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Military, Marine & Medical Customized Solutions Gamatronic Our Power, Your confidence.

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1 Military, Marine & Medical Customized Solutions Gamatronic Our Power, Your confidence

2 Gamatronic’s strong emphasis on R&D and technological innovation, enable the company to adapt existing products and develop new ones according to clients’ diversified needs. Gamatronic’s Customized Solutions

3 We offer: Fast development & delivery time Competitive pricing Effective solutions Formal certification and standards upon demand (MIL STD, UL, etc’) Cont.

4 Designed according to military standards EMC: MIL-STD-461D/NAVY Control of electromagnetic (emission & susceptibility) characteristics used in military applications Input: 3X440V/60Hz Output: 3X115V/400Hz or 60Hz Redundant Parallel Operation Front access & small dimensions NEMA 1 Enclosure Optional External Battery Cabinet 32 Batteries 12V-20AH. Extended Dry alarm contacts 30kVA 3/3 – Naval Frequency Converter for the Israeli Naval Forces

5 Tested and approved by Israeli Naval Forces Installed in naval ships/boats’ control rooms Consisting of 2 parallel redundant (1+1) converters for power sensitive control equipment Vibrations: MIL-STD-167* Mechanical Vibration of shipboard equipment ensure consistency in vibration requirements *Environmental MIL-STD-810-F Standard test method for environmental engineering and laboratory tests. The systems were tested for durability to: high/low temperatures, sand, dust, fungus and humidity. 30kVA 3/3 Cont.

6 Designed for power control equipment aboard naval ships 10kVA-8KW 3/3 Input: 3X200VAC/ 3X208VAC/ 2X220VAC +20%-15% 50/60Hz (upon client request) Output: 3X200VAC/ 3X208VAC/ 2X220VAC +/-1% 50/60Hz (upon client request) Optional 400Hz output frequency (frequency converter without ST.SW) Full front access & small physical dimensions Optional RS422 communication port 10kVA UPS for Off-Shore Applications

7 The unit complies with the following standards: Vibrations: MIL-STD-167 and MIL-STD-901c EMC : MIL-STD 461 Safety: EN50091-1 Design : ENV50091-3Optional battery cabinet 16 batteries 12V-26AH Tested and approved by well know Israeli manufacturer of military intelligence equipment. 10kVA Cont.

8 Designed For outdoor semi-military applications, frequent transferring in military vehicles. Suitable to withstand shock & vibrations Used to stabilize generator output power On-line double conversion based on the MP110 1kVA, without batteries Small size, low weight (18Kg) Enclosure: IP65 (NEMA 6) with closed lid 1000VA Outdoor Stabilizer

9 Input: 230V +/-20%, 45-65Hz. Output: 230V +/-2%, 50/60Hz +/-0.25% Pure sine wave, THDv<2%. 4 Output Sockets 1 Industrial 240V 16A plug with 1.5-2 meter cable Standards General & Safety: EN50091-1 EMC: EN50091-2 Design: ENV50091-3 1000VA Cont.

10 The Advanced New Technologies company from the UK, was searching for a product that would manage clean shore power solutions for yachts, including high power projects for super- and mega-yachts. Marine Shore Power Systems for yachts

11 A-N-T developed a completely new solution based on Gamatronic Power+ system modules. Power + modules were designed with a small internal change in order to provide more startup current. Marine Shore Power Systems Cont.

12 External design – A-N-T Operates on two separate power sources With input protection transformers Works as a voltage stabilizer – no ST/SW operation Power capacity available in – 20, 40, 80 and 250kVA Marine Shore Power Systems Cont.

13 Backs up the “Iron Dome project”- mobile air defense system designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and artillery shells Designed according to international standard IEC 62040-3 Input 400’3 Vac+ N (3x230 Vac, N = Neutral) Output 3x400 Vac + N IDF Iron Dome Project Power + Reinforced 20kVA

14 Internal protections against shock and corrosion Housed in an anodized steel enclosure designed to withstand: physical shock, heavy vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity, and atmospheric salinity. IDF Iron Dome Project Cont.

15 The System was designed according to the requirements of the Indian marines naval vessels Internal protections against shock and corrosion Power+ Reinforced 20kVA UPS For Military Applications

16 System complies with stringent standards of EMC, EMI, manufacturing, environmental, design and safety Units were installed on heavy- duty springs to provide stability on board ship. Power + Reinforced Cont.

17 Approved by GE Health Care for the US market Since 2006 the Micro PS SP and later the Power + SA have been protecting GEHC CT-scan machines Certified Gamatronic engineer available 24/7 for commissioning and servicing. GE Health Care Power + SA 10kVA

18 Small foot print and light design, the electronic cabinet weighs 22 Kg alone Extremely low fail rate of 1% Input PF 1 UL certified GE Health Care Cont.

19 Customized system for Toshiba CMC’s medical products. Installed alongside X ray machines, CT scanners, MRI scanners and CATH labs. The system was tailor made to protect against power surges and unstable electrical supply. Medical μPS-SP 60 to 200kVA

20 Available in stand-alone and parallel configurations in 3/1 and 3/3 models Designed to work with symmetrical and non- symmetrical, linear and non-linear loads Optional: Redundant parallel connection of up to 10 UPSs, with active current sharing Medical μPS-SP Cont.

21 For further information Please contact us 17 Hartom St. POB 45029 Science Based Park; Jerusalem; Israel 97774 Email:

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