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2 makers  Joseph Strauss, Irving Marrow and Charles Ellis designed the bridge.  The bridge cost $35 million the bridge is 4200 ft across from pier to pier the bridge is 746 ft above sea lv.

3  The bridge was made on time and under the budget

4  The golden gate bridge was made so people didn't have to drive around the bay to get to marine peninsula.  In 1933 the bridge construction started.  The bridge was made by Mc Clintic-Marshal, construction company

5  It took 2 years to design the bridge

6 Paint  Some say once every seven years the bridge is painted, others say from end-to-end each year. Actually, the Bridge was painted when it was originally built. Until 1965, only touch up was required. In 1965, advancing corrosion sparked a program to remove the original lead-based paint (which was 68% red lead paste in a linseed oil carrier).  I would have panted the bridge green or maybe maroon if I were in charge.

7 Getting The Job  To become an structural engineer, you should get 4 to 5 years of college classes that emphasize English and Drafting. You will also need to take classes that include Math and Science, such as algebra, geometry, biology, and physics at your college.  After you obtain your bachelor’s degree in Civil or Architectural engineering from an accredited college, become an apprentice under an experienced and successful structural engineer.  When your internship expires, take the second half of your licensing examination. You are now a structural engineer!!! Keep up to date on new technology and remember to continue your education.

8 The Job  Once you manage to become a structural engineer, the learning doesn’t just stop. Structural engineering is a job where you are always learning new tactics, such as better use of joints or to spread out the weight of a load. The average engineer gets a salary of $63,737. you can always work up to being a master structural engineer  I think structural engineers are absolutely necessary in our world of roads, buildings, and bridges. I personally wouldn’t be one to take the job, but I am very grateful for those who do.  Here are some good bridge designs:

9 Our Bridge  Weight: 154.5 grams  Length: 16.5 inches  Height: 4.2 inches  Width: 4.7 inches  Load ratios should be high. Cost ratios should be low.  Cost: $18.03  122 sticks used to make our bridge

10 cool stuuffff!!!  Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge is a very sturdy construction designed to withstand 8 point earthquakes and up to 90 mph gusty winds? That makes one strong bridge!  vs

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