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Art Faulkner Director Alabama Emergency Management Agency.

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1 Art Faulkner Director Alabama Emergency Management Agency

2 Collaboration During a Disaster State Agencies Alabama Emergency Management Agency Geological Survey of Alabama Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs Information Services Division /Alabama Geospatial Office Alabama National Guard Alabama Department of Homeland Security Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center Alabama Forestry Commission Alabama Department of Environmental Management Federal Agencies Federal Emergency Management Agency National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency U.S. Geological Survey HDDS National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration/National Weather Service U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

3 Local Contributions County GIS Municipality GIS Private Entities Atlantic Group: uploaded imagery to public site Volunteers Coordinated offers of assistance Collaboration During a Disaster

4 Smarter building to better withstand disaster Models Planning capabilities Effective Response and Recovery Pictorial format for better visualization Structural metadata GIS Technologies

5 Working with existing and emerging sectors Increase broadband access Improve bandwidth capabilities Improved methods of transferring data Broadband Access

6 Reduced confusion Projections Terminology Symbology Effective use of data between various applications and platforms Data Standardization

7 Alabama Emergency Management Agency P.O. Drawer 2160 Clanton, AL 35046 205-280-2200 Twitter: @AlabamaEMA Facebook: AlabamaEMA YouTube: AlabamaEMAtv

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