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AutoAid Technologies Sdn. Bhd. Presents. Product Presentation.

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1 AutoAid Technologies Sdn. Bhd. Presents

2 Product Presentation


4 Why ‘HERCULINER’? Tough, Textured Polyurethane Protective Coating. Prevents and Eliminates; Rust and Corrosions and Waterproof. Resistant to Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Solvents & Chemicals. Resistant to UV rays. Totally flexible ‘Bonds and Seals all exposed Surfaces’ – Won’t chip, flake or peel. Prevents Load Slippages Adheres to Most Surfaces Low Maintenance Repairable – Bonds itself

5 TYPICAL Pick-Up Truck Bed

6 ‘HERCULINER’ Pick-Up Truck Bed


8 What is ‘HERCULINER’? A Unique, advanced formulated protective coating for pick-up truck beds.  The Polyurethane Coatings can also be used for Automotive Undercoating, Trailers, Boat Decks, Terraces & Decks, Walkways, Docks & Ramps, Pool Decks, Vinyl Tile Floors and Work Areas.  The Polyurethane coating can also be applied to Metal, Concrete, Wood, Fiberglass, Most plastics including PVC and Rubber. Advanced Polyurethane Protective Coating POLYURETHANE BASE  Strong and durable.  Bonds to itself for easy repairs VIRGIN RUBBER GRANULES  Pre- mixed with polyurethane  Forms a skid resistant textured surface REVOLUTIONARY CURING PROCESS  Reacts with moisture in the air to cure  Chemically bonds to surface

9 How to apply ‘HERCULINER’?

10 How a ‘HERCULINER’ Look

11 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (Copy attached with ‘handouts’)




15 Frequently Asked Questions

16 FAQs 1.QWhat is the material used in HERCULINER? AHERCULINER is a mixture of polyurethane coating with rubber granules to provide a tough, textured finish. 2.QHow can it be applied? AHERCULINER can be applied with a brush/roller or with a spray compressor. It must be applied in a well ventilated area. 3.QWhat surfaces will it bond to? AHERCULINER will bond to most clean/dry surfaces, including painted or primed steel. Prepping the surface is critical for best results. 4.QWhat is the shelf life of HERCULINER? AUse within one year is recommended.

17 FAQs 5.QHow tough is HERCULINER? AHERCULINER won’t chip, flake or peel and will withstand UV rays, gasoline, oil chemicals, solvents and acid. 6.QHow can I remove HERCULINER once it is applied? AYou can use Xylene when product is still wet. If it dries, it is permanent. 7.QWhat happens if I get HERCULINER on my hands? AClean off immediately with Xylene, then wash with soap and water. 8.QHow long does it take to dry? AYou should allow HERCULINER about 1-2 hours before any light use. Allow 1-2 days for a complete cure. Curing begins when HERCULINER is exposed to atmospheric moisture. Therefore, with higher humidity, curing time is shorter.

18 FAQs 9.QCan you repair a section that has been damaged? AYes, HERCULINER adheres to itself. 10. QIs HERCULINER flammable? AYes, but after drying, it is no longer flammable. 11. QWhat kind of warranty does HERCULINER have? AWe warranty the product against faulty manufacturer and defective materials. 12. QCan I use HERCULINER Coating for other use? AYes, the HERCULINER Coating can be used on a array of surfaces, from concrete to plastic as well as undercoating to ramp coatings, etc.



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