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Sincere effort for ideal change Support and Inclusion Meaning And Importance.

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1 sincere effort for ideal change Support and Inclusion Meaning And Importance

2 sincere effort for ideal change SCOPE  Inclusion  Exclusion  Our work  Barriers to Inclusion  Support  Awareness  Conclusion

3 sincere effort for ideal change Abtrsact To be able to participate fully within families, community and society. There are many children who are out of school, and also not free to social or family interaction. Due to disability, being orphans, or coming from poor families. There are countless others within the school system not receiving quality education. We will provide guidelines and concepts for rendering Education for All more inclusive, with our objective of ensuring access and quality education for ALL learners.

4 sincere effort for ideal change Abtrsact The Presentation intend to systematize how excluded children are planned for in education, and social life; brief introduction, provides perspective on the origins of inclusion and describes the shift from integration towards inclusion de fi nes inclusion, explains how it is founded in a human rights approach and how is relates to factors such as quality and cost-effectiveness; practical changes; providing tools for policy makers and educational planners for hands-on analysis of education plans, read think act

5 sincere effort for ideal change Inclusion  To be included is to be accepted and to be able to participate fully within our families, communities and society  Inclusive education: is coming up with practices that allow each student to feel respected, confident and safe so he / she can learn and develop to his / her full potential

6 sincere effort for ideal change Exclusion  To be excluded, whether because of poverty, health, gender, race, or lack of education, do not have the opportunity for full participation in the economic and social benefits of society  Exclusion,reduces children’s opportunities to learn, grow and develop

7 sincere effort for ideal change Why do they need community based programmes To enable:  Create a healthy child development  Act as a resource centre for children and society  To help all children and youth to connect to other families in their communities  To form social networks for children and parents  To organize Informal Parent Education

8 sincere effort for ideal change Barriers mostly seen  Finance Today,most schools,have the will and zeal in changing their systems and infrutructures,only that inadequate funding hinders development that keep both specialists and classroom teachers updated on the best practices of inclusion.

9 sincere effort for ideal change  Lack of Knowledge This is one of the greatest barriers when it comes to inclusion.In someDue to negative attitudes, perceptions,stereotypes and lack of understanding within society in general inclusion has been taken for granted. Many societies,mostly in Africa where I come from make the dissable child who is growing into youth, soon an adult suffer due to lack of knowledge

10 sincere effort for ideal change  Access to Schools Most schools, are not accessible to many children, for instance, in the area I work: They are not made with assistive technology to accommodate children with special needs i.e.; Toilets Ramps/staircases The distance is so many kilometers Playing facilities, hinder them from social life

11 sincere effort for ideal change  Education curriculum Environment must be accessible to students with disabilities, Our curriculum must also facilitate inclusive education.In some cases educators may not be willing to work with inclusion specialists to make modifications and accommodations in both teaching methods and classroom and homework assignments.this mostly calls for effort of the Government,teachers,inclusion specialist.

12 sincere effort for ideal change  Lack of working together Communication is important in inclusion. Lack of communication mainly among administrators, teachers, specialists, staff, parents, students and the entire society is a very big mountain that needs to climbed first. Open communication and coordinated planning between general education teachers and special education staff are essential for inclusion to work.

13 sincere effort for ideal change Guidelines And Concepts for Rendering Education for All  Support  Awareness

14 sincere effort for ideal change SUPPORT It is to:  To bear the weight.  To hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping.  To be capable of bearing; withstand  To keep from weakening or failing; strengthen:  To provide for or maintain, by supplying with money or necessities..  To argue in favor of; advocate  To endure; tolerate

15 sincere effort for ideal change To hold from falling All children and youths be provided with basic needs, services and resources, that may assist them meet their individual goals and needs, which will enable them contributes to their,social, psychological, and cultural development. Training teachers and society to understand and work with vulnerable children /disabled is often inadequate, or it may be fragmented and uncoordinated If professionals and community have negative attitudes toward children with special needs or have low expectations of them, children are unlikely to receive a satisfactory, inclusive education

16 sincere effort for ideal change To bear the weight Time is needed for teachers and specialists to meet and create well-constructed plans to identify and implement modifications that accommodates specific goals for individual students. Teamwork must also exist among teachers, staff, and parents to meet a student’s needs and facilitate learning at home. Teachers should be flexible in how students learn and demonstrate knowledge and understanding. For example,Written work should be limited if a student cannot write and can accomplish the same or similar learning objective through a different method.

