per h

5 S HANG H AI Shanghai is the most populous city in China. The city is located in eastern China, at the middle portion of the Chinese coast, and sits at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Due to its rapid growth in the last two decades, it has again become one of the world's leading cities, exerting influence over finance, commerce, fashion, and culture.

6 The Yu ‘An Gardens


8 H ABERDASHERY ! Not too far from Gu Cheng Gardens [ 古城公园 ] I stumbled into a HUGE haberdashery market called Shanghai Tan Mall [Shanghai Tan Shangsha It's at 388 RenMing Road, HuangPu District

9 H ABERDASHERY ! The Ground and first floor are full of little stalls selling all kinds of buttons, straps, elastic, thread, leather, feathers and loads of the rhinestone things to stick on to fabric. The odd stall sold a bit of cloth and webbing or reflective strips for safety gear and some selling packaging.

10 Shanghai Tan Mall






16 So from the time that I have ordered10 different types of bag accessories and the time they arrived at the shop it was 24 hours. The price- well a fraction of what I would pay in Dublin, although arguably what I could pay if I search hard and long on the web. The difference- I could see and touch and also- I bumped into things that I would never consider as I was not aware that existed. Shanghai Tan Mall

17 In Shanghai everybody is a designer, from the nanny that knits a sweater for her beloved grandchildren, to the shop assistant who puts a few boxes together and wraps a scrap wood in several towels to fix herself a chair, everybody is resolute to give it its best shot

18 M EETING THE S ILK K ING The factory produces textile which are used in the manufacturing of D&G; LV and Prada The factory was established by Mr. Wang, the father. His two twins studied business in Australia and then retuned home to take over the factory. His son on completion of his studies suggested that they should expand to the continent of Australia.His father looked in disbelief: ‘Why would I bother with a place of only 40 million?’ They hire 4,000 workers. Nanjing Suho Felting Co

19 C HINA : S HANGHAI S OUTH B UND S OFT -S PINNING - THE NEW SITE FOR CLOTH MARKET A PRIL 3, 2006 Dongjiadu Road textile market was a favourite destination for those seeking textiles, apparel or garments in innumerable varieties from silk, satin or cashmere to cotton and handicraft. An average silk dealer at this market earned around 10000-10500 yuan or US $1,235- 1,300 in a single day. Silk fabrics at these stores are priced between 30-100yuan per meter, which is almost 30 percent less than the price in chief silk stores. However, this market has been moved to an enclosed facility, Shanghai South Bund Soft- Spinning Material Market, almost 500 metres away from the earlier location. The new location is more modern and trendy although many regulars and foreigners believe that the old site represented the traditional and conventional Shanghai. Traders are offering discounts and have lowered the prices so as to attract the customers and encourage them to look for the new market. Sources informed that the new stores have a 20 percent higher rent than the old shop. The new market officially opened 2006.

20 Shanghai South Bund Soft-Spinning






26 The Old New Tweed Design: Niki Collier Part One: cashmere, wool and silk hand felted sleeves ( designed and made by Niki Collier) Part two sleevles wool bespoke jacket, old metal buttons, silk lining (Niki Collier Design, produced at the Shanghai Tailor market) A coat inspired by the felted patches that are sometimes found on elbows. Each part stands alone makes a comfortable functional wear which understated luxury finish makes it suitable for both everyday and formal wear.

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