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Tracking a Moving Target An update on Tobacco Industry Marketing and Promotions.

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1 Tracking a Moving Target An update on Tobacco Industry Marketing and Promotions

2 Content –A little background first –New and evolving tactics: Bar promotions and event sponsorship Point of sale promotions & Powerwalls Tactics on University / College Campuses New products & Regional marketing tactics Smoking in the movies & video games

3 Tobacco Marketing Expenditures –From 1987 – 2000 industry spending on marketing and communication  significantly –In 2001 & 2002, Canadian tobacco companies spent over $300 million on marcom (NSRA)

4 Landmark Change to Tobacco Marketing in Canada –2003: the Federal Tobacco Act bans sponsorship advertising in Canada –Advertising is now tightly regulated

5 Tobacco Marketing Expenditures today Today’s estimates of actual marketing costs are obscured by new definitions: Hidden sponsorship Packaging Increasing pay-outs to retailers for countertop displays and Powerwalls

6 Du Maurier “Signature Packs” –“Restrictions on tobacco marketing in Canada limited our options. –“We needed to differentiate ourselves. We needed to give consumers something that provided added-value.” –“This left us with one way to develop and grow our brands – the pack itself”





11 Bar Promotions

12 What’s new in Bar Promotions & Sponsorship –Promotions have become more subtle –Sponsorship extends to entire bar –Sponsored club renovations including DSRs, outdoor & patio smoking areas –Similarly subtle event sponsorship

13 Seven Nightclub and Lounge

14 Export A’s “silent” event sponsorship –Initiated in 1998 –Expanded in 2001 –Currently sponsor: Wakestock Extreme Music Fest X-team bar visits across Canada

15 Not so silent, is it …

16 Point of purchase promotions Redirected towards Point of Purchase Sales Restrictions on tobacco advertising and promotion + the Elimination of sponsorship = Resource Re-allocation

17 Power walls –Convenience stores are the Industry’s main channel for marketing and distribution –Arguably the most important advertising medium available to the tobacco industry (NSRA)

18 Power Walls –$300M spent on marcom in 2002 –$77M paid to tobacco retailers in same period for stocking tobacco products (NSRA) –The average convenience store receives $1,500 a year from the tobacco industry (ACNeilson)

19 Preferential pay backs –POP advertising expenditures are higher in convenience stores near schools and malls –More money spent on POP to stores on university campuses –Student Federation @ UOttawa offered $7500 to stock power wall displays at their campus store, –Tobacco Free Ottawa U successfully lobbied against this sponsorship and the SF stopped accepting $’s in 2005

20 POP … not just for youth Tobacco on campus project 22 universities surveyed All had been approached and had participated in a form of tobacco marketing 76% sold tobacco products on their campuses (stores, bars etc)

21 Tobacco on Campus Smoke-Free policies Regulate smoking mainly in residences, or campus bars Few regulated campus-wide Only U of T has rules against investing their (OUR) funds in tobacco companies.

22 Tobacco NOT on campus –Growing list of smoke-free campuses: Dalhousie, Lethbridge, Lakehead, Carleton –New movements Alberta’s Tobacco Free Campus advocates for policy changes across the province E-BUTT Leave the Pack Behind

23 –Similar research to that done on impact of tobacco use in films (Villani, S. MD) –Primary effects of media exposure (video games) are increased violent and aggressive behavior, and increased high- risk behaviors, including alcohol and tobacco use Smoking in video games Journal of American Academy of child and adolescent psychiatry (2001)

24 Smoking in Video Games –Entertainment Software Ratings Board –Ratings more comprehensive and specific than the film industry –24 content descriptors (on back) –Includes tobacco reference and use

25 Smoking in Video Games –One search for tobacco reference yielded 7 games –4 rated “everyone” –3 rated “Teen” Why must tobacco be referenced in children’s video games ??

26 In summary We’ve talked about: Target marketing in bars, campuses Slient Sponsorship Point of sale promotions Smoking in video games

27 Call to Action 1.Support youth-driven tobacco industry denorm ! 2.Expose hidden industry marketing tactics 3.Document actual marketing costs including listing fees and pay-outs to retailers 4.Advocate for policy change and a province wide ban on smoking and tobacco sales on Ontario university / college campuses 5.Denormalize tobacco industry products aimed at youth 6.Endorse the exclusion of tobacco use in movies and video games

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