17 sincere effort for ideal change To provide for or maintain, with money or necessities.. Inadequate funding hinders ongoing professional development that keep both specialists and classroom teachers updated on the best practices of inclusion Partnering with other organisations and also the government, like creating social events e.g sports charity walks and music concerts,To create funds, for various project is important for so many non profitable organisations,when it comes to generating of income

18 sincere effort for ideal change Other support ways are: Helping the child stand out in yhe midst of their peers,parents and the society atlarge,through  Group: talks with other youths and children of the sameissues,will make many children open up for discussion through which you may learn a lot about them  Sports:choose any type of sporting activities this brings out the brightness of the child it tend to make thenm happy that they can do so much that they themselves did imagine they would,it also lifts their spirits as human beings  Muisc :is also a better way to connect to your soul Giving social support to the child always makes them feel there is nothing they cant,then the classroom part will just be smooth all the way.

19 sincere effort for ideal change Awareness Set up campaigns which will work with parents to overcome prejudices and fears concerning inclusive education highlight benefits of what inclusive education brings to entire communities, as well as moderating parental forums where concerns can be discussed. A key focus is to work with parents in these communities in order to gain a better understanding of their attitudes towards and to defuse fears and misunderstandings relating to integrated education.

20 sincere effort for ideal change Awareness contd This campaign is implemented through the collaboration of several Self help groups in the society, organizations working closely with marginalized children and communities vulnerable to social exclusion. The project has already enabled these organizations to share their expertise and resources in order to jointly address the issue of social exclusion in education and to help societies embrace inclusiveness and tolerance.

21 sincere effort for ideal change Awareness contd Last but not least Setting Open Society Education programs and grassroots initiatiative, supports society in fulfilling its role in building tolerant, open, and cohesive societies where all children have the right and the opportunity to access quality,Education. This initiative, is based on the principle that community-rooted grassroots organizations are the best placed to address local issues, and to effectively reach out to vulnerable groups, supports and amplifies these community-driven efforts.

22 sincere effort for ideal change Conclusion As I conclude I would love to read for you what one of my students wrote for me when they heard about this congress. Disability is state where a person is not comfortable in some parts of the body, there are various types of disability.1.mental disability 2.physical 3.visual 4.hearing impairment 5.speech difficulty 6.behavious problems ZERO(Physical disability) Physical disability is a state where one is using crutches, wheelchairs or walking stick

23 sincere effort for ideal change CHALLENGES FACING THEM Raining season; some may get stuck in mud more so those using crutches and wheelchairs,making it difficult for movement Mobility aids; If given mobility aids ones and when get spoilt no one can replace them Isolation from parents, relatives and the society; this is where by most of them are being hidden from the rest, during travelling most Public Service vehicles do not allow them to go in especially those in wheelchairs.

24 sincere effort for ideal change HOW THEY CAN BE SUPPOTTED. 1.Improve drainage 2.Marum pathways /pavements on paths 3.Their toilets should be well accessed 4.They should be supported with financials by Government 5.They should be given maximum education like regular persons DISSABILITY IS NOT INABILITY from: CALVINCE JOYLAND SPECIAL SCHOOL KISUMU.

25 sincere effort for ideal change From my own experience “ I always say nijumuishe nifikie nyota yangu” Meaning: Include me I reach the stars Thank you all

26 sincere effort for ideal change CONCLUSION CONTD Inclusion = good teaching for all

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