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Towards Knowledge Based Society Onno W. Purbo

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1 Towards Knowledge Based Society Onno W. Purbo

2 Who am I? A jobless common Indonesian. Notorious in criticizing the government. BUT, provide workable solutions to Indonesians. My asset: Knowledge. normally distributed for free, I don’t believe in copyright. Lots of friends. Active on 100+ mailing lists, receive 600 e-mail / day.

3 Bank’s Loan for ICT




7 Let’s See What “God” Has To Say

8 What the Indonesian Parliament has to say?



11 SBY-JK Promises..


13 Fulfill People’s Right

14 Economic Agenda: Perbaikan & Penciptaan Kerja

15 Economic Agenda: Penghapusan Kemiskinan

16 Economic Agenda: Penghapusan Ketimpangan

17 What the World has to say?







24 Let’s See the Practical Indonesian Solution & Experiences..

25 What you’ll see.. Based on 10+ years of grass root experiences. Not much support from the government. No World Bank loan No IMF loan Mostly Self-finance!

26 Indonesia 1993 Internet UsersFew CybercafeNone Schools on InternetNone ICT booksFew ICT MagazineFew

27 10+ Years Later, Today.. 10+ Million Indonesian Internet Users 10000+ WiFi outdoor installations 2000+ CyberCafes 4000+ schools on the Internet 1000+ Community Radio 20+ ICT Magazines Hundreds ICT Books Title Hundreds Local ICT Authors

28 Future objectives.. To see 110 million Indonesians on the Internet by 2015. Self-finance Gov’t have not much $$ to provide infrastructure. Sustainable Invest, maintain & operate by communities Minimizing (removing) Foreign Loan

29 Who? Mostly community based.. Not much gov’t funding & support No World Bank, no IMF loan Mostly self-finance & community based

30 More Questions … How? Where? Funding & Cost?

31 Quick Answers Where? It is everywhere, all over Indonesia.. Total 10+ million Internet users (end 2004) Funding & Cost? Self-finance US$0.5/student/month (RoI 1-2 years) US$15-45/house/month

32 How? Some simple short answer would be: Education Awareness Encourage Local Authors

33 How? – the logic.. Community education They understand ICT importance Affordable when shared & Easy to use GUI. They convinced They invest They install They operate They collectively pay all costs They get their $$ back in 1-2 years They influence other communities. Empowerment

34 Stories Behind The Screen.. “Jihad” for Community Based ICT Infrastructure vs. The Incumbent Jurassic Infrastructure

35 Empowerment.. It can be self-financed!!

36 Distribute CD

37 Web Requests for help, talk & workshop from Nicaragua, Venezuela, Benin, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, Mozambique etc …

38 Mailing Lists 2600+ lists 65.000+ subscribers 50+ e-mail / second

39 Workshops Roadshows

40 Publish Books..

41 Impact.. Empower the poor Community based Infrastructure

42 Comp. Lab. For Street Kids Source: Donny BU

43 Used Equipments

44 Children Happy …

45 Stunned Others

46 The Strategic Framework Knowledge Cycle Encourage Knowledge Producers

47 Basic Principles Producervs. Consumer Supplycreated by Demand

48 Knowledge Cycle

49 Components

50 2-Way Interaction (~1-3 years)

51 Explicit Knowledge

52 Vendor Ads

53 Physical Interact

54 Demand

55 Cost

56 Impact

57 The conservative consequences in 2-4 years 20+ million Internet users BTW, don’t forget 38+ million students in 220.000+ schools

58 Indonesia will be dangerous! CountryPopulation 2003 Australia20+ million Malaysia23+ million Philippine84+ million Thailand63+ million Vietnam81+ million Burma42+ million Canada31+ million


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