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New Dimensions Our Experience Colin Scott David Boyle.

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1 New Dimensions Our Experience Colin Scott David Boyle

2 Movie

3 Government’s response Established New Dimensions committee directed by government Prepare for a CBRN terrorist event Funded for £60m (90m euros)

4 Incident Classifications Terrorist CBRN threats Industrial and Domestic Incidents Chemical spills Collapse buildings Natural disasters Floods and earthquakes

5 Incident Response Units 85 Units in UK 165 Mass Decontamination Units Over 200 Firefighter Decontamination Units Disrobe and rerobe packs for Mass Decontamination

6 Mass Decontamination Structures –Non / Ambulant / Both –Disrobe – Shower - Rerobe Module System –50 Shower Heads –Integral curtain System –Withstand 50mph Wind

7 Tiered Response to Major Incidents International Aid Level Four – National Response, requiring national mutual assistance, command and control National Planning assumptions, New Dimension Risk Assessments Primarily using standard New Dimension capability though likely that existing capability will support Level Three – Response requiring mutual assistance from neighbouring Brigades FRS Integrated Risk Management Affected and assisting authorities will respond driven using both existing and New Dimension capabilities Local variances in FRS capability will occur driven by the IRMP Level Two – Local response requiring specialist equipment Level One – Resources deployed on the initial attendance

8 High Volume Pumping Waterous 8000 Litres/min 1 km of hose

9 Urban Search and Rescue Technician Training in Texas, USA New facilities opened in Fire Service College

10 Command and Control All principal officer trained in Gold Command Regional Control Centres (48 reduced to 9) National digital radio system Incident ground facilities Logistical support

11 Movie

12 London 7/7 Civil Contingencies Act 2004 Regional resilience forum Pre-planning had taken place Multi-agency Training and testing The initial findings

13 Questions

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