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DESIGN CRITERIA The Inclusion of Elements in a Facilities Design.

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1 DESIGN CRITERIA The Inclusion of Elements in a Facilities Design

2 Design Elements »Structural Functionalism »Physical Functionalism »Cultural/Aesthetic Functionalism

3 Structural Functionalism The concept of structural functionalism is linked to the idea of carrying capacity –Designed to withstand pressure from the elements (natural system) –Designed to withstand pressure from human usage

4 Note: Cage, Playing surface

5 Shuffleboard Courts concrete surrounded by asphalt

6 Ambiance of an outdoor pool concrete topped by chain link

7 Maintenance vs Sightlines Safety

8 Problem The best materials from a structural standpoint are not the best from an aesthetic viewpoint Hence the idea of compromise - management and user considerations

9 Combination of relatively permanent material with some sense of aesthetics


11 Compromise - may be difficult Large vehicles + high volume Turning area Surface - wet and cold weather

12 Disney - water bridge for ferries

13 Tunnel Campground - North of Calgary concrete roads metal garbage containers wood for phone booth

14 Physical Functionalism Concern for movement Design should be such that the movement of people to, around, and through a facility should be efficient

15 Pressure Large numbers in a concentrated period Spatial Temporal

16 Compromise Factors that block flow need to be relegated to ‘back’ areas Management - flow out through shops + link to souvenirs

17 Disguise Large numbers + few ‘high quality’ attractions Distractions Deception

18 Wet N Wild automated counts flexible systems

19 Close to the ‘action’ Sense of anticipation Value for wait time

20 Compromise A straight road is the shortest distance But management and planning goals may differ quite widely from the maximum efficiency Delay may be necessary or desirable- fit with aesthetics?

21 Cultural & Aesthetic Functionalism Linkage to the value or image associated with the particular area, activity, or resource The sense of immersion for the traveller/user is extremely important for the satisfaction gained

22 The sense of what is ‘appropriate’ to the activity, facility or area –Example of a scenic outlook - the goal of say a distant mountain is important but so are the immediate surrounds - and the area between the viewer and the objective –A paper mill with attendant contamination and smells would not be appropriate Senses of - balance, proportion, scale, colour, atmosphere and perspective are important

23 A) Order and Progression There should be a logical progression of physical characteristics among the part of the offering Goal is a greater sense of harmony and understanding –Reduction of stress and reduction in staff

24 The Elmwood Club - the logic of entrance

25 The Car Park Mobile trains from themed car areas Distribution to different modes - ferry, monorail The building logic - sculpted bushes

26 Progression while travelling

27 Main entrance - theme distribution of maps, services

28 Main Street the castle (tallest building) as ‘hub’ distribution to the various ‘fantasy’ lands

29 Busch Gardens Entrance Modes of transport The logic of flow

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