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Jammu & Kashmir Floods Sept. 2014 Awareness and Appeal Jammu And Kashmir State FactsRivers, Highways and Districts of Jammu & KashmirA glimpse of Floods.

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1 Jammu & Kashmir Floods Sept. 2014 Awareness and Appeal Jammu And Kashmir State FactsRivers, Highways and Districts of Jammu & KashmirA glimpse of Floods and Wide spread DevastationInitial Rapid Assessment (by locals on Ground) Rescue and Relief Operations FactsMajor Challenges and Risks at handRiyadh Kashmiri Community Relief OPs SnapshotMajor Relief Requirements (short term) An Appeal for Assistance in this Humanitarian Cause Presented By : Volunteer Expat Kashmiri Community Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2 Jammu and Kashmir is located in North of India. 3 Major Divisions are Jammu Kashmir Laddakh Jammu : 10 Districts Kashmir : 10 Districts Laddakh : 2 Districts Flood Devastation 3/10 Dist in Jammu 7/10 Dist in Kashmir

3 Major Rivers Jehlum Indus Chenab National Highway Jamm-Sgr 300 Km Himachal-Leh 336 Km Leh-Sgr 434 Km Flood Devastation 4.5 million in Kashmir 0.5 million in Jammu Out of total 15 million population River Jhelum was flowing 23 feet above danger mark for several days

4 Area : 222,236 sq. Km ( 85,806 sq miles) Population : 12.55 million (2011) comparable to Cuba Capital : Srinagar (Summer) and Jammu (Winter) Divisions: (3) Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh Districts : 22 Muslims : 67% Hindus : 30% Buddhists: 1% Sikhs : 2% - 5 th Largest state in India out of 36 states/territories - Much Bigger than Bangladesh and Tunisia. Comparable to Romania - Kashmir Valley Muslim Population : 97% Source : 2001 Census of India Jammu & Kashmir State Facts

5 After Before

6 After

7 Before After

8 75% city submerged

9 Devastation

10 Dal Lake Area

11 Rescue and Destruction

12 4.5 million in Kashmir valley and half million in Jammu 75% of Kashmir converted into ruins in just 3-4 days 3 million people and their homes submerged in water mainly in Srinagar, Pulwama, Anantnag, Kulgam, Baramulla, Bandipora and Budgam Worst flood in last 100 Years Srinagar’s only one Airport is functional but reaching different parts of city not possible Kashmir’s only road linkage with the outside world - the Srinagar-Jammu highway - remains closed. Mobile network, landline phones, Internet, banking services (Including ATMs), local TV and radio services remain suspended Acute shortage of cash in Kashmir at the moment. Displaced People - Hyderpora East Bypass, Parraypora, Rawalpora, Sanat Nagar, Rangreth are safe and are housing a large numbers Suspended Basic Services - Drinking water and power services are suspended since Sunday in Srinagar and other flood affected areas Health Infra Damaged - Srinagar’s main emergency hospital SMHS Hospital, G B Panth Children’s Hospital, Dental Hospital, JVC Hospital are submerged in water. Only one SKIMS hospital is working but is access to it is limited by floods. Acute Shortage of Medicine - There is acute shortage of life saving medicines in the flood affected areas Collapsed and Under Water buildings - Hundreds of houses and buildings have collapsed in the last three days, especially in Old Srinagar – home to some 600,000 people Essential Commodities Shortage - severe shortage of essential commodities in Kashmir Dead and Unburied bodies - Hundereds of people have drowned in floods and bodies are being recovered. Carcasses of livestock - Hundreds of thousands of cattle have perished in the floods in Kashmir, including Srinagar’s suburbs National Highway and Roads Blocked - Disruption in road services in the district of Rajouri, Poonch and Reasi in Jammu. No Operational State Govt - Govt administration offices remain submerged and immobilized Initial Rapid Assessment

13 Local Volunteer Groups - Most of the rescue and relief efforts are being carried out by local volunteers and Indian army and air force International Aid Agencies - A few of them and Kashmiri NRI community have started some efforts but are facing challenges in Fund Transfer and Supply Chain as Kashmir is a Conflict Zone Kashmiri Expats in Kingdom and elsewhere are personally flying with Aid shipments Comprehensive Situation Report Missing - There is no comprehensive situation report available from any government or non-government source as of now. No organized government rescue and relief has been initiated as of now due to complete break-down of government administrative system Shortage of supplies in Hundreds of relief camps have been established in and around Srinagar mostly run by local volunteer efforts are running short of medical, food, clothes and other essential supplies required for relief work on ground. Rescue And Relief Operations Facts

