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AURA Meeting December 16, 2014. Introductions Krystal Toups, CRA Director, Grants Sponsored Projects Administration.

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1 AURA Meeting December 16, 2014

2 Introductions Krystal Toups, CRA Director, Grants Sponsored Projects Administration

3 Housekeeping Items ITV Groups Please mute microphones Presenters Repeat questions in mic

4 Website Spotlight Anthony Gillum, Sponsored Projects Specialist

5 Intranet Homepage

6 How to Find Your Sponsored Project Specialist Menu Research Contact Your Pre-Award Specialist

7 SPA Contact Us

8 Updates Krystal Toups, CRA Director, Grants Sponsored Projects Administration

9 SPA Updates  R&A Form updates –Project title field extended for R&A and RCOI form. –Continuous Submission button added under due dates  Limited Submissions  Proposals during holiday –Notify Krystal Toups if you plan to submit a proposal with a due date between December 22 nd – January 5 th –SPA will have a team member available on UTHealth “skeleton crew” days.

10 NIH Updates Old NIH Biosketch 4 pages Personal Statement Position and Honors Selected Peer-reviewed Publications Research Support *New NIH Biosketch 5 pages Personal Statement with up to 4 peer reviewed publications highlighting experience Position and Honors – same Contribution to Science (formally “selected peer- reviewed publications”). Link to full list of published work as found in a publicly available digital database such as MyBibliography or SciENcv Research Support - Same Due dates on or after: January 25, 2015 (encourage use) May 25, 2015 (require use) NIH/AHRQ Biosketch (NOT-OD-15-032)NOT-OD-15-032 Vs. *Reference Fellowship Application Biographical Sketch Format Page for Individual fellowships, R36 dissertation grants, and diversity supplementsFellowship Application Biographical Sketch Format Page

11 NIH Updates  SF424 (R&R) Application Guides 11/25/14 updated application guides  NIH Modification to Guidance on Marking Changes in Resubmission Applications NOT-OD-15-030 Removed the requirement to identify 'substantial scientific changes' in the text of a Resubmission application by 'bracketing, indenting, or change of typography‘. Now sufficient to outline changes in the introduction tab.

12 SPA Training Amaris Ogu Clinical Research Financial Analyst Sponsored Projects Administration

13 SPA Training Update Next SPA Training Course: Tuesday,04/28/15 thorough Thursday,04/30/15 Registration opens Monday, 02/23/15 Online Modules are available! Module List found here: administration/training/internal.htm administration/training/internal.htm Other Training Resources

14 Effort Reporting William Mitchell, MPSA Supervisor, Systems & Reporting

15 Effort Reporting Compliance

16  Columbia University – October 2014 –No salary or wage verification of actual effort –Mischarged grants for work not allocable –Submitted inaccurate effort reports  Resolved with $9,020,073 settlement Effort Reporting Compliance

17 Effort Reporting Period  Pre-review period: Jan 5 th -18th  Certification Period: Jan 19th - Feb 19th  Travel restrictions on uncertified statements: Feb 20th

18 Effort Reporting Reminders  Please review all cards for accuracy  Initiate any Personnel Actions, if needed  Place incorrect cards on hold until fixed  Comment any changes on the statement  Guides and forms on Effort website:

19 Hot Topics Jodi S. Ogden, MBA, CRA Associate Vice President Sponsored Projects Administration

20 Hot Topics  Uniform Guidance  Charging Sponsored Projects

21 Uniform Guidance  Uniform Guidance (UG) –Effective December 26, 2014 –Expected (no official notice to date) that all new, renewal and continuations will be awarded under the UG –Purchasing requirement delayed –FDP Meeting in January

22 Expenses on Sponsored Projects  Allowability  Allocability  Reasonableness

23 Allowability  Expenses charged to a sponsored research award must meet the following allowability criteria: –The costs must be reasonable. –The costs must be given consistent treatment through application of those generally accepted accounting principles appropriate to the circumstances. –The costs must conform to any limitations or exclusions set forth in the sponsored agreement or in the Federal Cost Principles (OMB Circular A- 21 & Uniform Guidance).

24 Allocability  The cost must be evaluated against the criterion of allocability.  The cost has been incurred solely to support or advance the work of a specific sponsored research award.  Assign costs in reasonable and realistic proportion to the benefit provided or other equitable relationship.

25 Reasonableness  The cost must be able to withstand public scrutiny.  Objective individuals not affiliated with the institution would agree that a cost is appropriate on a sponsored project or as a component in its Facilities and Administration Cost proposal.  Once a determination of allowability, allocability, and reasonableness has been made, it is important that all expenses be charged to the appropriately.

26 Charging Appropriately  Budget and expenditure information recorded in the accounting system serves the basis for: –The preparation of yearly financial statements; –Departmental-level planning and reporting; –Project specific planning and reporting –Facilities and Administration Cost proposal preparation and rate calculation –Audit reviews

27 Unallowable Costs  Unallowable Costs –Alcohol –Entertainment Costs  Meetings that include food must be in the proposal  Dinner meetings must be in the proposal –Must include agenda w/ attendees

28 Next Meeting: January 28, 2015 Presentations & Schedule Posted at:

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