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Illinois Climate Presented By: Bradford Jr. High Robotic team.

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1 Illinois Climate Presented By: Bradford Jr. High Robotic team

2 The Winter Climate  Cold  Snowy  Average of 22 degrees F in the Northern IL.  Average of 37 degrees F in the Southern IL.  Germany and Italy have comparable climates.

3 The Summer Climate HHHHot and Humid WWWWet AAAAverage of 70 degrees in the North AAAAverage of 77 degrees in the South GGGGermany and Italy have like climates.

4 Records HHHHigh – 1 17 degrees F EEEEast St. Louis July 14, 1954 LLLLow – -– -– -– -36 degrees F CCCCongerville January 5, 1999

5 TToday's climate is essential for farmers. We have sufficient rainfall to support crops. The temperature is adequate for growing crops.

6 WWith global warming it can affect the worlds habitat. With a warmer climate there is less rain to support sufficient crops. More rain is evaporated when there is higher temperatures. There would be more and longer droughts in this area. The temperature may increase by 5- 10 degrees by the end of the 21 st century. IIn major cities pollution can be a concern. In the summer urban areas can be around 7 degrees hotter than small towns and suburbs, with higher amounts of pollution in the air. WWhen the rain comes in excessive amounts it can create flooding. In the last few years we have had record setting floods in our area.

7 Farmers also use better crops that can withstand long droughts. Farmers are conserving water more efficiently. There are more windmills that produce clean energy. Fuel efficient and electric cars are being developed. Communities are encouraging green development. We are using more efficient appliances & lighting.

8 WWith the rising temperatures people can help slow this tragic trend. Some little solutions would be to: CCar pool or ride a local bus to prevent more gas emissions from polluting the air. WWalk or ride a bicycle DDrive an electric car IInstall a solar panel on your house To control floods: Put up flood barriers or levies Create flood plains To withstand droughts: Save up water in reservoirs To withstand famine: Save up food and livestock and plant crops

9 Areas similar to Illinois Parts of Southern Europe and Russia have a climate similar to ours. Many areas in Europe and Russia share the same problems as we do.

10 Germany Germany has had flood problems. Germany has had problems similar to the problems in our area. Germany is working on natural retention and building levies for the flooding problems. Droughts Save water in reservoirs Famine Save food and livestock and plant crops

11 Italy Italy has faced record setting floods in recent years. We recently had had problems with flooding in our area. Higher temperatures are harmful to their crops. Vineyards are more vulnerable to parasites and the wines are less rich in taste. Italy is trying to naturally keep back flooding and in some cases they are building levies. FFFFamine –S–S–S–Save food and livestock and plant crops DDDDrought –S–S–S–Save water in reservoirs

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