14 Offering Relief without State Govt administration and infrastructure in place Starting Severe winter Season and millions are without shelter and clothes Conflict zone area limits free flow of Relief and Indian & State Govt Options Looming Epidemic - Stagnant waters with thousands of carcasses of livestock and other wastes leads to wide spread diseases No “expanded Rapid assessment Report” has been released yet. Relief work Comm & Coordination Missing - Lack of communication and coordination among relief camps on ground Telecom Network NOT Restored Fully - Internally mobile and landline networks are not working yet Lack of education and awareness on desirable behavioral norms and expected attitudes in general population Lack of counseling on stress, depression and trauma handling Wide spread corruption and its possible impact on Relief Operations Severe Winter impact on Highway and Roads - will make local transportation difficult and also block only national highway Keep up the enthusiasm and Drive of Kashmiris on ground and abroad in the short term Relief and long term Rehabilitation Major Challenges & Risks

15 General Kashmiri Community Meeting : About 200 Kashmiri men and women on 12 th Sept. Relief Groups created and working in Kingdom : 12 (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Hassa) First shipment : 900 Kgs of essential medicine, Date : 9 th Sept. Second Shipment : 236 kgs of infant food, 16 th Sept. Third Shipment : 200 Kgs of Infant food, 18 th Sept. Kashmiri Volunteers going to Kashmir : 3-5 every week (on paid and unpaid leave from their companies) Face book page for critical information dissemination WhatsApp Groups for daily information exchange and relief OPs coordination Weekly meeting of Group Leaders Donation Collection Points setup for receiving unused and extra medicine for families/friends/neighbours and hospitals (Also warm clothes, blankets and infant food) Volunteers Toolkit – created and distributed guidelines, emails, reports, presentations for volunteers and community members to be used for awareness, fundraising and receiving donations/discounts. Logistics Groups in India – Delhi, Bombay and Hyderabad International communication and coordination with other similar Groups in GCC, Europe and America Ground Zero Base Camp – Hyderpora, Kashmir ( sub-camps being established in remote areas) Contact information Database – published on web with information on groups, volunteers, camps, requirements, needs, offerings, mobile numbers and emails (Cloud based Disaster relief mgt service being launched soon) Snapshot - Kashmir Expats’ Relief Activities

16 Donations and Discounts – In cash and Kind from citizens, NRIs, organizations and corporates. drinking water, mobile water filtration units Medicines (List available on our Face book page) Stationery for temporary schools being setup (Not only schools are under water but also schools bags) City sanitation equipment and supplies hygiene kits for children and adults Baby food (mainly 0-6 months) Heavy warm clothes, (winter in Kashmir is very severe) Heavy blankets big and small for children/infants Water Proof Tents or makeshift houses that can withstand winter Boats to reach inaccessible areas with medicine and other supplies Heavy duty snow throwers portable and mobile Relief Management Experts, Doctors and para medics. Experts for Assessment - prepare “expanded Rapid Assessment and Requirements” Psychological Experts for stress, depression and trauma counseling Major Relief Requirements

17 Donations in Cash or Kind Discounts on Services - on your professional services Discounts on goods sold in the market (B2B or B2C) Donations through CSR budgets in corporates Donations through personal relations ( Let each bring 5 more… as example of network marketing) Provide helpful contacts here or back in India Advice on fundraising and Relief Operations Invitations and Opportunities to Reach Donors - Invite us to tell our story in other forums Salary Donations - Kashmiris appealed for one month salary. You are requested for 1 Wk Salary Time & Effort Donations – Take paid or unpaid leave or provide some spare time in our relief work Social Entrepreneurship - Business/Partnership/Investment Opportunities to our community-minded entrepreneurs Sponsorship & Scholarships - Sponsor one child education for five years/one family/an orphan, etc Visit Kashmiri Exhibitions & Events - Buy and Sell famous Kashmiri handicrafts and fruits – kashmiri shawl, papier machie, walnut, apple, etc Mass Media Help - Media coverage in print and electronic media Muslim world outreach Help - Assist in reaching to Muslim Govt Heads and organizations like Arab League, IDB, OIC, etc. Supply Chain Help - Provide helpful contacts in Customs on Indian International Airports and International Airlines like Air India, Saudi Airlines, Jet Airways, etc flying on international routes from GCC to India Contacts & Networking Help - in pharma, clean water, sanitation, warm clothes, blankets, water proof tents, portable houses for winter – manufacturers and dealers for donations and major discounts in India and abroad An Appeal for Help ! How you can help !

18 Thanks For Your Participation ! For Further Information: Contacts : Mirza Asif Mushtaq MirAbdul Rouf (Arabic Speaking) ARABSAT AlRajhi BankImam Saud University 0504978253 05547775610509821105

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