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I Will Be Valiant The Lord needs valiant servants,

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1 I Will Be Valiant The Lord needs valiant servants,
To do his work in the latter day, Who follow the teachings of Jesus And serve his people in a loving way. I will be his servant And keep my cov’nants valiantly. I’ll stand for truth. I’ll stand for right. The Lord can depend on me. Words and music: Vanja Y. Watkins, b © 1981 IRI Your software may allow more than one music file format for the song on this slide. To delete the file(s) you are not using, move the pointer for your mouse over the file icon you don’t want. Then, right click the mouse and select “cut.” wma wav mp3

2 I need a few more volunteers!
I need a volunteer! Try to break this piece of thread. Now, try to break this piece of rope. I need a few more volunteers!

3 Our testimonies start like single pieces of thread but can be strengthened until they become unbreakable. We can all develop strong testimonies that will help us when others try to challenge us and our beliefs or try to deceive us.

4 Our lesson today is about Jacob, whose testimony was unbreakable.

5 The ship carrying Lehi’s family crossed the ocean and arrived at the promised land.
Lehi grew old. Before he died he talked to his sons and told them to obey God’s commandments.

6 After Lehi died Laman and Lemuel became angry with Nephi for urging them to keep the commandments.
They did not want Nephi, their younger brother, to be their leader.

7 The Lord told Nephi to lead the righteous people into the wilderness.
They traveled for many days and finally stopped at a land they named Nephi. They called themselves the people of Nephi.

8 The people who followed Nephi obeyed God.
They worked hard and were blessed. Nephi taught his people to build with wood and metal. They built a beautiful temple.

9 Laman and Lemuel’s followers were called Lamanites.
They did not obey the commandments. They became lazy and wicked and cut themselves off from the Lord’s help and guidance.

10 The Lamanites were cursed by God
The Lamanites were cursed by God. Their skin became darkened to remind the Nephites to not intermarry or mix with them. The Lamanites hated the Nephites and wanted to destroy them.

11 The Prophet Jacob is Confronted by Sherem
“Lesson 8: The Prophet Jacob Is Confronted by Sherem,” Primary 4: Book of Mormon, (1997),25 Adaptation from “A New Home in the Promised Land,” Book of Mormon Stories, Ch 9, p 25&26 Adaptation from “Jacob and Sherem,” Book of Mormon Stories, Ch 10, p 27-29

12 Nephi led his people in righteousness and helped protect them from the Lamanites.
Eventually, Nephi grew old. He gave the plates he had written on to his younger brother Jacob.

13 Jacob was righteous. Nephi also gave the historical and scriptural records to Jacob. Nephi told Jacob to write the things that would help the people believe in Jesus Christ.

14 Nephi consecrated Jacob to be a priest in the Church and to teach the Nephites the word of God.
After Nephi died many of the Nephites became wicked. Jacob taught the people.

15 He told them to repent of the bad things they were doing.
A wicked man named Sherem went among the Nephites, teaching them not to believe in Jesus Christ.

16 Sherem told the people that there would be no Christ.
Many people believed Sherem. Jacob taught the people to believe in Christ.

17 Sherem wanted to argue with Jacob and persuade him that there would be no Christ.
Jacob’s faith in Jesus Christ could not be shaken. Jacob had seen angels and had heard the Lord’s voice. He knew Jesus would come.

18 The Holy Ghost was with Jacob as he bore his testimony of Jesus Christ to Sherem.
Sherem asked to see a sign. He wanted Jacob to prove there is a God. He wanted to see a miracle.

19 Jacob would not ask God for a sign.
He said Sherem already knew that what Jacob had taught was true. Jacob said if God struck Sherem, that would be a sign of God’s power.

20 Sherem immediately fell down. He could not get up for many days.
Sherem was weak and knew he was going to die. He called the people together.

21 Sherem told them he had lied.
He said they should believe in Jesus Christ. After Sherem finished talking to the people, he died. The people felt God’s power, and they fell to the ground.

22 The people began to repent and read the scriptures.
They lived in peace and love. Jacob was happy and knew that God had answered his prayers.

23 Discussion Time!

24 Who was Jacob? About how many years before Christ’s birth did Jacob and Sherem live? (See the bottom of the page in Jacob 7.)

25 How did Jacob know about Jesus Christ, who had not been born yet?
Let’s read Jacob 7:5, 10–12

26 What did Sherem do to try to convince the people that Jesus Christ would not come?
Let’s read Jacob 7:2–4 What does it mean to use flattery?

27 Who influenced Sherem? Let’s read Jacob 7:4, 18 How does Satan try to influence us? What were some of Sherem’s lies? Let’s read Jacob 7:7, 9–10, 19

28 Why was Jacob able to withstand the evil influence of Sherem?
Let’s read Jacob 7:5, 8, 10–12 Although we may not see angels or hear God’s voice, what can we do to be strong when people tempt us to do wrong?

29 Why didn’t Jacob want to show Sherem a sign?
Let’s read Jacob 7:13–14 Why isn’t seeking signs a good way to gain a testimony of Christ? Let’s read D&C 63:7–12

30 Signs may come after we demonstrate faith and obedience, but we should not seek them.
What have we learned in our past lessons about Laman and Lemuel’s lack of faith even though they had seen signs?

31 What effect did Sherem’s confession and death have on the people?
Let’s read Jacob 7:21–23 Why do we need to have strong testimonies of Jesus Christ? How can we gain and strengthen our testimonies of the Savior?

32 Divide into two groups! Find ways you can strengthen your testimony of Jesus Christ in these scriptures: One group will read Alma 5:46 One group will read Alma 37:35 I will write your responses on the chalkboard. Enr. Act. 2

33 How can we share our testimonies with others?
Why do our testimonies grow stronger when we bear them to others?

34 It is important to gain and strengthen your testimony of Jesus Christ so that you can withstand the evil influences around you. I bear testimony that Jesus Christ is our Savior and is the Son of our Heavenly Father.

35 I challenge you to choose one way to strengthen your testimony.
Write it on a piece of paper as a reminder to take home and work on during the week.

36 Images and clipart are from lds
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