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Deforestation, Natural Disasters and Humans Haiti: Where have all the trees gone?

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1 Deforestation, Natural Disasters and Humans Haiti: Where have all the trees gone?

2 What is deforestation? Photo: Nick Hobgood via FlickrPhoto: Trees for the Future via Flickr The act or process of clearing forests.clearing

3 Haiti Mountainous – prone to landslides 22% decline in forest cover since 1990; had already cleared 99.2% of original forest One of the most deforested countries in the world Poorest country in Western Hemisphere - 50% live on $1 a day

4 Photograph courtesy NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio Left side = Haiti Right side = Dominican Republic

5 Group exploration of articles

6 “Hurricanes deepen misery in poorest corners of Latin America” – The Canadian Press CAUSE Poor drainage systems and homes that can’t withstand the force of a storm. Hurricanes, mudslides and flooding. Poor communication and planning EFFECT People die; lose their homes and livelihoods. Residents didn’t know the storms are coming or their severity. Homes destroyed. SOLUTIONS Send aid in the form of money and workers to help them build adequate homes and systems. Water infrastructure strong enough to withstand a storm, Other comments/key points:

7 “Haiti: In Need of Trees” – American Forests CAUSE 90% of Haiti is deforested. Haitians need tree’s to fuel their homes and protect them from floods and mud slides. EFFECT The tree roots absorb the heavy rain water in Haiti. With all the trees being but down all this extra water is causing mud slides and floods. SOLUTIONS Give USAID more founding to care for the environment.( USAID planted more than 60 million trees in 20 years.) A UN peacekeeping forces are coming to Haiti to patrol the forests. Haitian government is considering the importation of either propane or wood in a move to hold off further environmental destruction Other comments/key points: Even Religious trees are being cut down.

8 “Red Cross assists aid distribution in Haiti” – Marko Kokic CAUSE -Floodwaters -Land slides -Waters contaminated by floods -Roads washed out EFFECT -Homes destroyed -No trees to hold in the earth -non safe drinking water -No access to Mapou by road SOLUTIONS Made temporary homes in safe places -Reduce deforestation -Red cross gives out purifying tablets -Red cross has cleared debris Other comments/key points: Distributed 3 weeks of food for 3, 000 families (15, 000 people). Many rocks/loose mud still threaten villages. Some trees held back landslide and spared houses. 400 temporary shelters constructed. Many unnecessary deaths due to people not being able to see in the dark.

9 “UN troops struggle in Haitian Aid Effort” – Winnipeg Free Press CAUSE Tropical storm Jeanne had torrential rain that turned roads into rivers and mudslides. EFFECT 1500 died, 300,000 homeless. Many injured and awaiting medical services. Need food from aid distribution. People fighting over food to the point of using guns. People dying from lack of water and electricity in medical centres. Roads into rivers and mudslides. Infected wounds. Performing operations in primitive conditions. SOLUTIONS Need more than twice the 3,000 peace keepers in place in Haiti. If they had help from the National Police of Haiti, they could possibly increase the aid distribution points. Other comments/key points:

10 “After the earthquake: Haiti's deforestation needs attention” – Moises Velasquez-Manoff CAUSE The use the wood to burn or use as coal in their houses. (30 million trees are used, that’s 20 million more than what grows per year) EFFECT - desert landscape - With no tress to hold to hold the soil in place when an event happens. Such as an earthquake. The effect is magnified as the ground is unstable. SOLUTIONS -Use an alternative source to wood. -Give them funding so they don’t have to do as much clear cutting. -Give them a better education so they are more aware of the devastation they are causing. Other comments/key points:

11 “A Tree Grows in Haiti” -Jeneen Interlandi CAUSE Charcoal Room for crops Wood to cook or heat their homes Storms/ bad weather EFFECT Deforestation Soil being easily moved especially into the water polluting it Makes land/ Haiti much more vulnerable More floods because there are very little trees/ vegetation to soak up the water SOLUTIONS Plant trees Fertilise soil so trees can grow Take care of the trees so they can grow and so they don’t get cut down Other comments/key points:

12 Causes of Deforestation in Haiti Population growth Photo: melindayiti via Flickr Topography Weather Poverty

13 Possible Causes Population increase Slash and Burn Commercial Logging Cash Crops Subsistence living Political upheaval Cheap fuel source US Oil Embargo Possible Effects Species Problems Soil erosion Flooding and Landslides Climate Change Air pollution Loss of tourism dollars Destruction of fishing industry Poor soil Economic instability Hunger

14 Possible Solutions Tree planting Photo: Trees for the Future photostream via Flickr Alternative energy Foreign investment Political stability Foreign government aid Grafting fruit trees

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