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Privacy Group #2: Information Technology in the Workplace Kola Ogunlana Craig Silverman Phil Wyman.

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1 Privacy Group #2: Information Technology in the Workplace Kola Ogunlana Craig Silverman Phil Wyman

2 Introduction zWe will discuss various aspects of the Internet in the workplace: ycookies ye-mail ylegal issues yoverall implications

3 COOKIES AND WORKPLACE INTERNET ACTIVITY SURVELLIANCE What they are and why they are used by employers. Impact of cookies on employee-employer work relations. What option employees may be able to use in the future to protect themselves.

4 COOKIES: TECHNOLOGICAL BIG BROTHER ALSO WATCHING YOU zWHAT : Similarity to history files created by web browser Cookies  “Data files” zWHY : Consequence of employee unrestricted Internet access at workplace; concerns over employees accessing of non-work related web sites (ex. pornography, sports, shopping, etc).

5 COOKIES CONTINUED IMPACT: zEmployer-Employee relations zPrivacy fears zFreedom of speech argument zRecord keeping issue

6 COOKIES CONTINUED FIGHTING BACK zEncryption technology yStill not 100% effective, cost issues zWork at home yNot an alternative for some yAllowing own hardware protects personal files

7 Monitoring of Email in the Workplace zControversial Issue zLaw is sparse and vague, but advantage lies with employer zLeads to strain on the workplace relationship

8 Reasons For Employers to Monitor Email zHelps maintain an efficient and productive workplace zAllows employer to see whether or not employee is keeping up with expected work pace, is wasting time, or if personal problems are interfering with their work zHelps protect company’s funds and information(trade secrets) zProvide evidence for liability purposes

9 What Employers are Monitoring zTechnology is available to register every key an employee makes zMonitor what is currently on an employee’s screen, & web pages and emails saved to their hard drive zDeleted emails can be retrieved as well

10 Fourth Amendment zGuarantees protection against unreasonable searches and seizures z Courts have interpreted The Fourth Amendment to require that "legitimate business needs" be met for a search to take place zConsent to being monitored is required by employees in some states.

11 Electronic Communications Privacy Act zECPA(1986) applies to electronic monitoring, and defines it as “the computerized collection, storage, analysis, and reporting information about employees’ productive activities zChief Intention: to prohibit employers from using the electronic information they obtain without consent z Employers are granted the right to monitor employee conversations if, “they occur during the ordinary course of business, or with employee’s implied consent

12 Employee Precautions to Help Maintain Privacy z(1) Common Sense- do not send confidential or personal information via email z(2) Delete email as read it- not full proof, but makes it more difficult for employer to retrieve z(3) Use a separate account for personal or confidential messages z(4) Ask employer about privacy issues, and be aware of monitoring capabilities

13 Realities zSentiments of the Courts seem to be in favor of employers zMistrust at heart of issue zMistrust arguably brought on by unprofessional business practices by employees zLeads to a tense workplace environment

14 Conclusion zCookies are a crucial method for employers to monitor their employees’ activities zEmail has made workers more efficient, but has also posed numerous privacy problems in the workplace zThe Supreme Court has set the precedent of defending employers in recent court cases

15 Our Opinion zWe think employers have a right to question their employees, however, there should be some exceptions made zUntil any reform takes place, employees’ best protection is to just keep all personal aspects out of the office zAny questions?

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