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Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. WMEA Meeting Tucson, AZ November 2007.

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1 Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. WMEA Meeting Tucson, AZ November 2007

2 Modern Production Facility in Milwaukee, WI, USA 135,000 sq. Feet 12,500 sq. Meters

3 Helwig Carbon Resume American owned and operated since 1928 ISO 9001:2000 certified since 1994 Experienced Reliable Suppler to the mining industry for over 50 years OEM Quality Products including approvals on P&H, LeTourneau, and GE equipment Renowned Expertise in troubleshooting problems The industry Leader in Innovations

4 Helwig Carbon Innovations Patented Red Top padded brush Multiflex split brush* HQD – quick disconnect terminals Graphite tamping powder* Increased Spring Force Standards to 4.0 PSI * (Patented in cooperation with former Speer Carbon)

5 Red Top Padded Brush Hard top to insulate spring Soft rubber to absorb vibration

6 Multiflex Brushes Split for better commutation, reduced circulating currents, and more points of contact. 2 or 3 sections to withstand even the roughest applications

7 Helwig Quick Disconnect Terminals and Mounts

8 Graphite Tamping Powder Patented through cooperative effort with former Speer Carbon Superior current carrying capacity Improved reliability under severe loads, high temperature, and vibration

9 Brushholders w/ Constant High Force Springs

10 The Helwig Advantage High quality reliable products Better performance and brush life Lower overall maintenance costs Scientific solutions to application problems Better integrated brush and holder designs Local field support

11 We are ready to serve you On-site equipment surveys and trouble shooting We look forward to servicing your carbon brush and brushholder requirements Give us a call at 1-800-962-4851 Check us out on the web at:

12 We invite you to visit us

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